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  1. Welcome! @Olympian1010 recruited me from reddit too. It's a great place to follow all kinds of sports going on literally every day.
  2. Interesting thread! The Dutch NOC publishes its funding annually. Full info here: https://www.nocnsf.nl/topsport/verdeling-topsportmiddelen Some highlights (in euros): € 23,4 mln. for summersports. € 2 mln. for wintersport. € 3,7 mln. for paralympic sports. In addition to these funds directly to sports (federations) there is also € 7 mln. for sports infrastructure, mostly used for talent development centers. I don't know much about these centers, but I know a lot of our female football talents have spent their youth in the talent teams from this program. Something sort of unique in our funding is that there are big gender differences in some sports. For handball (€ 0,5 mln), volleyball (€ 0,6 mln.) and waterpolo (€ 0,8 mln.) for example, the women's team are named seperately and receive far more funding. The sports that get most funding get between € 1,5 - 2 mln. These include athletics, field hockey, judo, rowing, sailing and swimming. Cycling and speed skating make that list if you add the various disciplines (bmx, track and road / long track and short track). The last interesting thing is that some sports don't have active 2020 sports programs, but do have 2024 development programs. Most notably tennis and handball men caught my eye.
  3. Don't worry, there isn't actually seven hills in the race. The 15K race is named after the "seven hills road", but doesn't run the full length of the road. There are 2 significant hills in the race and about 3-5 uphill parts that most foreigner would only consider a bump in the road. The Seven Hills race is a great event. This was my third year participating and the athmosphere is always great. Susan Krumins (7th place 10K world champs) usually participates as well and I actually did most of my warmups in the same alley as her this year, that was a fun (and humbling) experience!
  4. After the WCh in cycling and athletics the past weeks, my sports schedule has a bit of a gap too. I'm not the biggest fan of artistic gymnastics personally, so I don't really follow those championships. I'll be watching the international break in football of course. And the field hockey qualifying games are coming up I think. After that probably European Champs in track cycling. But the season of summer sports is really coming to an end now.
  5. Sifan and Susan! What an amazing 10.000m for the Dutch. The promised gold for a calm, confident and dominant Hassan! And an amazing comeback for Krumins after months of illness and setback, 7th global and 2nd European is truly impressive!
  6. It's really a shame only one of Badloe and Van Rijsselberghe can go to Tokyo. Really happy for them. Training buddies winning gold and silver together.
  7. Yeah this dominance is really exceptional. And the crazy thing is, Vos and Van der Breggen both seem capable of these kind of days too.
  8. Couldn't watch much of the tournament so far. But this evening I cannot miss! Go Hassan! Go Krumins!
  9. Wait, there's a Dutch(wo)man participating in canoe slalom? This is news to me! I agree with @phelps's reading of the qualification document. Top 10 world champs and you're safe, if not you must get top 8 in a World Cup or Top 12 in 2 World Cups.
  10. Vraag me inderdaad af wat er misgaat bij de Volleybalvrouwen. Natuurlijk moet er even een overgang plaatsvinden van de ene generatie (Sloetjes, Balkestein, Dijkema, Buijs, De Kruijff) naar de volgende (Plak, Daalderop, Lohuis, Knip). Maar er lijkt toch een flinke barriere voor het team om zich echt bij de internationale top te vestigen. Zou de nieuwe stijl van Morrison gewoon tijd kosten? Of is de generatie spelers die echt wereldniveau was nu oud aan het worden? Hoop uiteraard dat ze nog kwalificeren, maar Turkije lijkt veruit de sterkere. Dank voor het overzicht van de teamsporten @CCB!
  11. I moved from the Dutch Kentucky to the Randstad recently and I have to admit... I do actually see people play those urban sports in the city centers in the Randstad. They even made a skate park right in front of the Utrecht central station!
  12. Based on the medal table Sydney 2000 are the best (Summer) Olympics for the Netherlands with 25 medals. The crazy thing is that 4 athletes were involved in 14 of those 25 medals, including 9 golds. The individual talent of Leontien van Moorsel (cycling W), Pieter van den Hoogenband (swimming M), Inge de Bruijn (swimming W) and Anky van Grinsven (dressage W) carried us in those games. I grew up in the same neigbourhood as Pieter van den Hoogenband, so his medals were always special to me. I even got to touch them as a little kid at the local ceremony where they honored him after the games!
  13. Good teamwork won that sprint! Congratz Jakobsen!
  14. Wow, looks like the Dutch have really recovered from the shaky start! What a match that was!
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