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  1. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    Gudžius - completely irrelevant? Olympic finalist, Countless medals in World and Junior age championships (Youth, Junior, U23...) .... Stahl - completely irrelevant? He was 5th in last World Championships... Harting still has a chance, no need to act like a sore looser already.
  2. Baseball 2017 Discussion Thread

    and qualified for 2019 European Championships. Historical victory for Lithuanians against Russia as country for the first time ever get a right to compete in Elite division, while Austria won over Israel and coming back to championships for the first time since 2007.
  3. Athletics IAAF World Championships 2017

    They had to announce it at least a year ago... Standard is 4:30 and it has to be reached by 25 July (tomorrow)... So this year only 5 athletes achieved that standard: Inês HENRIQUES 01 MAY 1980 POR 1 Porto de Mós 15 JAN 2017 Hang YIN 07 FEB 1997 CHN 1 Huangshan 05 MAR 2017 Kathleen BURNETT 07 OCT 1988 USA 1 Santee, CA 28 JAN 2017 Shuqing YANG 30 AUG 1996 CHN 2 Huangshan 05 MAR 2017 Erin TALCOTT 21 MAY 1978 USA 2 Santee, CA 28 JAN 2017 In 2016 - not even a single athlete achieved qualification standard....
  4. Lithuania will have 70 athletes competing in athletics, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, judo, canoeing, swimming and cycling.
  5. Basketball 2017 Discussion Thread

    Hard, but not impossible. Finland did the same in 1939 Eurobasket and scored just 1 point through entire match against Estonia
  6. Athletics 2017 Discussion Thread

    EAA European Combined Team Chapionships taking place in Spain. Unfortunately not a lot of nations competing there. Results after 3 Decathlon and 2 Heptathlon events: Division 1: 10,651 10,564 10,452 10,180 10,112 10,058 9,998 9,106 Division 2 11,415 11,406 11,139 11,125 9,829 9,793
  7. Lithuania finished 3rd overall and going to first league next year (Lithuanian Federation has been posting results before official site did)
  8. So we don't have a proper start list for quite a few events, but this is prediction of SB/PB combination how standings should look like after most events are finished, except M 110m Hurdles, M Javelin and Relays. 322 270,5 265 255 239 231 223 226 223 211 173 166 Iceland and Moldova is relegated for sure. Hungary secured promotion while Slovakia will be 2nd for almost sure. The only battle that should continue is Lithuania vs Slovenia for the last qualification spot. Lithuania should beat Slovenia in: Men's Triple Jump, Women's Shot Put, Men's Discus Throw, Men's 3000m Steeplechase, Women's 200m, Women's 1500m, Men's 3000m Slovenia should beat Lithuania in: Women's Hammer Throw, Men's Pole Vault, Women's 100m Hurdles, Men's 800m, Women's High Jump (how lucky they are that Palšytė is injured...), Men's 200m, Women's long jump, Women's 5000m. There are several game changing events where both countries can surprise each other as athletes are quite close in comparison: Women's 100m Hurdles, Men's 800m, Women's 200m, Women's Long Jump, Men's 3000m. The qualification will depend on these events in particular.Also need to keep in mind that our Men's Relay team are likely to finish last
  9. 4x100 We would have scored high.... What a shame.
  10. Don't remind me that Greek horror BTW, Third League hosted by Malta updating results regularly
  11. What a surprisingly bad organisation by Israel - results are not coming up + live stream doesn't work.
  12. Worst Lithuanian team in years... No promotion for sure. And when you think taht we were reegated last time by missing just 1,5 points...
  13. Athletics 2017 Discussion Thread

    Wow, Gudžius scoring second highest result this year with 68.61 at LLAF Cup in Kaunas. Third best result in Lithuanian history after olympic champions V.Alekna and R. Ubartas
  14. [OFF TOPIC] Eurovision Song Contest 2017

    Arrrrhhh... It takes forever.... Please lock Serduchka in the cage and name Portugal the winner already.