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  1. women's hockey is really funny: Germany 13-0 Belarus England 4-3 Belarus England 1-1 Germany Netherlands 14-0 Russia Spain 1-0 Russia Spain 1-1 Netherlands Things are more "consistent" in men's hockey lately, it used to be the other way around few years ago.
  2. While we are with Benin.... I literally know nothing about Chad other than they have almost no water sources. Never make the news for anything, none sport success to talk about, not even in football (I know no player from them, every francophone african country has at least one decent player for gods sake!). Even their flag is unremarkable because everyone thinks it's Romania.
  3. Our team is a disaster. I can't believe we are playing this bad, Jaguares was great this year and this should be the strongest squad of Argentina in history but somehow they look like idiots with the NT shirt on.
  4. On Twitter SA hockey just says "we have won the african qualifier" no mention of going to Tokyo. I think they aren't taking this quota.
  5. Egypt wins at half time. Let's see if they can hold a result for once.
  6. No surprises, the "finals" for the quotas tomorrow will be.. Men: South Africa - Egypt Women: South Africa - Ghana Saffers have the draw advantage in both cases.
  7. It's a good idea but it looks ridiculously expensive, not sure how many nations could afford that.
  8. I just read this post now. Well, Argentina won the gold medal in mixed rifle af pan am games and the man that won it isn't the same shooter that won the quota in 3P. Actually, this shooter that won gold in mixed also won bronze in the individual men's 10m rifle, so I would say there is a decent chance he's selected instead of the other guy that won the quota in 3P.
  9. Being an NBA player doesn't automatically make you better than any euroleague player, especially not in 2019. This is not the 90s. Also, it's way easier for a canadian to become an NBA player than it is for any european, asian, latinamerican or african player because generally it's easier for a canadian to attend an american college.
  10. It's not just the latest continental championship that counts, it's the average of the last two actually (with the older one counting at only 50%). You can find the calculations on page 3 of this document. This means continental points aren't so straightforward. For example, if Germany wins this eurohockey beating the Netherlands in the final, the dutch will still be "Euro 1" because they won the 2017 edition while Germany finished 4th. In Asia the calculation is even more complicated because they count 3 championships for their continental points (they also count asian Champions trophy). I don't know if India will keep Asia 1, but in worst case I think they would lose it to Malaysia (Japan won't, as they don't have great points from before). As Asia 2 they would be losing 45 points. Honestly I don't think both England and Germany can pass them. PS: by the way, I think FIH has the best world ranking system out of any team sport international federations. It's not absolutely perfect but mostly everything is weighted pretty well, many IFs should copy it.
  11. I doubt South Africa, Pakistan or Malaysia would get much better scores than them in their current level. Honestly don't think it makes much of a difference. Instead of 7-0s, you would be watching 5-0s.
  12. Yeah, it's not likely in theory but it could just take one or more european powerhouses sending a B team to change everything (or even Canada themselves, I've no clue what they will do).
  13. At best he learned 2 or 3 words in chinese during his stay (he said himself that he communicated mostly by signs since no one speaks english other than in tourist areas), so I doubt he had the opportunity to talk deeply with any teammate about something like racism.
  14. Canada and Argentina have a distance of only 6 points, clearly that would be the most likely change after the World cup. So clearly I hope either we finish below them at that competition or that they fail to qualify for OG pool B is always be the worst at OG, both men and women.
  15. Japan is not so weak, much less at home. I doubt they would lose big to anyone except the top 3 or 4 teams. Egypt would be the weakest team clearly, but they are still far better than Brazil. They defeated Ireland and tied Korea a month ago in a serious tournament.
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