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Second consecutive ITALIAN TITLE ("scudetto") for my splendid tiny town LODI in RINK HOCKEY (very popular in a at least five Italian regiorns), thanks to the fantastic "en-plein" play-off serie of AMATORI WASKEN LODI against Forte dei Marmi; it's almost unbelievable that a little town like LODI is so good to earn two Italian titles in a row ! I'm overjoyed (in fifty-seven years of my life only three titles) and proud that just few days ago even my FANFULLA LODI (this is off-topic) has been promoted from E Serie to D (fourth tier) serie of the men's Italian National Soccer championships. LODI SUGLI SCUDI !

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Sur 24/05/2018 at 18:29 , Fabinter a déclaré:

 it's almost unbelievable that a little town like LODI is so good to earn two Italian titles in a row !


Don't want to waste your party, but not really, a minor sport (and rink hockey is defintly minor in Italy) will tend to shine in minor towns. That goes for any sport, probably everywhere .


50K is a rather good standard for an european top rink hockey club .

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16 minutes ago, De_Gambassi said:


Don't want to waste your party, but not really, a minor sport (and rink hockey is defintly minor in Italy) will tend to shine in minor towns. That goes for any sport, probably everywhere .

With the Dutch Korfball League as example: the main teams are all from villages I wouldn't even be able to find on the map and only vaguely know by name because every now and then they get some minutes of fame in the sports news :p 

If you'd like to help our fellow Totallympics member Bruna Moura get to the 2026 Winter Olympics, after her car crash on the way to the 2022 Olympics, every tiny bit of help would be greatly appreciated! Full story and how to help can be found here!

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2018 Inline Speed Skating World Championships (Herde & Arnhem, NED)


490 athletes from 51 countries reached Netherlands for the 2018 Inline Speed Skating World Championship!


Heerde and Arnhem will host, respectively, track and road competitions starting from 1 to 8 July.


The track in Heerde staged in the past both European Championships and Cups, but the surface has been completely renewed in the last weeks to guarantee excellent performances during the Worlds: it's a fast and hard circuit that will provide great show to the afecionados coming from all over the world.


The road races will be downtown in Arnhem, close to the well known "A Bridge Too Far" and to the Inline Freestyle World Championships circuit where competitions will start on 5 July: a village with a roller disco area, music, food trucks and sport side events will complete the Urban cluster following the new philosophy and mood that will be mainstream of World Skate events.


World Skate President Sabatino Aracu opened the preparatory meeting with the team delegates: "This a key year for World Skate: here in Heerde, we will qualify the athletes that will compete for the Olympic Gold in the YOG Buenos Aires. For the first time ever, inline speed skaters will compete at Olympic stage and will have the opportunity to show to the international world, once again, the great appeal our sport has on the youth".


The Technical Commission clarified the Qualifying System for the 2018 YOG in Buenos Aires and explained some changes in the competitions that will be effective starting 2019 with the purpose to make the races even more spectacular: the elimination races distances in 2019 will be 10.000 mt in the track and 15.000 mt in the road and in Barcelona, during the WRG, we will welcome the new 200 mt track pursuit.


The competitions will be live on


Live streaming schedule


July 1

18.00 – 18.15  500m+D sprint JW/JM Semifinal
18.15 – 19.15 10000m points/elimination JW/JM  Final
19.15 – 19.30 1000m sprint SW/SM Semifinal
19.30 – 20.30 15000m elimination SW/SM Final
20.30 – 21.00 Awards Ceremony
21.00 – 21.15 500m+D sprint JW/JM Final
21.15 – 21.30 1000m sprint SW/SM Final
21.30 – 22.00 Awards Ceremony


July 2

19.00 – 19.30 1000m sprint JW/JM and 500m+D sprint SW/SM semifinal
19.30 - 20.10 10000m points/elimination SW/SM Final
20.10 – 20.40 Awards Ceremony
20.40 – 20.55 1000m sprint JW/JM Final
20.55 – 21.10 500m+D sprint SW/SM Final
21.10 -21.40 Awards Ceremony


July 3

18.30 – 19.10 5000m elimination JW/JM Final A
19.10 – 19.50 5000m elimination JW/JM Final B
19.50 – 20.30 5000m elimination JW/JM Final C
20.30 – 20.50 Awards Ceremony
20.50 – 21.05 3000m Relays JW/JM Final
21.05 – 21.20 3000m Relays SW/SM Final
21.20 – 21.50 Awards Ceremony


July 5

17.15 – 18.45 20000m elimination JW/JM Final
18.45 – 19.15  Lap Circuit Sprint SW/SM Semifinal
19.15 – 20.30 10000m points race SW/SM Final
20.30 – 20.45  Lap Circuit Sprint SW/SM Final
20.45 – 21.45 Awards Ceremony


July 6

17.15 – 17.45 Lap Circuit Sprint JW/JM Semifinal
17.45 – 18.45 10000m points race JW/JM Final
18.45 – 19.15 Awards Ceremony
19.15 – 20.30 20000m elimination SW/SM Final
20.30 – 21.00 Lap Circuit Sprint JW/JM Final
21.00 – 22.00 Awards Ceremony


July 7
19.00 – 19.15  100m sprint JW/JM Semifinal
19.15 – 19.30 100m sprint SW/SM Semifinal
20.30 – 20.40 100m sprint JW/JM Final
20.40 – 20.50 100m sprint SW/SM Final
20.50 – 21.20 Awards Ceremony


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Day #1 Recap


We've got the sun and the music, crowdy grandstands and great competitions: this is Inline Speed Skating!

Head-to-head races and true champions putting their hearts into the skates to be, once again or for the very first time, on the top of the world: it was an amazing afternoon in Heerde for the 2018 edition of the Worlds.


The Junior Women 10.000mt Elimination/Points was the first final of the day: Colombia got the first two medals thanks to Maria Renteria Rodriguez and Nathalia Bermudez Padilla, bronze for Corinne Stoddard (USA). An accident occured at 45 laps to go and the Italian Edda Paluzzi had to leave the track: fortunately nothing really serious.

  • Gold - Maria Renteria Rodriguez - COLOMBIA
  • Silver - Nathalia Bermudez Padilla - COLOMBIA
  • Bronze - Corinne Stoddard - USA

It was the turn of the Junior Men 10.000mt Elimination/Points: Jason Suttels (Belgium) ruled without any esitation all the competition. The fight was all about the other 2 steps of the podium with Michael Gatti from Italy having the better off the two Colombians thanks to one point more. Brayan Virguez Romero won the bronze medal for 6 seconds.

  • Gold - Jason Suttels - BELGIUM
  • Silver - Michael Gatti - ITALY
  • Bronze - Brayan Virguez Romero - COLOMBIA

In the long distance races of the Senior categories, well known duels have been staged again.Johana Viveros and Fabriana Arias, both from Colombia got Gold and Bronze and the Silver went to the Chinese Dan Guo in the 15.000mt Elimination Senior Women. Francesca Lollobrigida, representing Italy, has been eliminated at the last lap to go.

  • Gold - Johana Viveros - COLOMBIA
  • Silver - Dan Guo - CHINA
  • Bronze - Brayan Virguez Romero - COLOMBIA

In the 15.000mt Elimination Senior Men, Alex Cujavante from Colombia, defended the title against Daniel Niero - Italy. Only bronze for Bart "Swings on the wings".

  • Gold - Alex Cujavante - COLOMBIA
  • Silver - Daniel Niero - ITALY
  • Bronze - Bart Swings - BELGIUM

The 500mt+D were the first races for the YOG qualification and, of course, the motivation of the athletes were so high: all of them want to get the "Ticket to Buenos Aires" and the 24 athletes will be ranked after the 1.000mt and 5.000E.

On the starting line for the Junior Ladies: Anais Pedroni - Italy, Allison Correa Muneton - Colombia, Yue-Cih Peng - Chinese Taipei and Honorine Barrault from France.

Anais Pedroni had a great start leading the group for half the race, but was unable to keep it and arrived third after Muneton: Gold Medal went to Peng.

  • Gold - Yue-Cih Peng - CHINESE TAIPEI
  • Silver - Allison Correa Muneton - COLOMBIA
  • Bronze - Anais Pedroni - ITALY

On the starting line for the Junior Men: from Korea, Woonggyu Choi and Jonjiin Cheon, Sabien Tinson - USA, and the Colombian Juan Arango.

  • Gold -  Juan Arango - COLOMBIA
  • Silver - Jonjiin Cheon - KOREA
  • Bronze - Woonggyu Choi - KOREA

The 1.000mt for the senior categories closed the first day in Heerde. The Ladies fought hard to reach the podium in a tough race that got the public really excited and was finally won by Mareike Thum, followed by Yseul An and Vanessa Hertzog. Nothing to do for the "big": Francesca Lollobrigida has been disqualified for a fault, and the Colombian champions Arias and Escobar didn't reach the medal area.

  • Gold -  Mareike Thum - GERMANY
  • Silver - Yseul An - KOREA
  • Bronze - Vanessa Hertzog - AUSTRIA

Last but not the least, it was the turn of the Senior Men 1.000mt: one of the most competitive races of the Worlds and, with athletes the likes of Pedro Causil, Andres Munoz, Peter Michael and Bart Swings, the expectations were very high. And they were not disappointed! "Four dogs" strove for a bone and a fifth run away with the "Gold": Gwendal Le Lepivert took advantage of the fight and the "la Marseillaise" played for him. Causil and Munoz got, respectively, Silver and Bronz. Bart Swings has been disquailified and Peter Michael got only the 7th place.

  • Gold -  Gwendal Le Lepivert - FRANCE
  • Silver - Pedro Causil - COLOMBIA
  • Bronze - Andres Munoz - COLOMBIA
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Day #2 Recap


Also the second day in Heerde saw great competitions in a warm late afternoon and a large audience crowded the venue to watch the races.

Following the schedule and absolutely on time, the Senior Women stroke up the band with one of the most strategic competition in the programme: the 10.000 mt Points/Elimination.

Francesca Lollobrigida, from Italy, was the defending champion and, once again, her main rivals were the two Colombian champions, Fabriana Arias and Johana Viveros. But also Sandrine Tas, Mareike Thum and Dan Guo can be dangerous opponents in the run for the gold medal. The race was really fought: Lollobrigida seemed to rule the competition when, at 20 laps to go, Arias and Viveros put in action the team strategy that so many medals gained to Colombia. At 10 laps to go, Arias got already 3 points advantage over Lollobrigida.
Lollobrigida tried to earn as points as possible since the very begininning but it was not enough against Arias' steadfastness; bronze medal went to Viveros with one point more than Sandrine Thus.

  • Gold - Fabriana Arias - COLOMBIA
  • Silver - Francesca Lollobrigida - ITALY
  • Bronze - Johana Viveros - COLOMBIA

If possible, the Senior Men have been even more spectacular in the following race. Peter Michael, the first to get points, pushed since the very beginning but soon Bart Swings broke away from the group and scored the following three finish lines. The Colombians shortened the distance and Alex Cujavante took the lead whilst, in the meantime, Daniel Niero came back and got his first points.
Less than half race was already done when Santiago Roumec jerked forward and scored 6 point in a row - 2 for each finish line he got past first - completely changing the assets of the competition and re-opening the games.
Swings intensified the rythm and the speed trying to take the distance from Cujavantes who did not give up and got the lead, turning the situation around. In the last elimination, it was Peter Michael the one who had to leave the track loosing all what he tried to build during the race and, consequentely, the chance to run for the podium.
In a breathtaking last lap Daniel Niero successfully tried the final rush and achieved the Bronze medal ahead of Roumec; Silver medal for Bart Swings and Alex Cujavante celebrated the second Gold medal of these Worlds.

  • Gold - Alex Cujavante - COLOMBIA
  • Silver - Bart Swings - BELGIUM
  • Bronze - Daniel Niero - ITALY

After the Award Ceremonies, it was the turn of the short distances. In the Junior categories, the 1.000 mt sprint contributes to create the final ranking and the qualification for the Youth Olympic Games that will be held in Buenos Aires in October. Tomorrow, after the 5.000mt Elimination, it will be compiled the list of the 24 athletes that will fly to Argentina to represent their country in the Games.

1.000mt Sprint Junior Ladies

  • Gold - Gabriela Rueda - COLOMBIA
  • Silver - Giorgia Valanzano - ITALY
  • Bronze - Yerim Lee - KOREA

1.000mt Sprint Junior Men

  • Gold - Jongjin Cheon - KOREA
  • Silver - Jan Mende - GERMANY
  • Bronze - Vincenzo Maiorca - ITALY

The senior categories closed the day with the 500mt+D race.
An Yiseul's double false start made life easier for the other three girls on the starting line: all of them were sure to reach the podium. But it did not make the competitions less amazing and tough.

  • Gold - Vanessa Herzog - Austria
  • Silver - Javiera Vargas - CHILE
  • Bronze - Geiny Pajaro - COLOMBIA

In the men competition, it was Jinyoung Kim to cross twice the line and to leave the track.

  • Gold - Pedro Causil - COLOMBIA
  • Silver - Edwin Estrada - COLOMBIA
  • Bronze - Elton De Souza - FRANCE
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That's all happening a one hour bike ride or something away from here, yet I didn't bring myself to go there :p


Maybe a day in Arnhem where the road races are held, but I'm not a fan of those late session times so probably not.

If you'd like to help our fellow Totallympics member Bruna Moura get to the 2026 Winter Olympics, after her car crash on the way to the 2022 Olympics, every tiny bit of help would be greatly appreciated! Full story and how to help can be found here!

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Day #3 Recap


With 10 Gold Medals, 7 Silver and 5 Bronze, Colombia rules on the track; South Korea is second and France third.

Netherlands won the first medals in the 2018 worlds.


The 5.000mt Elimination and the 3.000mt Relays closed the third day on the track with tough and fought races.


The 5.000mt Elimination, together with the 500mt+D and the 1.000mt, decides the ranking for the Olympic qualification to the YOG 2018 in Buenos Aires: so the expectations were very high for a race that combines strategy and ability to manage the competition in all the laps. In order to reach the podium you should be able, at the meantime, to stay in the leading half of the group preserving stamina for the sprints. From this point of view, Allison Correa Muneton and Gabriela Rueda skated the perfect race with a great team support: they always managed to keep the second and third position without affecting their energy. Giorgia Valanzano, Italy, tried the final sprint but, on the finish line opposite straight, the two Colombians lengthened their stride and there was nothing left to do.


5.000mt Elimination Junior Ladies
Gold - Allison Correa Muneton - COLOMBIA
Silver - Gabriela Rueda - COLOMBIA
Bronze - Giorgia Valanzano - ITALY


In the Junior Men race, after only 4 laps there was a crash involvig a few athletes and the competition became even more tough: the chance to compete for the Olympic medal was around the corner and the guys felt the pressure.


5.000mt Elimination Junior Men
Gold - Seongmin An - SOUTH KOREA
Silver - Inho Choi - SOUTH KOREA
Bronze - Merjin Scheperkamp - NETHERLANDS


After the Award Ceremony, the 3.000mt relays were on the scene. For the Junior Ladies, we had on the starting line: Colombia, Italy, Ecuador, Chinese Taipei, South Korea and France. Colombia managed to lead the first laps but at half the competition the Koreans pushed and outrun. At 4 laps to go, Chinese Taipei gained on the leading group and reached the head closely followed by Colombia and South Korea.


3.000mt Relay Junior Women


On the starting line for the Junior Men: France, Netherlands, USA, South Korea, Czech Republic and Chinese Taipei. The first half of the race was all about checking the opponents' resources. France was the first to try the sprint and to leave the others behind, but Korea and Netherlands did not give up and kept the distances short. In the last lap, Korea took the lead and run towards the Gold medal; France got the Silver; Netherlands was close to second podium of the day even though at the lowest step, when USA tried to win the Bronze with a last sprint and a split, but it was an unsuccesful attempt and the Orange kept the position.


3.000mt Relay Junior Men
Silver - FRANCE


On the starting line for the Senior Women: Colombia, Belgium, South Korea, Chile, Germany and Chinese Taipei. Soon after the start, Arias - Colombia - risked a falt due to a touch but she was able to stand and keep on skating. In the duel between Belgium and Chile, Colombia put through followed by Chinese Taipei. At the second lap to last, Chinese Taipei and Chile felt down and had to leave the track for disqualification. Colombia flew away and South Korea can do nothing. Germany got the bronze.


3.000mt Relay Senior Women
Bronze - GERMANY


On the starting line for the Senior Men: the European Champions - Belgium, Colombia, Chile, France, Argentina and Italy, the defending World Champions. In the first laps, Belgium, Colombia and France pushed more than the others. At 10 laps to go, Italy took the lead and tried to fly away but Colombia chased in a head-to-head that helped France in coming back.

3.000mt Relay Senior Men
Bronze - ITALY


Tomorrow the teams will move to Arnhem to check and test the road circuit before the races starting on the 5th.

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