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  1. It's like the competition of which country has the most awkward flagbearers, so far quite entertaining to watch ?
  2. Same thing in Vietnam, as long as the flag bearers are tall and young, their performances do not matter Our flag bearers this time are Quách Thị Lan (athletics) and Nguyễn Huy Hoàng (swimming), who have almost 0 chance of winning a medal. Our only gold medalist Hoàng Xuân Vinh (shooting) was not chosen (probably too old). Neither were our hopes in weightlifting (probably too short)
  3. Actually, that quota is given to the highest boxer in the ranking that hasn't qualified. I read the qualification system document quite closely since Vietnam gets that spot
  4. Originally, the world qualification tournament was supposed to give out 6 quotas in women's flyweight. When it was cancelled, the number somehow went down to 5.
  5. Our local news confirms that can only send 2 weightlifters instead of 3. I thought something similar to Colombia will happen to us, luckily only 1 quota is taken away. This is way better than having athletes arriving at Tokyo and still worrying whether they are allowed to compete.
  6. No idea, our local news reported as if we got off the hook after being allocated 3 places but of course the committee is still working on our case.
  7. Probably but there's still no official confirmation. One interesting thing is that there was a debate on whether we should send him to Tokyo after receiving the allocated place, some people wanted to give the chance to younger shooters. But to be fair, Hoang Xuan Vinh retired to give them chances at qualifying events, and none of them made it.
  8. Our medalist in Rio 2016 ( Hoang Xuan Vinh, gold in 10m air pistol, silver in 50m pistol) will come out of retirement to compete at Tokyo.
  9. Vietnam - 19 (2 Archery - 1 Athletics - 2 Badminton - 2 Boxing - 1 Judo - 2 Gymnastics Artistic - 2 Rowing - 1 Shooting - 2 Swimming - 1 Taekwondo - 3 Weighlifting) We got 3 additional places in the last few days: 1 universality place for our highest-ranked female swimmer, 1 reallocated place in Boxing (women's 51kg), 1 reallocated place in Judo (women's 52kg). I believe this is the final number as we don't have any other chances in receiving reallocated places.
  10. The match between Australia and Jordan is over. Australia won (1-0). We are losing 0-3 to UAE but at least we made it to the final qualifying round for the first time
  11. I chose to believe it too, maybe team Denmark wants to continue to fight on behalf of Eriksen?
  12. the rest 5 mins of the first half, then a 5-min half time break
  13. Further info in 15 mins. And it is confirmed that he is stable
  14. There is a picture circulating on Twitter showing that he was conscious after CPR. I hope he'll make it.
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