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Women's Basketball FIBA European Championship 2023 Road to Paris 2024


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  • 2 weeks later...

Today was first serie of matches in qualifications to 2023 Women's EuroBasket and :POL in first match destroyed :ALB by.... 125 to 19! :yikes:


Yes, you read it correctly and it isn't mistake, in an match between national teams in qualifications to continental championships there was 106 points difference.

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Really not sure what to say about that Albanian team...



Good win for our girls away at Great Britain, winning by 7 points. I said that our girls can qualify for Paris 2024 and this was the first step for that. Playing without Christinaki and Spyridopoulou (both injured), and our good young girls who are playing college basketball in America (Bosgana, Tsineke, Chatzileonti, Krimili, Papadopoulou), this was going to be tough against the strongest opponent in our group.


Now I really can't see us not qualifying for Eurobasket 2023, and at that tournament we will have our college girls (as it is played in June) and be even stronger. Hopefully everyone stays healthy because we really do have a lot of young talent and a lot of potential.

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32 minutes ago, Makedonas said:

Unbelievable choke from our girls against Portugal. We led 44-25 not too long ago and now we are down 49-50...


I still think we will win but this is not good.

I was right, we won 64-57 but still it was way too close. We made too many turnovers and we were horrible from 3 points (we started off like 4/6 or something but ended 4/18 :d).


Pavlopoulou is a good 3 point shooter but she was only 1/2 today, and our other really good shooter Spyridopoulou is currently injured. We have a young girl Ioanna Krimili who will probably be our best 3 point shooter when she joins the senior national team. She currently plays college basketball in California and last season she was 97/213 from 3 points (.455). This year so far she is 6/11 (.545) so our 3 points problem will be solved. Her statistics are incredible so I am not worried.


Also for the second straight game we only used 8/12 players. I think our girls might've been tired but this shouldn't be a problem in the future when Christinaki and Spyridopoulou come back from injuries and some of our college girls come back to the team like Bosgana, Tsineke, Chatzileonti, Krimili etc. Of course there is always the possibility of missing players due to injury but I don't think as many players will be unavailable as they were this time around.


I am very surprised that Estonia beat GB. I guess that helps us and makes it even more likely that we will win the group.

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There was another window last week, no one cares?


Our girls had an easy win at home against Estonia by 25 points. Then we beat Great Britain by 7 at home (it was a very close game until the final minutes). 38 yo Evdokia Stamati was the unlikely hero with two late 3 pointers. We basically played the same 6-7 players for the whole game. We lack bench depth but we are strong in every position, and with our NCAA girls we will have more bench depth at Eurobasket.


We are now 4-0 and still on track to make Paris 2024.


Nikolopoulou for some reason was not called up which is weird, I wonder if she is done with the national team, she is only 31 yo so I hope not. I was critical of her in the past because I didn't think she should've been playing so much, but I still think she should be on the roster on the bench. Spyridopoulou was not called up either, she's now 34 yo but I think she is still useful (although her club form seems to have regressed, still she is experienced). I mean Sotiriou and Stamati are both 38 yo and still playing...


I would like our Eurobasket team to look like this. Alternates in parenthesis because I'm sure there will be injuries/absences:

G: Stamolamprou, Pavlopoulou, Nikolopoulou, Tsineke, Stamati, Krimili (Vintsilaiou, Alexandri)

F: Christinaki, Bosgana, Sotiriou, Spyridopoulou (Chatzileonti, Karlafti)

C: Fasoula, Spanou (Papadopoulou)

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