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Sailing WS 49er, 49er FX & Nacra 17 Foiling World Championships 2019

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3 quotas but no medals for Spain... It has not been our best championship, but we accomplished the main goal, so I'm happy with the performance. I hope next year Botín/López could do it a little bit better and Paula Barceló is fully recovered of the injury.

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Il y a 2 heures, phelps a dit :


and this makes the Italian internal qualification battle a mess...2 different pairs back-to-back world champions...:yikes: I think this is an absolute premiere for our Olympic Sailing classes...it never happened before even in our very successful women's windsurfing history...


now...who do we have to choose to go at the Olympics? :mumble:


One nation, one boat rule excluding world champions from the olympics. Fantastic...

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