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Freestyle Skiing FIS World Cup 2021 - 2022


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4 minutes ago, Gianlu33 said:

Luckly on Eurosport Player the finals are available on demand :evil:

Yeah, I watched it there, but when writing a small item about a sport with not much interest, it's too empty to not have a video, especially in a sport where it's really just about actually seeing it :p 


At least FIS put something on their Twitter account, which is better than nothing.

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14 minutes ago, Ted said:

That's weird. Why did they? Did you happen to hear or read anything about it?

Well, that is a bit too more complicated in fact


1) he was born in the Czech Republic to Czech parents, but to be fair, he lived in Austria since his childhood. There he learned to ski. As he said he has not so many relations to czechia now anymore, he barely remember last time he was there and he basically said he has no friends anymore there at all for example.


2) The Austrian Federation offered him before this season better conditions, which he obviously took advantage of. Possibilities and condittions he would never had the chance to receive in CZE.

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