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India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

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BWF Ranking

Men's Singles   :- Srikanth -9

                             Sai          -12 

                             Sameer   -17

                             Kashyap   -25                                            

Women's Singles:- Sindhu   - 6

                               Saina     - 8

Men's Doubles  :- Satwik/Chirag  -12

                             Manu/Sumeeth -25                                                           

Women's Doubles:- Ashwini/Sikki   -19                            

Mixed Doubles   :-  Satwik/Ashwini  -27

                                Pranaav/Sikki    - 29

Tokyo - 2020

Go India Go


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His plea about what ??? There are qualifying tournaments still left..if he wants to compete he can...ask for wild card may be when he tries and loses. At the moment he may not even be the best in Indi

I saw so many lists for possible medallists so my listicle    Top 20 Medal chances for India( this is in no order )    1. 50m Prone - Gagan Narang - Medalllist last year in one of t

We are seeing very good result in shooting, Armed forces played a big role in creating a poll of good shooters in India. I think Army can easily repeat their shooting success in Equestrian, Canoeing,

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BWF Race to Olympics Ranking

MS  :- Sai             -8       - 8

          Sourabh      -13     - 15

WS :-  Sindhu        -6       - 6

MD  :- Satwik/Chirag  -8   - 9   

WD:- Ashwini/Sikki   -13   -17                                                    


At present not in qualification  

MS :- Kashyap                 -21

          Prannoy                 -23

MD:-  Manu/Sumeeth     - 25             

WD:- Meghna/Poorvisha - 36

XD :-  Ashwin/Satwik    - 31

          Prannav/ Sikki     - 33

Tokyo - 2020

Go India Go


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Indians in Action


World Athletic Championships 2019

WLJ  -  Anu rani (61.12m) 8th in final

M3000SC - Avinash Sable qualified to final with NR 8:25.23


ATP Tour

500 Tour

Japan:-Rohan/Dennis play in Rd1

           Divj/Artem move into QF



ATP Challenger

Barcelona:- Ramkumar lost in Rd2

                   Ramkumar/Sergio play in QF

Campinas :- Sumit plays in Rd2

                   Sumit/Federico play in QF

Nur Sultan:- Sasi lost in Rd2

                    Ramkumar/Evgeny move into QF

Tokyo - 2020

Go India Go


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2 hours ago, Shravan Kumar said:

Guys anywhere I can watch 3000 m steeplechase replay?

go to hotstar....... go to atheletics ...check .day 5 of championship ....just checked it is at around 2hr 30  minutes into the replay ........

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strength does not come from physical capacity but from an indomitable will. - Gandhi

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