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Badminton 2019 Discussion Thread

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Well surprises do happen but it is not as if it could have been such a coincidence. Well perhaps no one noticed that China badminton has fallen and it is not as strong as those days whereby China is still very dominating in badminton up to London 2012 Olympics whereby China won 5 gold medals in badminton. What happened after London 2012 Olympics, is that China dominance in badminton started to wane but no one hardly noticed it.


In China Open Super Series Premier 2016, none of the China players won any titles despite the tournament being held in China. Then again in Singapore Open Super Tour 500 again China players won no titles. Then this week in Denmark Open Super Tour 750, again China players won no titles. Well all these while China have been depending on their XD player, Zheng Siwei / Huang Yaqiong who is their saving soul because no matter how they will still win the XD gold medals and XD titles and saved China from suffering the humiliation of not winning titles in the finals.


So when Zheng Siwei / Huang Yaqiong lose to the Indonesian XD in the quarter finals, it would have looked like a very bad omen that China is not going to win titles this time. But then again China have 3 players playing in the finals today. One by one China players faltered today. It all started with Wang Yilyu / Huang Dong Ping who could not win their must win XD match in the finals. Then again Chen Qingchen / Jia Yifan lose in the finals to a newly formed Korean WD pair who has just started playing together in the middle of year 2019. Every one knew Chen / Jia should win that WD match easily but still they lose in the end. Then Chen Long is left to play the MS match and he is the last saving grace for China. He must win the MS match at all cost so that China will not suffer the humiliation of not winning titles in a high tier tournament. However, Kento Momota is just too good and no matter how Chen Long tried and played to his level best, he just could not win his match. Hence China ended their campaign in Denmark on a very sad note. They won no titles in Denmark Open.


Well many people might be asking. What has gone wrong with China badminton? What has caused China players not being able to win titles consistently? What has gone wrong? Is it the players fault or is it the coaches fault? Well many things have been done. China had changed their head coach. All the coaches for MS, WS, MD, WD and XD have all gone through major overhaul and changed. China had even imported coaches from Korea (Kang Kyung Jin and Yoo Yong Sung) to coach the China players. Lots of things have been done. Yet China players are not winning titles. So what has practically gone wrong here? Whose fault is it now? What is wrong in China badminton system?


Perhaps many years of cheating to win and match fixing has taken a toll on China badminton system. Maybe it is those eagerness of always wanting to win medals to the extend of cheating and match fixing has finally taken a toll on China badminton system causing them not being able to win. Well it would not be a surprising thing if China players failed to win gold medals in Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Well from the weekly routine of the results, looks like Kento Momota will be the ones winning the MS gold medal. WS gold medal will be tough fight win between Carolina Marin or Tai Tzu Ying. Then WD gold medal will be won by Japanese or Korean WD. Then MD gold medal for sure will be won by minions from Indonesia. Then leave behind the XD gold medal which is the best bet for China to win gold medals. But it seems that China dominance in XD has gone as Thailand and Indonesia XD have found the right formula to win over China XD players.


So all in it would not have been a very surprising thing if China players failed to win gold medals come Tokyo 220 Olympics. China badminton has dropped and China is no longer as dominant as how they used to be in the past. Well only time will tell about how much China badminton players/ standard has dropped. One thing for sure it will be very difficult for China to win gold medals come Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Well China players can still win medals in Tokyo 2020 Olympics. They can still win the silver or bronze medals. But to win gold medals it will be an uphill tasks indeed.


Well so sad to see China badminton has fallen to such a sad state now.

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After a long drag on determining Asian qualifier venue, now we have the complete list for 2020 Thomas/Uber Cups qualifier venue:


Asia: :SGP Singapore (11-16 Feb)


Europe: :FRA Lievin (11-16 Feb)


Oceania: :AUS Ballarat (13-15 Feb)


Pan Am: :BRA Salvador de Bahia (13-16 Feb)


Africa: :EGY Cairo (14-16 Feb)

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