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    ngyojiw got a reaction from Vic Liu in Summer Olympic Games Paris 2024 Medal Predictions   
    Well, to me the optimistic is the realistic. I remembered during Covid, none expected China to reah Finals in all discipline. Then suddenly they just reached 5 Finals with an old ChenLong.
    Well, to me the optimistic is the realistic as they are favourites hahaha. This time, all i see is 3 favourites and 2 Huge favourites. Therefore i have to say 5 gold is there for the taking. I am sure this is target set by the National as well and i hope my country get 1/2 gold as well from badminton. I have to say what i see.
    ShiYuqi already won in this very arena in this year FrenchOpen. He can easily smash opponents whom you think can give him trouble like the recent ThomasCup.
    CYF closest rival will be Marin imo. She is just a bull. I think it will be CYF-Marin- Yamaguchi though i feel GregoriaTunjung could be a dark horse (just beaten Yamaguchi) and i hope she can get a medal. Btw, many of these players are injury prone because they are nearing 30. Yamaguchi didnt play her last matches in UberCup so did AnSeYoung. I can see she is burnout.
    MD will be the closest affair. However, i can only go with WR1.
    There is nothing to say in WD and XD. I just visited Jieyang my ancestral hometown, which is close to ChenQingchen hometown. I will be rooting for her.
    I would say the toughest to the easiest will be MD>WS>MS>XD>WD.
    All in all, i see China getting 40 golds or more. I would be happy with that.
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    ngyojiw reacted to Vic Liu in Summer Olympic Games Paris 2024 Medal Predictions   
    China Prediction
    1. Diving - 7 golds 12 medals - usually losing 1 gold just not sure which one yet
    2. Table Tennis - 5 golds 7 medals - facing many challenges on men's single but still unlikely to drop the gold
    3. Weightlifting - 5 golds 6 medals - men's 73kg Shi Zhiyong is not the favorite while other weights should be safe
    4. Swimming - 4 golds 10 medals - chances from men's 100/200 breast, 200 IM, 100 free, women's 100 fly, 100 breast, men and mixed medley relay for golds
    5. Shooting - 4 golds 10 medals - many chances for pistols and rifles events and some of them will get golds
    6. Artistic Gymnastics - 4 golds 8 medals - almost sure men's rings and PB + one of women's BB/UB + one of men's AA/team
    7. Badminton - 3 golds 6 medals - bigger chances for mixed double and women's double + maybe one of men's single/women's single/men's double
    8. Boxing - 1 gold 3 medals - some random women's weights or men's 80kg may get one gold
    9. Sprint Canoeing - 1 gold 3 medals - big chance for WC2 get gold and medal chances for WC1 and MC2
    10. Trampoline - 1 gold 3 medals - equal chances for men‘s and women's to get gold but also high chance to make error
    11. Artistic Swimming - 1 gold 2 medals - big chance for both golds but also high probability to make some error on some random routine
    12. Taekwondo - 1 gold 2 medals - bigger chances for women's 57kg and also some slim chances for other weights
    13. Athletics - 5 medals - medal chances for women's shot put/discus/hammer throw/race walking, men's long jump/triple jump but none of these are favorites
    14. Wrestling - 3 medals - some medal chances for all participating women's weights and men's freestyle 57/125, greco 60/130
    15. Sport Climbing - 2 medals - medals chances for men's and women's speed sport climbing but very unpredictable 
    16. BMX freestyle - 2 medals - big medal chances for women's BMX freestyle but not favorite to win the gold
    17. Breaking - 1 medal - big medal chance for women also some probability to win the gold
    18. Track Cycling - 1 medal - medal chance for women's team sprint
    19. Fencing - 1 medal - some chance for women's team/individual epee and very slim chance for women's individual foil
    20. Rowing - 1 medal - medal chance for W4x also some gold probability
    21. Rhythmic Gymnastics -1 medal - medal chance for group AA
    22. Sailing - 1 medal -  slim medal chances for men and women's windsurfing and kite but very unpredictable 
    23. Basketball - 1 medal - medal chance for women's team
    Some other slim medal chances: Women's golf, Women's tennis single/double, Judo Women's 78/78+, Women's volleyball, Women's skateboarding street
    Total 37 golds 91 medals
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    ngyojiw got a reaction from Josh in Summer Olympic Games Paris 2024 Medal Predictions   
    Haha. The line is 21.5 medals. I am sure Canada will get over that number. I like what i see from what i am reading in internet and twitter.
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    ngyojiw got a reaction from Fly_like_a_don in Summer Olympic Games Paris 2024 Medal Predictions   
    Yes but i think SYQ is stronger. He has better smash. I am Indonesian and i feel Christie has nothing special ( despite winning AllEngland and beating CHN SYQ and LSF in Ningbo last month). His game is more to tiring opponents. He might easily lose in earlier rounds. My money would be on Shi.
    @Josh Do you put China around 38-39 golds? I saw the line in my books were O/U 33.5 which is omg.
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