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  1. Nice idea, I would be happy if my country could do the same...
  2. Italy is good enough to win against Slovakia and Russia. Russia is not playing good so far except last game. Italy tried to win against Poland, and a big respect to them because of that.
  3. Australia was really better. Just these first three minutes of third quarter got Canada back to the game. Best WC game thus far. But I really think that Canada is playing to fast. They do not have enough players for this style of play. European teams should use this in their advantage.
  4. There was a lot bad and good things at these Olympics. So I am not sure about the grade, but there was some interesting things for me: North Korea participating at the games - very nice. New technologies in the replay (Ice hockey, figure skating) - not all of them was useful, but it is good that Korea tried to use something new. Competitions without disruptions, everything was according to plans, good organization. The most shameful thing - Korean gold medal in women's team relay in short track. In bobsleigh, luge and skeleton Koreans had the advantage, because t
  5. Amazing olympic finish in short track Boutin and Shulting with medals and two Korean crashes. It is karma!
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