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  1. Random brag but Pieter van den Hoogenband grew up a couple streets behind me. So after Sydney 2000 he got a little ceremony in our town and I got to touch the medals as a 5 yo kid! Tokyo 2020 really could've broken that Sydney 2000 medal record, let's sew what 2021 brings for us... Also just finished watching Rio 2016 beach volleyball M finals, great match and a really hype Brazilian crowd!
  2. I think my next project tomorrow is going to be the beachvolleyball finals. But I've also got W marathon and triathlon and M volleyball final on my list.
  3. I don't usually rewatch older sports events but this thread (and the lack of live sports) inspired me. I've made a list of some Rio 2016 replays on the Olympic youtube channel. Already watched the men's marathon and triathlon and the women's volleyball final. This isn't as bad as I thought! And plenty of replays left on the official channel.
  4. I'm all for the World Endurance Games, with every (winter or summer) sport that relies on getting from A to B as fast as possible. But this time it also includes such events as the Ironman distance triathlon, trail running (including 100km event), obstacle running and orienteering.
  5. Wow those animations are super clean! That was a great watch. If it wasn't for the whole virus thing, I would be super hyped as well...
  6. Yeah! Second time running the CPC, my other half was the Stevensloop. I also really want to run the Halve van Egmond once, which takes place on the beach for large parts.
  7. I'm going to be running my 3rd half marathon in about a month, but I'm really struggling to put in training hours now that I'm working full time and commute 2 hrs a day. Last year I was super fit and ran a 1.29:30, but I fear it will be significantly slower now.
  8. There was some national media attention for a potential Dutch 2032 bid last weekend. Two ex-athletes (former Olympic field hockey player and rower) are leading a coalition of athletes, business and other influentials to formulate the bid. Who exactly is involved remained anonymous. The title of this article is "The Hague is carefully positive about plan to bring the Games to the Netherlands". The Hague is the home of our national government. So far I don't see enough political support for this initiative, but at least 'carefully positive' is something! The financial side has gone completely unmentioned in the articles I saw so far.
  9. You're right, if all things go right this could be a record breaking Olympics for us. Of course all things won't go right and some of the medal favorites will fail while unexpected others might surprise with a medal. It's interesting that in Sydney 2000 the record (25 medals) was set mostly due to 4 super dominant athletes: Leontien van Moorsel, Inge de Bruijn, Pieter van den Hoogenband and Anky van Grunsven combined for 14 medals. Now the medal contenders are way more spread over the cycling, rowing and sailing contenders.
  10. Here is the full medal table simulation from Gracenote @Benolympique
  11. In the new Gracenote predictions/simulation the Netherlands wins 41 medals, far beyond our 25 medal record (Syndey 2000). Does anyone know whether Gracenote releases per country overviews what those medals are? 41 really does require some creativity and I'd love to see it. I am slowly growing more confident that we can beat the Sydney record as well, but let's just stick to a 26 medal prediction for that
  12. We got beat fair and square by Germany. Really disappointing result. Interesting observation: after the rehearsed cheers of NL - GER, the stadium filled up with Turkish and Polish flags and is now an almost hooligan-esque atmosphere. Crazy transition!
  13. Ahh just a difference in Dutch and Italian cheering policy then, no worries! Anyway, I'm about to leave home, I'll wave for you all on tv
  14. I am an expert in fake cheers, because my gf is a volleyball player and fan. 'My block, my block' is for indoor volleyball, 'Monster block' is for beach volleyball. Don't you dare such spontaneous mixups @Gianlu33!
  15. Yeah volleyball always has that fake athmosphere in my experience. It's all rehearsed cheers and those loud paper clappers.
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