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Judo EJU European Championships 2020

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today's medallists


women's -48kg

Gold: :FRA Shirine Boukli

Silver: :SRB Andrea Stojadinov

Bronze: :KOS Distria Krasniqi & :GER Katharina Menz


women's -52kg

Gold: :ITA Odette Giuffrida

Silver: :ROU Andreea Chitu

Bronze: :ESP Estrella Lopez Sheriff & :BEL Charline Van Snick


women's -57kg

Gold: :HUN Hedvig Karakas

Silver: :POR Telma Monteiro

Bronze: :FRA Sarah Leonie Cysique & :GER Theresa Stoll


men's -60kg

Gold: :RUS Robert Mshvidobadze

Silver: :RUS Yago Abuladze

Bronze: :ESP Francisco Garrigos & :BEL Jorre Verstraeten


men's -66kg

Gold: :AZE Orkhan Safarov

Silver: :ISR Tal Flicker

Bronze: :FRA Killian Le Blouch & :MDA Denis Vieru

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mixed feelings about today's Italian results...


on one side, we should be happy because Odette Giuffrida won our first Gold Medal at the European Champs since 2008 :yikes: but at the same time we must be very disappointed with all the other results and in particular I'm really worried about Manuel Lombardo, who was competing in "his" -66kg class for the first time in almost a year (last time out, he won the Masters in China in January) and couldn't go beyond the first round (he was unlucky, as he had to face the eventual champion Safarov and actually he didn't even lost on the mat, since he was disqualified for an illegal leverage to the opponent's arm while they were all square)...

however, the issue is not his shape or his talent, but the fact that he has a lot of troubles in making the weight, so he has quite a few chances to compete in his Olympic class before Tokyo 2020 (in 2021) and it's a problem if he does waste those chances...


by the way, today is history...and I'm loking forward to tomorrow, when our Olympic Champion Fabio Basile should be back on the mat after a lot of injuries to his elbow and the covid positive test a few weeks ago...


about the rest of today's finals, as already mentioned, Van Snick and Perez Box won the award for the longest match of the afternoon, but the fight of the day was the Russian derby in the men's -60kg Gold Medal bout without any doubt...high class judo...

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Just now, DaniSRB said:

After gold at Ec for juniors, and bronze at u23 now senior medal for Stojadinov :yes

yeah, that was one of the most outstanding results from today...


it looks that she's a very talented girl and might have a very bright future...


by the way, Serbia had quite a few good results today (some of them not really expected), not only Stojadinov's medal...

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yesterday's medallists


women's -63kg

Gold: :FRA Clarisse Agbegnenou

Silver: :AUT Magdalena Krssakova

Bronze: :NED Juul Franssen & :GER Martyna Trajdos


women's -70kg

Gold: :FRA Margaux Pinot

Silver: :NED Sanne Van Dijke

Bronze: :FRA Marie Eve Gahie & :RUS Madina Taimazova


men's -73kg

Gold: :MDA Victor Sterpu

Silver: :GEO Lasha Shavdatuashvili

Bronze: :SWE Tommy Macias & :AZE Rustam Orujov


men's -81kg

Gold: :GEO Tato Grigalashvili

Silver: :BUL Ivaylo Ivanov

Bronze: :GEO Luka Maisuradze & :BEL Matthias Casse

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very disappointing day for Italy...


Basile started very well, but once he got into the semis, he was dead and gone...he said he wasn't phisically in good shape (understandable...he was just coming off covid-19 quarantine, when obviously he wasn't able to train at all), but I think he also made some capital mistakes under a mental point of view against Shavdatuashvili in their semifinal bout...

no comment on the bronze medal bout...he was clearly not even interested in playing that fight...


Alice Bellandi had a very strong competition, but she was heavily penalized by the refs in both the semifinal match against Pinot (very generous call the deciding waza-ari in the golden score period) and the bronze medal match (actually, this was a pure robbery by the Hungarian ref, clearly taking all of his decisions against the Italian girl by prejudice)...


the other Italian fighters lost too early in the competition...they're just not good enough (and if they were, they didn't show it at all yesterday morning)...


in general, yesterday was Georgia's day on the men's side, with the light of the hyper-talent Tato Grigalashivili shining more than anything...

watching that guy is pure joy, a Judo clinic every time he's on the mat...


meanwhile France swept the field in the women's divisions...but that was quite expected, as Agbegnenou and Gahie are the reigning world champions...

at least, Margaux Pinot gifted us with with a nice surprising win (even if it was Van Dijke that had the unexpected win over Gahie in the semifinal)...


today is the final day of the individual competitions...the big guys (and girls) are gonna take the center stage...

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