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  1. Australia played really well- but the umpire was out of control handing out cards.
  2. Australia has some super solid Gold medal favourites in Swimming 1. 4x100m W Relay.......miles ahead of the competition 2. 4x200m W Relay......again miles ahead of the competition 3. 200m Backstroke W.....Kaylee McKeown
  3. Not just Olympian- Australia's first world ice skating champion (with Harley Windsor) in the Juniors sad.
  4. Thanks for the re-welcome....I forget about this site between Games...then return! xxx
  5. GB always miraculously brings it all to the Olympics and sweeps, regardless of their results at the is a mystery...
  6. Maybe, do you live in Paris- it is a beautiful and spectacular city!
  7. These are the first pictograms I find a bit confusing- there seems to be about 8 skiers doing the same thing!!!
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