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  1. At OQT they will play France or Germany + Spain or Croatia + possibly Tunisia. The hardest qualifier for sure.
  2. I don't know, I just like surprises.
  3. 10 minutes to go Portugal leading by 6! Hungary is out of everything with this result, at the very least they have to reduce the difference to 4 or less so they can still have chance for OQT. Slovenia is already in semis, of course.
  4. Chile doesn't have any decent players under the age of 30. Venezuela the opposite, they have good young players. I don't think Chile is a lock to qualify in this long format.
  5. I watched some goals and I'm pretty sure the bolivian players don't have anyone above 170cm in the team. And since this is a round robin they still have to play Brazil... Btw there was a big upset, Uruguay defeated Chile! Both will likely qualify anyway.
  6. You're all watching the exciting European championship, but meanwhile in south america... 82-7
  7. Portugal chances for OQT: -If Iceland beats Sweden, they will have to beat Hungary by 5 goals. -If Sweden beats Iceland, they simply have to beat Hungary by any margin. *important to note that Iceland-Sweden will be the last match, so Portugal has no option but try to beat Hungary by the biggest score possible. They won't be able to "defend" a 1-4 goal lead during the game.
  8. Iceland has no chance if I'm not mistaken, their fate was sealed when they lost to Hungary by a good margin. Portugal will always be higher than them in head to head goal difference even if they beat Hungary by just one goal.
  9. I just noticed that North America has only one place for Wch, while South America has 4. I'm absolutely sure Cuba, Greenland and USA are all stronger than the 4th team from South America, let alone Gabon or Cabo Verde (one will qualify). Also Iran/Korea are much stronger than anyone in Africa below the 4 semifinalists. Ridiculous....
  10. Meaningless. Those island nation will never improve because they simply don't have enough people. Only in rugby it would have any purpose.
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