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  1. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Dreaming is free.
  2. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Icardi is outside the world cup , what an stupidity........... for me: Germany, Brazil or Spain will win the world cup, it will be a very big surprise if another team obtein the title for me.
  3. South American Games 2018

    Exequiel Torres of BMX wont be in Cochabamba for an injury , a probably gold/silver medal for us lost.
  4. South American Games 2018

    Mostly agree
  5. South American Games 2018

    I agree about swimming but the canoeing team under 23 is not weaker (at least in south american level), of course you are rigth that the size is not very important but there are sports without brazilian presence (specially team sports) and that can be another more gold medals, there is Pelota Vasca in this time (i presume all or near to all gold medals there), and the rowing is stronger this day and Colombia/Venezuela dont make that "trickery" to make down some rowing specialitys dont sending nobody to them.
  6. South American Games 2018

    My reasons: Argentina: has the biggest delegation Venezuela: is really weak for their bad countrys circusntances Colombia....is strong like always in they sports specialitys but at least, they have less athletes than Brazil: has a good but "little" delegation, with the gold medals they can obtein in the most importants sports, they can be first in the medal table......or third Chile: is stronger than another years but they cant have level to win more golds than us Ecuador: they make a very good performance for being a little country but they are weaker than Chile. Bolivia: Being local, they probably will make their best performance ever......but farrrr away from the first medal table position The rest countrys dont exist In the last South American Games, Argentina was fourth for only one gold medal of Venezuela and for me, our country is better than in the past, im not crazy , the only big problem is the swimming.
  7. South American Games 2018

    Sabrina Ameghino told me that the Enard dont consider this tournament like important and for that reason they send the U 23. For the contrary, even with that WEAK team in swimming, i think our country can be first in medal table, figthing with Brazil and Colombia, in the worst of the cases, Argentina will be third for me.
  8. South American Games 2018

    Is like Wallison says, the oficial web site delete the entries after only one day to be published.
  9. South American Games 2018

    Here the complete argentinian delegation DELEGACION_ARGENTINA.pdf
  10. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    I only remember one in all the argentinian history.
  11. South American Games 2018

    Sure?, in the most part of the sports, i see our best athletes but i dont have all the list, im not counting the team sports with youth teams.
  12. South American Games 2018

    You are rigth but its only Brazil which made this, all the rest send their best in most of the sports.
  13. South American Games 2018

    Is sad to see the understimation of Brazil to this tournament.
  14. South American Games 2018

    Florencia Manfredi told me that she wont participate and many important equestrians wont do it because it doesnt qualify to the Panamerican Games and the 2600m altitude
  15. South American Games 2018

    Sory, i complety forgot
  16. South American Games 2018

    Thanks Thiago!!, like you say, Argentina make a complete rebuild after the retirement of Carrasco Pini and Camila Giorgi, is good to see a good new generation.
  17. South American Games 2018

    Yes, at least in the argentinian case, all the those sports will send the A team.
  18. South American Games 2018

    Incredible........i hope that not happen. By the way: which team will send brazil to this games in swimming?, Argentina will send a VERY SMALL and youth team of only 8 swimmers.......
  19. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    I dont find any relation between both things.............the political correction, like always.
  20. South American Games 2018

    Any news about the brazilian delegation?
  21. South American Games 2018

    Wow, i dont expect that answer, by the way: nice to meet you, may be we will have another active american user besides @dezbee2008
  22. South American Games 2018

    It doesnt exist, im surprise to an american are interest in this tournament. In Canoeing sprint, Argentina will go with the u23 team
  23. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    And thats it: one of the best edition in all the senses is olver, thanks to all to make a new TISC Edition
  24. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Wow, im not so wrong with the death of the characters
  25. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Another curiosity to add, thanks for the information, he has the image of a real presenter and he really is one