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Judo IJF World Championships 2017


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1 hour ago, heywoodu said:

A quick view of which weights are on which day would be a good addition to the OP :p (without having to go to another site, like Totallympics Results)


Today (28/8): -48kg W / -60kg M

Tomorrow (29/8): -52kh W / -66kg M

Wednesday (30/8): -57kg W / -73kg M

Thursday (31/8): -63kg W / -81kg M

Friday (1/9): -70kg W / -78kg W / -90kg M

Saturday (2/9): +78kg W / -100kg M / +100kg M


here you can also find the link to live streaming and the contest order for each competition day (when it's available, of course...for now, only today's list is known):!/wc_sen2017/contest_order

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16 hours ago, dareza said:

draw here


well, few interesting matches already in first or second round. I can't wait :cheer:


and I hope first world medal for Serbia after million years.


in the men's -66kg, provided no surprise happens earlier (= Basile losing to Yacoub, PLE in his first match), we have the Olympic Final revenge (Basile vs An Baul, KOR) already in the round of 32...:yikes::facepalm:

and also our other Olympic medallist, Odette Giuffrida (who won silver in Rio in the women's -52kg), will have to face (always unless something unpredictable happens earlier) Kelmendi, KOS in another Olympic Final revenge match already in the round of 16...:wall:

let's say that Italy didn't have the luckiest of the draws...:rofl::facepalm:

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very awful refereeing so far...

distribution of shido very "political"...

Milani (ITA) robbed big time by the ref in the regulation time (she scored at least twice on counters) and definitively killed in GS with an unexisting shido against Galbadrakh (Mongolian bought by Kazakhstan)...

and Manzi's bout against the Hungarian Szabo was just surreal...the Hungarian just ran away for the whole bout and he only got the 3rd shido more than 4 minutes into the GS (and it was given by the table jury, the ref tried not to sanction him also that time)...:facepalm::wall:

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