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  1. Not even close, but it was by far the best this year.
  2. I think it's for the best this year's contest was cancelled... the entries were dreadful
  3. Man this is even more cheesy than usual
  4. Same I have no idea what to expect but since there’s nothing else going on I’ll give it a try
  5. Yeah fair enough, I guess pre-ranking all the songs is a lot of effort and probably not the ideal way of deciding outcomes. I will leave it up to you all to decide on the format.
  6. Well in normal TISC everything is resolved before the Grand Final and it's still exciting since no one knows the end result until it happens. But it's fair enough. I am just thinking about the logistics of hosting something over multiple days and also trying to gather results each day. Plus I think it's fairer to have the judges vote in advance of the entire tournament for the simple reason that I think people like an underdog. If it looks like a song is a big favourite and has won all their matches 8-0 or something, then people tend to get a bit bored of that and so will choose differently.
  7. I think expecting people to come and vote multiple times within a specific time frame would be a disaster tbh plus it would mean extra stress for the host to make sure they are present every day. Also listing the judges would mean there is no longer secrecy about who chose which songs. If you see 9 judges listed for a match, you know those 9 users did not enter that song.
  8. Yes we still have plenty of time to discuss the format. So far the plan is to have the following elements: Participating members represent nations that have not taken part in TISC The nation that each member chooses and their song choice will be kept secret The contest will be held in a tournament style event (group stages and knock-out matches) For each match, a number of jury members will be randomly picked to judge that match That's the basic outline which of course can change as you all have your input into what kind of contest you want. Some things that need to be decided also: If more than one user chooses the same nation, what happens? Do we just allow each of those entries to compete? If not then how do we decide who gets the right to represent that nation? At what point is it revealed who represented each nation? Probably at the end of the contest would be the best. At what point do we reveal who judged the various matches? Again most likely at the end of the contest. I think at the beginning, when all the entries are submitted, each users ranks the songs in secret and based on those rankings is how we decide how each user judged a match. Also this ranking at the start can be used to make seeds for the groups. Everything will be kept private and participants won't know who is seeded until it is all concluded. The organiser also would most likely have to remain neutral because there is a great deal of secrecy involved in terms of who chose which songs and their preferences.
  9. You are a valued member of this community for one thing and a very knowledgeable and capable sports commentator. You are not nobody and you are not somebody else either. You are making your own journey
  10. Undoubtedly it would have had some impact on the result.
  11. You are late for a contest that took place 22 years ago. That’s even bad by latewoodu standards
  12. Croatia with a very good placing @dcro
  13. This was a catchy song for sure (probably would have got a 5 points or so from me. I hate that Malta didn't win though.
  14. Yeah but Netherlands got many 12 points, it would be stupid to boo them for getting 12 points from Belgium just because they are neighbours. BUT Greece had 0 points and Cyprus as usual gives them 12 and vice versa.... I mean deserved to be booed.
  15. At least they had a popular song....Greece had 0 points until then.
  16. Finland 10, Norway 12.... yeah ok Sweden
  17. This moment is hilarious... listen to what she says to Dutch spokesperson lol
  18. If only they new how the 21st century ESC would go
  19. "I hope they remember it very well for next time".... so cringey
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