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  1. That is a lot of nations. If you do not know all of the codes, here they are. I love that 33 nations care enough to send or help send someone. Too bad the US did not send anyone.
  2. Info for the livestream is found here I hope this works out.
  3. NORAM #2 is this weekend in West Yellowstone, MT. 14 Dec - Sprint 15 Dec - Pursuit Also the Alpencup had their first events this past weekend. 7 Dec - Sprint Men - Top 7 places were all German athletes. Also a mix of Ukraine, Austria, Swiss, Belarus and Korean. Roman Rees was scheduled to race but did not. Justus Strelow (1996) went 0-1 to win with a time of 24:27.8, 5.2 seconds better than Dominic Schmuck (1996) who went 1-1. Junior Men - Won by Niklas Hartweg of Switzerland (2000) with a 0-0, 24:46. There were 77 in the Junior race. Women - A little more diverse crowd at the top, but Stefanie Scherer of Germany (1996) won the race with a 0-1 22:16.8 43.2 seconds faster than Flurina Volken of Switzerland. There was a Mongolian athlete in the race. Junior Women - Won by Amy Baserga (2000) of Switzerland with a 0-0 22:43.8. She was 45.1 seconds ahead of Anastasia Raskazova of the Ukraine. 8 Dec - Super Individual - looked like a Super Sprint Men - Justin Strelow and Dominic Schmuck took the top two places with a 19:44 and 20:11. Both missed one shot total. The US was in the races and Paul Schommer was third with Max Durtschi 4th. Both missed 2 shots. Junior Men - Niklas Hartweg won again by 14.7 second over Max Barchewitz of Germany. Both missed two shots. Women - Stefanie Scherer won again with a 30.7 lead over countrywoman Sophia Schneider of Germany. Scherer had a 16:34 over the 5k course with 20 shots, she only missed 2. Junior Women - Juilane Fruhwirt of Germany who had two misses and had a time of 16:45. She was 34 seconds ahead of Franziska Pfneur also of Germany. Looks like the next events are this weekend in Val Didentro in Italy. Two Sprints.
  4. So a really funny google translated article about the Swiss women's relay team. Best line - "The youngest in the family trio, Aita, is a purposeful, serious sheepfighter and is very busy in training." Two interesting articles about the Russia situation. The first is the Moscow Times, an anti-Putin newspaper - Alexander Tikhonov, four-time Olympic biathlon champion: “We got what we deserved. We have so many former athletes in the State Duma, couldn’t they sort out this mess? I am with WADA on this one.” The second is Sebastian Samuelsson, someone who has been very vocal against doping had some harsh words to say. It's strange that you make a difference between a championship and a World Cup and it becomes strange that active ones that you don't think are clean enough to compete in a championship will compete in the World Cup, says Samuelsson.
  5. Thanks, I missed that part. I agree that it would be sad, but not unbelievable.
  6. I am going to assume that the WADA decision will also affect the World Youth Olympics. How does a youth qualify if the quota for their country is no longer available?
  7. I wonder how the WADA decision will affect this weeks races and the IBU in general. "https://olympics.nbcsports.com/2019/12/09/russia-ban-sports-doping-wada/ "“Will Russian athletes be accepted as Olympic Athletes from Russia?” during the ban, Taylor said. “No, they are neutral athletes, which means not representatives of any country. Not representatives of Russia.”
  8. IBU World Cup at Hochfilzen 13 Dec Sprint 14 Dec Relay - Women, Men Pursuit 15 Dec Relay - Men, Women Pursuit I love Hochfilzen. One of my favorite venues.
  9. 1st IBU Junior Cup of the year at Pokjuka 12 Dec - Jr Women/Men Individual 14 Dec - Sprint 15 Dec Single Mixed Relay Mixed Relay
  10. IBU Cup #2 at Ridnaun 12 Dec - Super Sprint 14 Dec - Sprint 15 Dec - Mass Start 60 This is supposed to be streamed somewhere.
  11. Does the IBU ever give waivers for injury? I find it hard to imagine that if Kaisa Mäkäräinen went out injured, they would not make an exception. Maybe I am wrong though. When she retires, Finland will be in a world of hurts.
  12. Some sad news, the Minnesota National Guard had a helicopter crash this past week. One of those that died, Sgt. Kort Miller Plantenberg, was a member of the Minnesota NG Biathlon team. Condolences to all of those who died and their friends and family.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. Have he on the team, but not needed to compete. As a coach of a few sports, one of the most damaging things an athlete can do is play though an injury or return too early.
  14. It was interesting how he did not really even attempt to chase down JTB.
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