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  1. Finals Tournament 1 starts tomorrow in Kuala Lumpur. 2 quotas for olympic play-offs available. In theory Malaysia and Canada should take them, with China running behind. Malaysia and Canada have nothing to fear though, their ranking almost guarantees they will qualify for the playoffs even if they fail here. As I predicted, Vanuatu withdrew from this round, they are being replaced by Belarus. Don't ask me what happens if Wales is top 2...
  2. I don't participate this time bestmen, which means you will probably earn some points.
  3. God, I hate when some athletes, especially in individual sports, start demanding special treatment from federations and putting conditions to represent the country thinking they "own" the sport just because they happen to be the best athlete in the country in x sport. Naturally, I mean when they make individual demands that aren't supported by the other athletes of the same sport. We have many like that here.
  4. The only good thing was the scene with everyone drinking at the fireplace. The rest was either cheesy or cringy, sometimes both.
  5. You talk about GOT? Because you are incredibly wrong if so
  6. I doubt Argentina will send anyone to the swimming world championships. We only have two swimmers that could realistically make semifinals there and nothing more. Every athlete has to win medals in Lima to keep their funding for the next 4 years, so for most of these swimmers it's just not worth the travel around the globe to just get a 26th place that won't give them anything and may also contribute to finish their hopes of a career in the sport. With the current government our athletes live in full survival mode and the pressure on many of them (at least on the ones that don't have any hope of a olympic medal or diploma next year) for this pan am games is huge.
  7. Two "bad" competitions in a row for Tita-Banti. World and internal competition tightening up for them. Maybe the others have learned the secrets of the new foil only them had mastered so far?
  8. Unfortunately the brazilian championships don't count for olympic qualification but only for pan am and WCh (?). Apparently it's some bureaucratic reason from brazilian confederation. It's a pity because several brazilian and argentinian swimmers made OQT so far during this competition.
  9. I mean, it's the world champion vs a team that doesn't even qualify for it...
  10. I don't get what is the purpose of this? Was 8 matches in two weeks considered too much or something?
  11. One of the boys from the Argentina team is the representative of my club (Yagocai, "cai" is for "club Atlético independiente"). Too bad he lost his match.
  12. Brazilian championship tomorrow. Every relevant south american swimmer from the other nations will also be there. Maybe we will see some qualifications.
  13. I think they will go for some kind of k or l type of ending. Think that both Targaryen and Lannister siblings will all die. Night king is a complete mystery so I can't really predict what will happen to him.
  14. From what I gather from journalists, lots of controversial decisions, unbalanced draws... the same as always.
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