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Skateboarding WS Park World Championships 2018


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:POL Amelia Brodka fell during her training run at the world championships and lost consciousness, so unfortunately European Champion didn't start in today's women's qualis, but fortunately she is ok now. 

I am unashamed, at getting nothing done.

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I will say most of the "women" in top 8 could be considered girls.


1. Sakura Yosozumi, age 16

2. Kisa Nakamura, age 18

3. Poppy Starr Olsen, age 18

4. Jordyn Barratt, age 19

5. Misugu Okamoto, age 12

6. Bryce Wettstein, age 14

7. Kokona Hiraki, age 10 :yikes:

8. Isadora Rodrigues Pacheco, age 13


When you are 19, you are a veteran in Skateboard park.



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Women's Final Results


Gold: :JPN Sakura Yosozumi


Silver: :JPN Kisa Nakamura


Bronze: :AUS Poppy Starr Olsen


4th, :USA Jordyn Barratt
5th, :JPN Misugu Okamoto
6th, :USA Bryce Wettstein
7th, :JPN Kokona Hiraki
8th, :BRA Isadora Pacheco

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