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Snowboard 2022 - 2023 Discussion Thread


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First :SVK winter Olympic medalist Radoslav Židek (Torino 2006 SBX silver) crashed with his plane this evening near to the northern Slovak city of Bytča (He was the pilot)



From Slovak media statement:


Radoslav Židek, the snowboarder and first athlete who won a medal at the Winter Olympics for Slovakia since the independence (Torino 2006), was allegedly piloting a small motor plane that fell on Tuesday evening around 6:30 p.m. in the cadastral territory of the village of Petrovice in Bytča district.


The Žilina Regional Police, TV Markíza and TV JOJ informs about it on its social network. Two men were injured in the fall. According to the police, all emergency services were dispatched to the crash site of the small plane, which subsequently caught fire. "Both men were taken to hospital for treatment. The cause of the fall is currently under investigation," the police added.


"We immediately sent rescuers to help. However, the witnesses of the event loaded the injured person, who suffered 2nd degree burns, into a car before the arrival of the crew and took him to the hospital. The crew took him from them, treated him and took him to the hospital," said Alena Krčová, spokeswoman for the Operation Center of the SR Emergency Medical Service. According to spokeswoman Lenka Záteková, one of the participants in the plane crash was admitted to the Faculty Hospital and Polyclinic (FNsP) in Žilina. "The man suffered burns to his face, upper and lower limbs, and the burns cover 30 percent of his body surface. The patient is stabilized, conscious, and has undergone all necessary examinations. Under general anesthesia, our team of medical professionals is currently treating his burns in the operating room of the trauma surgery department," she said.


TV Markíza was the first to report that the small motor plane was piloted by our first Winter Olympic medalist, Radoslav Židek. "The Olympian was sitting on the plane with his brother. He managed to get out without major damage after the impact. Radoslav Židek was trapped in the machine," he states. TV Markíza further reported that the plane crashed into a stable. The fire hit the pilot mainly in the area of the face and upper body. According to TV JOJ, the plane had technical problems during the flight and lost thrust. According to the mayor of the village of Petrovice, Anton Pláňavský, the pilot, Radoslav Židek, should have been doused in gasoline during the impact.

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Some publishable pics from the accident.


The plane burned completely.


There no many news right now released to the media obviously, Only what we know is that Radoslav has 30% upper body burns, the safety belt on the seat did not work for some reason when the fire started burning on his gasoline-soaked clothing. it is a real miracle that he is still alive, let´s hope it will end well and he will survive.





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