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  1. 4x100 We would have scored high.... What a shame.
  2. Don't remind me that Greek horror BTW, Third League hosted by Malta updating results regularly
  3. What a surprisingly bad organisation by Israel - results are not coming up + live stream doesn't work.
  4. Worst Lithuanian team in years... No promotion for sure. And when you think taht we were reegated last time by missing just 1,5 points...
  5. Wow, Gudžius scoring second highest result this year with 68.61 at LLAF Cup in Kaunas. Third best result in Lithuanian history after olympic champions V.Alekna and R. Ubartas
  6. Arrrrhhh... It takes forever.... Please lock Serduchka in the cage and name Portugal the winner already.
  7. I can't not notice several black sprinters from Japan in Diamond League. Is this the way that Japan is preparing for 2020 Olympics? It's getting pathetic when host nation always naturalising athletes from elsewhere.
  8. 3 times European champion Aušrinė Trebaitė announced about retirement from sport.
  9. Donata Vištartaitė-Karalienė announced about her retirement from rowing at the age of 27. She won bronze in 2016 Rio Olympics, gold in 2013 World Championships. She also owns 4 European championships medals (2 golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
  10. IOC released official document of taking the medal away from Chernova. This will mean that soon Lithuania will officially be awarded with heptathlon bronze from London 2012
  11. She is not Kuchina anymore. Few weeks ago she changed ger surname to Lasickienė
  12. Latvia quaified in figure skating for the first time since 1994.
  13. Ehhh... Why does Lithuania almost always have to select something embarrassing...
  14. So many unexpected medals Anyway, I'm the happiest about the medal that whole Lithuania has been waiting and expecting by Airinė Palšytė This is also Lithuania's first ever gold in Indoors
  15. World Lithuanian Games Teams has been confirmed for multi-sport event that will be held this year in June in Kaunas, Lithuania. 3499 athletes from 29 countries set to compete. Participating countries: Australia Belarus Canada Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Ireland Israel Italy Latvia Lithuania Netherlands Norway Poland Russia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom United States Uruguay Sports: Alpine skiing (Indoor slope in Druskininkai) Angling Archery Athletics Badminton Basketball Bowling Chess Darts Football Golf Ice Hockey (demonstration) Orienteering Power-lifting Shooting Swimming Table tennis Tennis Tourism sport Volleyball