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  1. Netherlands just missed the last world cup not last two. Maybe you mean the euro 16.
  2. The system per se is pretty fair, European fans will likely still complain but this group distribution that is bad for them is due to (in great part) pure luck. Or maybe FIVB planned to make 6 groups because they knew beforehand the ranking distribution would be like this?...
  3. So, it's confirmed.. one of Italy, Poland, Serbia and France won't go to the games.
  4. Our federation says on Twitter that we will play Canada, Finland and China in qualification tournament. Any official words from somewhere else?
  5. LDOG

    Volleyball 2018 Discussion Thread

    Will FIVB ever get out of their recurrent Poland-Italy-Japan hosting circle? WCh for Russia is a start at least.
  6. lol "bidding" it should be the highest ranked team that gets the right to host. Now it's evident why the change in format, FIVB's trying to grind some extra money from federations.
  7. LDOG

    International Olympic Committee News

    That's fine but they should also go harder against arab countries regarding Israel.
  8. LDOG

    Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    The copa libertadores final first leg will be played today at 16:00 gmt -3.
  9. Is there any middle class people in the top contenders of this sport? If there are any, are they still supported by a millionaire?
  10. Those were just my expectations before the contest but reality was otherwise. We received far more votes from others.
  11. Meh, that isn't an issue. We vote Slovakia a lot last few contests and their language is completely alien to me. It's just that hckosice picks catchy songs (from my point of view).
  12. 18th place, a bit disappointing :/ More disappointing is that we only got 1 point between Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Brazil. Was not expecting that if I'm honest.
  13. LDOG

    Shooting CAT American Championships 2018

    Gazzotti too. And that's why they aren't good, Federico never ever would shoot less than a 22.
  14. LDOG

    Shooting CAT American Championships 2018

    Lol Melisa Gil had probably her worst performance in YEARS with 106 but still made the final Also Federico survived a bad start of 22 and will also be in the final.