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  1. No, Lapshin and Avvakumova both switched to Korean to be able to race in the 2018 Olympics. Comma in the wrong place,
  2. And another former Russian biathlete is changing the national affiliation. Ekaterina Avvakumova, who previously changed her nationality to Korean, think Timothy Lapshin prior to the 2018 Olympics, has changed to Serbia.
  3. So this past weekend the French had their Summer Rollerski Biathlon championships in the Doubs town of Arcon. Martin Fourcade finished behind Simon Desthieux in both the sprint and pursuit. Not the best sign.
  4. Notes from the IBU Congress: 1. Acceptance of a new constitution. 2. Creation of a Biathlon Integrity Unit that will "manage all integrity related matters concerning biathlon, including anti-doping, ethical breaches, betting-related issues and any other kind of result manipulation." 3. The Executive Board suggest hosts of World Championships to Congress after an evaluation of candidates. 4. The IBU will have to make public all future minutes from Congress and Executive Board meetings, while a minimum of two women must feature on the Executive Board, Technical and Athletes Committee. 5. More information on Target 26 - 6. Russian women lost their maximum number of slots as Margarita Vasilyeva had her results nullified due to doping. So only 5 slots for Russia.
  5. Also, see how you can do on this quiz - Name the top 60 men from the 2018-2019 season. I got 41 of the 60.
  6. Belarus picked up a new female biathlete - Adelina Sabitova has switched from Russia to Belarus. From the article - "The 22-year-old athlete comes from the Russian republic of Udmurtia. She has never been on the roster of the Russian national team at international biathlon tournaments. At the most recent Russian Biathlon Championship, Sabitova competed in the individual sprint event and ended up 44th. The change of Sabitova’s sports nationality must now be approved by the International Biathlon Union (IBU), which earlier imposed a temporary moratorium on the transfers of athletes between the national teams."
  7. Few notes: IBU has its Extraordinary Congress this weekend. New constitution on tap as well as the Target 26, which is " a commitment to building on the sport's strong foundations and maximising its huge global potential. Centred on five key targets, the strategic plan provides a clear framework and tangible objectives for the IBU to fulfil between now and 2026." This is being called the "blueprint for the sport's future." There are "five key targets" included in the 400 page handbook. I would love to see what these are. Also check out the red locks on US Youth Olympian Van Ledger -
  8. A few more random bits of news. Olga Podchufarova the retired Russian biathlete, who came out of retirement this past summer, will ski for Slovenia. I also found this discussion fun, a random West Australian on his blog announced how excited he was about biathlon and snow. The comments are where it becomes fun. I think that all of us have had a conversation like this one.
  9. For What it is worth, the Quota's are here on the IBU website - MEMBERCENTER Jr men.htmlMEMBERCENTER Jr Women.html
  10. I was wondering the same thing. Are the slots simply gone, or will someone else get them? Who knows.
  11. Youth Olympic teams that have been announced as of October: United States Women Kaisa Bosek – Alexandria, Minn. (Age 16) Maja Lapkass – Anchorage, Alaska (Age 16) Lexie Madigan – Truckee, Calif (Age 17) Men Etienne Bordes – Tahoe City, Calif. (Age 16) Van Ledger – Lake Placid, N.Y. (Age16) Cale Woods – Bozeman, Mont. (Age 16) New Zealand Men Campbell Wright - Lake Hawea (Age 17)
  12. Bo responds, sort of to this announcement. Boe believes Fourcade is a rejuvenated force and he is excited to do battle with him once more. "From what he showed this summer, his physique, his attitudes, I think he's ready to go back to battle." Boe told TV2. “After a not very positive season, he's probably driven by new feelings. " He will probably want to show everyone that he can beat me again. " “It will be good for the public, the TV, a little less for us because we hate to lose both, I hope we will have this beautiful duel.” Boe also confirmed that he will probably miss one or two meets early in 2020 as he prepares to become a father for the first time. "For me it's very important to be present when our child is born, these are moments I do not want to miss. "I am convinced to come back even stronger, being father will probably give me extra motivation for the future." That should open the door as well if he does miss say the German meets.
  13. So, this is a very interesting article about improvements in International sports organizations. "It should be noted in all fairness that the IBU following criminal investigations and exchange of the top leadership in the spring of 2018, has embarked on a reform process that was not yet completed by the time of the SGO benchmarking." I hope these numbers improve. I wonder why the societal responsibility is so low?
  14. Should we have a lower-level thread as well? It could include Norwegian races, NorAm Cup, National Championships, etc? Also there normally is a Youth thread correct?
  15. Yeah, the real thread!!! Just under 2 months left prior to the season.
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