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  1. Truly terrible news! May he rest in peace
  2. Considering for a long time one of the main areas of anti-vaccine was areas with a major Somali population, I wouldn't quite call it western fanatism. It's sadly a pretty general thing. That and the excessive use of antibiotics are two major dangers to be taken very seriously.
  3. Interestingly polling (fivethirtyeight) show* more Warren-supporters considering Biden than Sanders. Im general there have been quite a few mentions of the death of the idea of "lanes" and I'm not so sure that Sanders would get much more of the Warren supporters than Biden if she ends up dropping out.
  4. That's pretty much the reason for my comment (though they've been the victim of a similar situation as well). Meanwhile I have to agree with Movistar that the UCI made a controversial decision as well.
  5. It's a rather discussable move in fact. It was a natural place to be planning an attack and following the tactic isn't really that bad even when the leaders jersey is down. What can however be questioned was whether they were planning to do it or it was just because of the crash.
  6. I do that pretty often when it comes to Danish athletics commentators
  7. Well. Since I watched my very first NFL game about 12 years ago, I've been a Patriots supporter. (Hate coming up )
  8. I'm rather sad that you're recognizing Stephen Merchant as "the butler", but well... Have to agree about the english speaking part, though in a movie like this I don't really mind.
  9. Former biathlon champion Halvard Hanevold has died
  10. Nah. No swimming in this event.
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