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  1. Sorry people, I don't have time to listen to the songs today. See you in another contest.
  2. I missed all the thread but, to answer the original question of hckosice, in the case of spanish it's very easy to understand portuguese. Like, I read something in portuguese and I understand 95% of it easily, only slang or words with a very different root is the only thing I can misunderstand. And I never studied portuguese formaly. Then there is also familiarity to other latin languages, but not to the same level as portuguese. I would say for a spanish speaker the order from easiest to hardest is portuguese, italian, french and the hardest would be romanian.
  3. How does Wilmots keep getting these jobs? Already failed with Belgium and Ivory Coast. He must have the best agent in the world. Other "big" teams already in trouble are Saudi Arabia and UAE. I think the Saudi are almost out unless they get 4/6 points vs UZB.
  4. Iran cant drop indeed. The situation for Italy and Canada remains as we said. They can fall behind Russia and Argentina respectively. Also, I wonder when we get rid of those silly World league points. Canada and France have huge points from that.
  5. It's the same with the swastika which is a centuries old symbol yet many just call it "the nazi symbol".
  6. Yes, IMO only Brazil, Poland or USA can think like that. The rest have to take it game by game, even Italy or Russia who are normally considered big teams.
  7. Not 100% sure. If Iran finish this world cup 9th place, you'll lose 20 points and France can overtake that place in the ranking. If that happens and Canada and France also qualify, then Iran goes to group B.
  8. @Dunadan Canada about to lose their 6th place in world ranking if they don't win the last match, right?
  9. Brazil will be the champions. After winning their first 2 games Egypt lost 7 in a row even lost to Tunisia. Japan are great but it's not a surprise to me since they are taking the cup very seriously. And in the middle there are 5 teams tied with record 4-5. I think our team will probably finish 5th, which is a lot better than I expected.
  10. What was the reason to accept this in the olympics? It's too new and underdeveloped, there barely are any 3x3 specialists. It took rugby sevens like 20 years of having an established world series to be accepted in the games. FIBA invented this trash in one day and the next they are accepted by IOC???
  11. Please, don't count the cancelled games in rugby.
  12. Well done, fuck those that take dirty money for silence. The NBA stance on the other hand is embarassing.
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