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  1. Wow, looks like the Dutch have really recovered from the shaky start! What a match that was!
  2. Well that was a blowout. Glad there was nothing to worry about in the end. Excited for the semi finals!
  3. Some fun facts about Benin and Chad for you guys: Benin's largest city Cotonou is where the 'Cotonou Agreement' was signed in 2000. This agreement between the EU and developing countries has shaped European-African development relations for at least 15 years and the current era in development cooperation is occasionally named 'Post-Cotonou'. Chad is mostly known for its poverty and ranking among the lowest countries in the development indices. It was involved in the Darfur conflicts in Sudan in the early 2000s and houses many Sudanese and Central African refugees. Despite not being in any formal wars, the instability of its national government and the numerous refugee streams lead to a UN peacekeeping mission being deployed in the region. This doesn't give many hope to this wishing to cheer for Beninese or Chadian athletes, but I wanted to spread some trivia.
  4. Two draws for the Dutch team. Belgium and Spain are by no means weak, but everyone definitely expected more of the reigning world champs. I hope they grow in the tournament, but it looks like there's a genuine chance they go out in groups.
  5. Next year's tour will be so interesting. Really hope Jumbo is at full power then. No more gravel in Tom's knee, Van Aert fully recovered, everyone fit. They could finally legitimately challenge Ineos.
  6. You sure do . Thanks for letting me know of this forum. I don't post as much as some of the others, but as mostly a sports spectator I don't have much to share. No juicy inside information or interesting trivia. It's great to see everyone from different nations sharing their perspectives in the tournament threads (like the tour, volleybal qualifiers, athletics EUchampionships (U20, U23, team)).
  7. Whelp, Serbia or Italy in the final tournament. That's gonna be tough. Really enjoyed watching the Dutch team today, they kept it so close with the US! I'm more familiar with the women's game, who are the other favorites in this selection?
  8. No PBs or SBs for the Dutch runners, but most performed well with top 3 finishes. Happy for Van Hunenstein winning in the absence of Schippers!
  9. Only 1 sub-50s in the 400m hurdles (M). Are the conditions not good or is the field a bit weak?
  10. Looks like all of our sprinters and hurdlers won the qualifying rounds... except for 110m M who came in second to last. Bit of a discrepancy there! I hope Smidt and Bol keep improving on the 400m hurdles this tournament, both of them have had great showings in youth tournaments this year.
  11. Hahaha, no way! I'm a Brabo, Friesland is like the other side of the world to me.
  12. While football wins the popularity price, I'd say 1) speed skating 2) cycling and 3) field hockey, for being more uniquely Dutch. Purely personal opinion though.
  13. Definitely agree with Heywoodu that football is the clear most popular sport in the Netherlands. Field hockey, cycling and speed skating being the next in line. It's interesting that note that even in a small country there is clear regional differences. I'd say in the south and west field hockey is the 2nd most popular, in the east volleyball is very popular and speed skating is most commonly done in the north. Korfball and handball are also pretty specific to I-don't-know-where I also wonder if the current generation of cyclists are going to make it a more popular sport to participate in. There are so many great cyclist both male and female and in all disciplines from bmx to track to road and mountainbike.
  14. Domination by the Italians, was really hoping for a bit more resistance from our team.
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