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  1. That's what they're made for. To create hype. But I don't get how it can get that much hype. Personally I'm rather interested by The Plot against America. It's a pretty thought provoking book. But it general I'm much less hyped about it than I was about 2019.
  2. Taxi Driver is just outside top 100 on IMDB for a reason. For what?
  3. Pretty sure that I'll go for Bestseller Half marathon the same day, though I haven't registered yet. Have been going. Did 5,5 at a 5:05/km pace last week and will be focusing on the 5km with a couple of longer runs during the winter and then making it longer from february. Hoping to be able to do a 2 hour race, but haven't set it as a target yet.
  4. Please don't make this thread a live feed of whatever BS Trump tweets about. It would be teriibly entertaining if it wasn't for the people actually listening to him.
  5. I would also like to say thank you to everybody congratulating us, but really, it has been 90 % @Wumo with me mainly coming up with the idea about the team names and creating the presentations for the host cities. Other than that, I've only been assisting in the random draws for voting tie breaks, answering some questions and giving my comments on designs. So all in all... @Wumo
  6. Winning once already got to your head? Pretty early to try and change history
  7. But here are my personal votes: 12 pts. - The Stone Roses have played the by far worst concert I've ever been to, but I still love their music, I would have selected She Bangs the Drums instead, but still a great song and I'm really sad that it didn't end up better. 11 pts. - What can I say? Congratulations! I'm not always a big fan of the "electro swing" idea, but this one put me in a great mood. 10 pts. - Morten Harket has one of the greatest vocals of popular music (if you ask me). I would have prefered some A-ha song, but he has some very decent solo songs as well and this is a beauty. 9 pts. - Beautiful vocals and beautiful song 8 pts. - I hated this one the first time (not quite enough to cut it, though) but it really grew on me, especially the chorus. 7 pts. - I actually think this was the first song of this year to get stuck in my mind. Luckily for fine reasons. 6 pts. - Well. A very fine song that went up and down during my time trying to decide. Never really listened that much to the song though it's pretty famous in Denmark as well. 5 pts. - Started as my main contender for breaking the top 3 and I still really like the celtic style and her voice, but when I heard it some more times, it felt a bit too much like the same over and over, though still very nice. 4 pts. - Not the best of best, but I enjoyed the song and. Very clearly influenced by some of the greats of british music, the song makes me think of both The Verve and David Bowie, Too bad that it didn't end up with any points from us. 3 pts. - A nice, calm song. Folk music with some more modern inspiration. 2 pts. - I feel really sad that this one ended up 2nd to last. Maybe not the most modern song, but I really enjoyed the vocals and the piano. 1 pt. - I feel ashamed by myself for only giving Abba 1 point. But I'm really more of a "The Visitors" kind of guy and Mamma Mia simply didn't feel like the right thing for me this time. My reserves were , , and while , , and were in the mix as well.
  8. Oh yeah. Î need some more sleep after that after party. Not looking forward to @Wumo seeing the bill
  9. Pretty good? I believe we've had 2 songs in Danish (Kris Herman and CV Jørgensen)
  10. The committee never died. We were betrayed once but then showed our power by winning the contest! Oh wait...
  11. I would agree there. I think this is the first time I didn't give them any points (tough they were a reserve), but I believe that New Zealand is the country that has given me the most amazing songs that I didn't know before.
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