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  1. I think what happened is that the technical handbook included rules to break ties during the qualification stage. But there were no rules about breaking ties during the finals. So the Malaysians had a reason to feel aggrieved
  2. It looks like the organisers changed their minds and decided to make women’s breaking a medal event even though there were only two athletes entered. Same with water polo for women. Initially, they weren’t going to award bronze medals because there were only three teams entered but now the official website shows the bronze medals awarded to the Philippines. Canoeing. I’m confused with what’s showing on the official website as well. It seems like there were six events held instead of seven. Looks like the kayak singles got cancelled.
  3. They've reinstated the gold medal after the Malaysians appealed to the organizing committee. Gymnastics: M'sia's Izzah has gold medal reinstated in ribbon event in SEA Games | The Star Online
  4. Agree. It’s a great story. Sadly, it was ignored by the local media
  5. Why do I get the feeling the official website is still a work in progress even though the Games are at the halfway point?
  6. Up until the 1980 Summer Olympics, they used to hold swimming and diving simultaneously at the same venue.
  7. Singapore wins the first two gold medals in the debut of underwater hockey SEA Games: Singapore win first two golds in underwater hockey debut, Sport News & Top Stories - The Straits Times
  8. The swimming competition has finally begun.
  9. Forgive them for they know not what they do.
  10. The Games website has been practically inaccessible the whole day. And a complete list of results are hard to come by.
  11. They included Arnis with 20 events and Dance Sport with 13 events so that the host country can jack up their medal haul. It’s the usual trick the host country pulls at the Southeast Asian Games.
  12. The Philippines win their first medals of the Games with a 1-2 finish in the men’s triathlon.
  13. Actually PTV not winning the rights here wasn’t a big deal. They haven’t really covered sports in recent years and there’s nothing worth watching on that channel anyway except for the daily lottery draws. We’ll probably be able to watch the Games here on four sports channels - two belonging to TV5 and two belonging to ABS-CBN
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