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  1. Sorry about that. Wasn't able to follow the Giro that much due to campaigning
  2. Well. From what I understand, some people feel that it'll be the attention needed to stop that comparison in the future.
  3. I know that you were joking (though I'm sure that plenty of Slovaks who would be dead serious about such comments). It just feels like all your comments (with exception of the Tour) is about him. It's always a way to see if Sagan is winning
  4. That's what you get from being a cycling power house. We care in the smaller nations!
  5. Yup. They are Social Democrats. Not that I support the idea, I feel that it would take too much attention, but I actually get the idea of using it to show that Germany has moved on. Way too often the slightest bit of national pride (I even remember articles during the 2006 Worlds) is compared to the past. I would love to give Germany a chance to be proud of themselves and the history of the country (with exceptions, of course) without being compared to the dark past of the country.
  6. Thomas Härtel and Andreas Geisel aren't really from a far-right party.
  7. For Slovakia possibly, but being the kind of person who hates when a single athlete seems to get all the attention, I wouldn't mind, though I admit that he's rather entertaining.
  8. We do, considering the number of Danes at the Worlds and Olympics. And Fuglsang's ranking has gotten som attention as well.
  9. I'm beginning to wonder. Will we ever see @hckosice in the cycling comments again the day that Sagan retires?
  10. You know that it was UCI back then, right?
  11. I don't really get why Wurtz or Gallopin didn't get it...
  12. I can do with czech lager, but I prefer something stronger and nothing beats a good triple! Not yet, though that would put me closer than any sport
  13. Trappiste beers > Belgian beers >>>>>>>>>> All others. You're welcome
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