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Cross-Country Skiing FIS World Cup 2022 - 2023


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Stage 13 in Falun (SWE)


Mixed 4x5km Team Relay:


1.  Sweden I.  :SWE  (Halfvarsson/Ilar/Anger/Sundling) 45:11.5

2. Norway I.  :NOR  (Nyenget/H. Weng/Krueger/Kalvaa) +4.6

3. Germany I.  :GER  (Kuchler/Hennig/Sossau/Carl) +6.4


Full Final Result HERE

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Quick question about the preparation of the skis: the Dutch commentator was saying that Swix was preparing everything, with their own team, but that's different than what was originally announced. The original announcement seemed to suggest teams were not allowed to bring their trucks and stuff, but they (the team's wax people) would all work in one tent.


So what was the actual situation?


1. Swix people preparing everyone's skis (without fluor, but also without the legal fluor alternative, like Swix did in the World Championships, which lead to pretty awful skis for the people who had no choice but to let Swix do it since doing classic without the fluor alternative is terrible)

2. Team's waxers preparing their athletes' skis, but with universal stuff provided by Swix



If you'd like to help our fellow Totallympics member Bruna Moura get to the 2026 Winter Olympics, after her car crash on the way to the 2022 Olympics, every tiny bit of help would be greatly appreciated! Full story and how to help can be found here!

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10 hours ago, JonPhi said:

Sundling also made the same tactical mistake as in Falun. Last year she managed it better, but probably the form is just not that good.

And as she also did in Drammen in a course where it is almost impossible to keep a lead before the long downhill before last curve.

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