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Boxing at the Summer Olympic Games 2020


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:SVK Team Slovakia :SVK

1 (1+0)



-75kg Middleweight: Andrej Csemez


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Slovakia competed at the Olympic Games in boxing only once in the post Czechoslovakia era. And it was already at the very first games the new country attended, in Atlanta in 1996, we even had there two boxers, two men, but they both lost their opening fights. Peter Baláž in the 1st round to Indonesian opponent and Gabriel Križan to a French boxer in 2nd round after having a bye in the opening round.


The 23 years old Andrej Csemez, a boy no one in his neighborhood will calls him by any other name than by his nickname "Bandi" was not even born when our boxing was at the Olympics for the last time. But, thanks to this wonder kid the incredibly long droughts (25 years) of Slovak boxing will finally close.


The former EU 2018 champion and Minsk 2019 European Games Bronze medalist won his quota to Tokyo at the European Qualifying Tournament after beating Ryszard Lewicki of Poland in the opening round and was scheduled to face Miguel Cuadrado of Spain next, but the competition was postponed after three days due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Returning from England he tested positive for the virus, becoming the first Slovak athlete to do so, and had to go into quarantine with the entire Slovak team. But did not gave up his big dream, continued to prepare himself and when the qualifying tournament re-started in France this May (more than a year and half after his 1st match) he faced the Spaniard and won again 5-0 to advance to the quarterfinal and direct olympic qualifiying match.


In that what can be named as historic bout for Slovak boxing he defeated the Belgian Lancelot Proton de la Chappele again 5-0 and qualified himself to the games and returned the country after long, very very long 25 years back to the Olympics Boxing ring.


As I wrote, Slovakia never won a medal at the Olympics in Boxing since the independence, in fact, never won a single match at the Olympics so far. The country will be looking at our "Bandi" this late July/early August to finally change that.

But it is appropriate to mention that in the Czechoslovak era, the former TCH won 6 Boxing medals, 3 of them by Slovak boxers, 2 of them gold, the legendary Ján Zachara in 1952 and Július Torma in 1948, the last medal is from the Moscow 1980 games, Bronze of Ján Franek.




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For India 


While we came close to the medal podium several times with quarterfinal finishes , it was in 2008 that vijender got us a medal , followed by Mary Kom winning bronze in 2012. The banning of the Indian boxing federation from 2012 – 2016 dampened spirits but the Boxing federation was reconsitituted approved and has done a good job and we have a sharp uptick in our boxing performance.


So what our chances . we have 9 boxers participating in 2021, the biggest team ever , of these 6 are genuine medal prospects . I will focus on these


*Flyweight Men*   - Amit Phangal is currently ranked world number 1 and a reigning world championship silver medallist  and is the reigning Asian games champion.  He has lovely footwork  and compensates by quick in  and out boxing . Definitely a “likely” medal


*Lightweight men* Manish kaushik is an elegant boxer always a pleasure to watch  , he is a current world championship, he is currently ranked 18th which is more based on weird ranking system but a definite *likely* to medal for me


*Welterweight*  Vikas Krishan Yadav will be taking part in his 3rd  Olympics,  Immensely talented a youth gold medallist in 2010 , followed by a world championship bronze Vikas has been a bit of a bad boy of Indian boxing often missing camps and sometimes reaching big events not in great physical shape , he currently looks very focused and after a brief stint in pro boxing seems to want to  redeem his early promise , always a *likely*  for me


*Flyweight women* : Mary Kom  , the diminutive  Manipur is a legend in Boxing and India ,  she is the rare  Indian G.O.A.T ( greatest of all time ) in an Olympic sport by winning  6 world championship gold medals , the highest by any women boxer. Her favored pinweight has never been part of the Olympic program and she is forced to box in the Flyweight. She is looking to cap her great legacy with another Olympic medal . The best boxing brains in the business , she will be surely a *likely*


*Lightweight women* Simaranjit Kaur is seeded 4th  and a 2018 bronze at the world championship underlines her class. She is yet another “likely”


*welterweight women* - Lovlina is another lady from the northeast , she is twice world bronze medallist and surely surely a *likely* medallist


*Medal  prediction for India : Three , with a range of 2-4 will be my best bet , but with only Simranjit and Amit seeded in the top 4 , the luck of the draw will play an important part in boxing

strength does not come from physical capacity but from an indomitable will. - Gandhi

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On 07/07/2021 at 10:39, dodge said:

The 4 seeds for each weight have now been confirmed.



Just got a message that El-Mardi (MAR) had to pull out at women's middleweight.

#2 seed

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