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Men's Basketball FIBA American Cup 2022


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2021 FIBA Americas Cup qualifying:


  • Group A: Argentina,  Chile, Colombia, Venezuela.
  • Group B:  Brasil,  Panamá,  Paraguay,  Uruguay.
  • Group C:  Canada, Cuba, Dominican Republic, US Virgin Islands.
  • Group D: United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bahamas.


The top 12 teams will qualify. The bottom 4 teams will play the Division B.

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3 hours ago, NaBUru38 said:

Uruguay defeated Paraguay by winning just one quarter.


Brazil wasn't authorised to enter Colombia, so the matches were psotponed.


Cuba didn't travel to Puerto Rico.


More matches today and tomorrow.

Well almost every team that was expected to advance did so, Uruguay's today win also secured Panama's.


Chile is also going to advance, unless Colombia pulls a miracle win over Argentina and Venezuela defeats Chile.


The only unknown position will be contested by Cuba and the US Virgin Islands; of course that will depend on the Dominican Republic hosting the final "bubble",as I hardly see Canada lifting entry restrictions before July and Cubans won't be allowed in the US Virgin Islands either.

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Showing their double standards based on politics, FIBA has decided that Cuba has forfeited two games against Canada & one versus Dominican Republic.


That gives free pass to USA's "N" squad aka as US Virgin Islands.

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