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  1. India lose the bronze medal match, much because of too many players getting yellow and green card for india, india were playing with 10 men for almost half of the 4th quarter in which britain pushed and got the penaltt corner, even though india will be proud of their performance but both of the time against argentina and britain india have given away their lead and thats were they need to learn in future.
  2. It was not missed but it was given away, dont know what the coach said at the interval coz deepak did absolutely nothing in the second period, even if he had to defend he should also pounce on the opponent mistakes, he looked so tired and was breathing like a bull and just wanted to go home, san marino with a contingent of 5 athletes have won 3 medals at the olympics and that tell us how far we are in terms of sport
  3. Deepak punia lost the bronze medal match, he was humping like a buffalo in the second round, looks like only trained for 1 round match, total shambolic performenace.
  4. The whole situation of indian sport after olympics is a lot of negatives and very few positives while its a vice versa for other nations. We will never be a good at sports until wrong people are incharge of our sports, until political leaders who dont know shit about sports are sitting at the top as authority. Sometime its a very shameful feeling when u see a nation like ivory coast and jordan who might not have 10% of population which we do is having a gold medal and we dont. We only have jitu rai after narang and bindra, none of the male wretlers even felt like giving a competition to others. Boxers even failed to qualify in numbers. Hockey seems to progressing a bit but a lot of work is required to be done, womens archery is not doing that well. Athletics is still the same as it was 10 years ago as no major athlete who can reach the world class level was seen in this olympics. Only few positives were deepa karmakar, atanu das, datta , sindhu, srikanth, mens doubles pair, women wrestling. Its time for getting back to the drawing board because its a lot of a mess to be cleared before tokyo 2020
  5. Aditi just like other indians falters badly in the 3rd round it was very early for us to judge her. From -6 to +2 and all the hopes vanish within a day. It has been the story for indian athletes in this olympics.
  6. Sindhu had a brilliant tournament maybe it was fatigue that just got up to her as marin played less matches then sindhu. But overall it is a great moment for indians. With proper facilities and management we can achieve greater heights in sport
  7. Golf is sport where u have to put the putt the ball in the hole in given number of shots. Like there are 18 holes each hole is given like 4 or 5 shots to drop the ball in the hole and the total shots for 18 hole is 72. If the golfer puts the ball in the hole in lesser shots then for example the given shots are 4 and the golfer putts in 3 then he gets a score of -1 . each day after 72 shots are played the golfer try to pot these ball in lesse shots and -10 under par score shows that he has taken 10 less shots then allowed to pot all the balls. Basically it is like u have to pot the balls in lesser number of shots then others. It may be confusing but for newbies just remember the bigger the negative score the higher the ranking. Aditi ashok havent started her round today and she is tied 8
  8. Another medal hopes dashed as Narsing Yadav is banned. Dreadful olympics by indias concerned. The main thing is today sport is dominated by countries who are good at it. They have theie official in the positions of high level in the governing bodies. The same case is with india in cricket no body messes with us. These retards make the draws for the rounds and give their countries athletes a headstart by giving them an easy draw. An example for this is the USA relay 100m women team dropped the batton and was disqualified in the heats they appealed and then were succesful as brazil was disqualified and USA ran a race alone in the night and qualified for the finals. It just shows that if any other country wud have not been given that opportunity. AIBA does same in boxing. Its time that india shud divert their mind from cricket and look into other sports
  9. Good to see chinas domination in badminton coming to an end as no chinese player in olympics women final this time. Sad to see babita bow out as she was very aggressive but the opponent had a good defensive technique and turned her attacks agains babita. Aditi ashok is tied first in womens golf, if we get medal in golf then it will be the most unexpected of them all this olympics
  10. Does totallympics havr a whatsapp group as well
  11. Another notable performance today was from our women golfer who is tied 7th and 2 shots behind the leader at -3 the korean is leading with -5 at the end of round 1
  12. Lin dan was beatable in this match he was trailing srikant half way in the 3 game only 2-3 unforced errors by srikanth gave it away.its only because of inexperience he will learn with age thats wat i said and i also said he is a future champion
  13. Vinesh photgat in quarters won her last 16 bout but a little bit of injury scare for her
  14. If srikanth wud have won that match he was a sure shot medal contender but a lack of experience and pressure got to him
  15. Srikanth u brave men,went down like a warrior against the champion lin dan. Srikanth is a champion in the making only a lack of experience made him give away simple errors points in the last game other wise he was leading 12-9 at one stage. He tried to end the game quickly and lin dan got the benefit. Still a great performance and u will be stronger next olympics
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