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  1. There is zero chance 34 year old Messi plays this tournament after the Copa América the month before
  2. I think it lacks "action" compared to those and that's why it isn't so popular. I also think the characters in those other films were more charismatic or memorable. In terms of how the science, psychology, philosophy, etc. themes were used, Arrival was better IMO.
  3. Korea is so good they qualified two teams in men's football.
  4. People. Stop. Quoting. Entire. Long-ass. Posts. To. Reply. With. One-liners. Please. Use. Spoiler. Feature.
  5. ^Is there any matter in which you won't defend the status quo? I guess cutting a good number of retirements funds would help the economy as well...
  6. March 18th, this is old news. Please, google keywords and read recent articles.
  7. Source and date of this? Provinces have just started tests according to several different media sources I found.
  8. Google "coronavirus malbran". Stop posting nonsense.
  9. Matías Schulz (Handball GK, olympian 2012, 2016) will retire from the sport (both club and NT) at the end of this season (if there is a season to complete). Decision taken after postponement of the games.
  10. Our team sees no benefit from this, most of the best athletes are old. There are some young people that should be better but I don't have any evidence that they would be much better in one year.
  11. The anglo army came out with guns blazing with their statements and Dick Pound. It's obvious the game will be postponed, we don't need them to tell us that it's all about their political sport agenda. Same as in Russia doping case. It's especially funny from UK given they didn't give two shits about the virus like a week ago.
  12. All the wealthy anglophone countries will surely pull out this week. A bit because it's the logical thing to do, of course, but also a bit because they would never miss an opportunity to show off their leverage against the big international sport organizations (IOC, FIFA, etc)
  13. I'll go out and jump off a bridge if they go to 2022. Won't wait for covid to kill me.
  14. So far here 266 infected, 4 deaths. 122 tests per day.
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