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Men's Futsal UEFA European Championship 2022


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Men's Futsal UEFA European Championship 2022


NED.gif Amsterdam/Groningen (NED) - 19 January 2022 - 6 February 2022 NED.gif




Official Website 112255r04u4pz70n9mu99d.png
Programme 114826ez87b86sig8ubgz8.png
Results System 112255r04u4pz70n9mu99d.png
Results Database 160706oyh04y5y4bzsnssy.png
Facebook Page 000832qcaljaxz2cfx2jfq.png
Discussion Thread 160706oyh04y5y4bzsnssy.png
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53 minutes ago, hckošice said:

:SVK qualified for the very first time ever to a major tournament in this sport, after so many lost play-offs and missed chances by losing last qualifying games, this time the guys finally made it !






and here the highlights of this historic moment Highlights




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