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  1. Still considering TOISC 2019, but won't bid for annual.
  2. Agger

    [OFF TOPIC] Food & Drinks Thread

    I ended up with pasta and pesto as well, though I went with alla Genovese (with some chicken and a bit of vegetables)
  3. A few (unconfirmed) rumours from the Danish jury: Small baskets have been seen by the doors of the jury members of last year's committee with the short greeting: "Agger sends his regards" The committee was created to make sure that the most deserving song won, never intended as a selfish thing working to win the competition themselves. When a coup happened last year, it seemed very clear that Denmark had to show who's the boss and so it happened. What will happen next is unsure. Meanwhile it sounds like the Danish jury, the press secretary and numerous major Danish people have meetings planned to consider the possibilities of hosting next year's contest. The only thing that seems official is that the jury president plans to hold a press conference in the beginning of the next week. If we'll hear anything before that seems highly uncertain
  4. Spam mail from Nigerian princesses or online pharmacies?
  5. Well. He did well, but Operation Market Garden was a bit of a letdown...
  6. Still too early to say, but if we do, wouldn't it show that I'm still in charge?
  7. Well. I've been without wi-fi and packing all my stuff before moving. All further comments should be directed to our press secretary, @wumo26
  8. Checking in from my wi-fi-free home (last day in the apartment) and I'm thrilled to be on the podium so far. Thank you so much!
  9. Agger

    [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Yes, but considering the amount of time put into it, it really isn't a lot. Especially as my party (at least here in Aarhus)(and several others) ask that you give a bit of the money to the party.
  10. Agger

    [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    I usually end up in the nearest one. Maybe because I'm a member of a party