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  1. LDOG

    Pan American Games 2019

    I would say though that there is some general underappreciation of the games in the anglo countries. I don't understand the lack of interest in athletics in particular. World championship is usually held like a month or more after the games and the level from latinamerican countries is quite high in many events unlike swimming for example. Even Jamaica doesn't take it seriously and they could need those gold medals in their tally.
  2. LDOG

    Pan American Games 2019

    Sports in which USA usually sends the best athletes available: Archery, Artistic Swimming, Badminton, Canoeing, Cycling except Road, Equestrian, Fencing, Hockey, Gymnastics except artistic, Handball, Judo, Pentathlon, Rugby, Sailing, Shooting, Table tennis, Taekwondo, Water Polo, Weightlifting, Wrestling Basically everything in which they aren't too dominant at continental level or that gives qualification to olympic games. I think the only exception would be Fencing.
  3. It was the right call. However the obstruction rules are such fucking bullshit, they should be scrapped entirely. Unless you are grabbing the keeper nothing should be called (I know this was an offside call, but it was offside because there was an obstruction). It's the same in other sports like rugby and field hockey, so many great tries/goals called back just because some dude was casually standing in front of an opponent player, so it's an "obstruction".
  4. LDOG

    Judo IJF World Tour 2019

    It must suck to go to every major tournament knowing that you never depend on yourself to have a good performance. And Muki is quite good, so chances for Iran to win a medal at the olympics are very complicated. If he reaches QF in any tournament it's over for Mollaei (barring an unlikely combination of brackets + results).
  5. I don't get the purpose of this thread, isn't there like no chance for a country to not qualify? Unless they simply don't want to participate everyone gets universality. But do we need a thread for maybe 1 or 2 countries? what I mean is, isn't this a bit redundant with the quota thread?
  6. Well, in totallympics medal table has even more: 12-12-15... Often in these predictions/projections/whateveryoucallthem the big nations have inflated counts because many smaller nations start caring when the olympics are close (cuz funding only appears then, etc).
  7. Yes, very weird. Also there aren't any countries with only bronzes in the table. For example, Argentina is not there but when I click on sports option I see they give us some bronzes. I think they just forgot to complete the table (also only 60 countries seems like too few). PS. Iran? Greece?
  8. Sorry, is Uganda the last country or I can't see below for some reason?
  9. LDOG

    American Football Discussion Thread

    Rugby is mostly boring as well but at least it's 40 minutes without insufferable commercials and timeouts.
  10. LDOG

    American Football Discussion Thread

    I don't get why anyone would find this sport enjoyable. It's 10 minutes of actual play and the rest is teams setting up and commercials. Unbearable.
  11. LDOG

    Pan American Games 2019

    And in men's Cuba will take the gold. They desisted from participation in OQT after all...
  12. Lol I called China hosting our tournament on the women's thread, anyway it doesn't matter they will probably still end in last place. I'm surprised the Netherlands host but they probably got encouraged by their wch performance.
  13. LDOG

    Men's Football AFC Asian Cup 2019

    Qatar and Japan in the final, Conmebol officials are wizards.
  14. LDOG

    Men's Football AFC Asian Cup 2019

    I think Iran missed a big chance here. In 4 years it will be harder in East Asia with another (maybe worse) coach than Queiroz. He's now going to Colombia.