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  1. I did not know all of this, thanks. Fort Kent hosted a WC stop a few years ago, there is some interesting footage of NBA star Scottie Pippen (think 2nd fiddle to Michael Jordan) walking around looking really cold available on Youtube of the event. Lake Placid is hosting the World University Games in a few years, so I wonder if an A is required for that, I doubt it. I have contacted the IBU to see if they will release a list and requirements. It does not hurt to ask. I will let everyone know what the results are.
  2. The German squad sure has changed. Imagine two years ago a German team without Schemp, Lesser and the golden girl. Crazy how quick fortunes can change. I wonder his rested Boe will be when he comes back. He was that much quicker when he was tired. That is unless he is staying up to help with the baby.
  3. They could try the handicaped type race. Were the top 30 qualify and the one who was last in the sprint goes first at set times. That way, in theory, all 30 would cross the finish line at the same time. I think it could be a really interesting race to watch.
  4. I still like the pursuit. But I agree it could be better. Possibilities include cutting the gap in half, or cutting the points in half that are awarded.
  5. Thank you so much. I wonder here and n the US if Fort Kent still has an A. Lake Placid and Valcartier in Canada might as well. I would assume that Jericho, Bozeman, West Yellowstone, and Auburn, Can have a B. There are a few note that if there is a C, they would have that. Canada has around a dozen or so that host local to national events. I wonder if Nagano has kept their venue up? Also Beijing, (I forgot the actual name) would need to be A when it is finished. I appreciate the list a lot.
  6. Good relay. Lots of changes in the lead. Germany in relay for a good portion of the race and kept the fans really enthused. Does anyone know where a list of the Class A and Class B venues is?
  7. Erdal won the sprint with one miss, still almost 20 seconds faster than Slivko who shot clean. If the German women want another "H", Hikderbrand ended up in 7th with 1 miss.
  8. Found this, which talks about how it is still in Pokljuka as of yesterday.
  9. And Goessling shoots well 0-1 and was 2:28 behind and finished in 47th. Of the top 10, 4 shoot clean including Lesser who went 0-0 but finished 48.6 behind. There is something wrong with his ski speed. No idea what it is. A few good notes, Gimenez from Argentina shot much better today 2-2 and did not finish last! Also Altankhuyag of Mongolia finished 1-0.
  10. He likes to keep a low profile. I hear that instead of longs walks on a beach, he prefers 50k's in the woods.
  11. This is the comment that I heard. So who knows. Nothing on any social media or any websites. Sorry for the false alarm.
  12. If you go watch the replay on Eurovision, I think it is around 25 min in. They were talking about a French biathlete when it was mentioned. I agree that it was odd. It was said almost in passing.
  13. Only thing I could imagine is lack of snow.
  14. During the men's sprint they announced that next week will be in Brezno-Osrblie.
  15. Eckhoff is in amazing form. It is amazing how well she is shooting this year. Dunklee and Egan were in the top 30.
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