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  1. Here full list of Olympics, but on russian, try google translate:
  2. Belgium: Florent Claude, Thierry Langer, Tom Lahaye-Goffart, Cesar Beauvaus. Lotte Lie, of course
  3. Austrian: Lisa Hauser, Katharina Innerhofer, Anna Juppe, Julia Schwaiger, Dunja Zdouc, Simon Eder, Patrick Jakob, David Komatz, Felix Leitner, Harald Lemmerer
  4. So, instead Frolina, to Beijing will go another Korean, or next biathlete of the IBU points (Gabriela Lescinskaite)? Baiba Bendika got a quota for Latvia, but can go to OG for example, Sanita Bulita?
  5. No, Slovenia haven't quota. Polona and Lena got a personal wild card..... If Slovenia take Ziva, she couldn't compete in Beijing.
  6. Slovenia ..... They whote women's roster: - ženske: Živa Klemenčič, Polona Klemenčič WTF? Ziva haven't enought qual points Did they smoke something, then publish list?)
  7. Your fears are unfounded. Of the NZ biathletes, only Campbell received invitation. The NOC of NZ can only approve or decline him.
  8. No, this rule just for World Championships. But in mass start any country can partipicate 5 athletes.
  9. Russia: Aleksander Loginov Eduard Latypov Karim Khalili Daniil Serokhvostov Maksim Tsvetkov (Anton Babikov) - reserved Kristina Reztsova Svetlana Mironova Yuliana Niogmatullina Irina Kazakevich Valeria Vasnetsova
  10. Check here: Just George Coltea and Natalia Ushkina from Romania
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