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  1. A new date has already been found for the local half marathon. It'll be october 11th. I'll give it a bit of time to find out whether I'll go for that one or Copenhagen about a month earlier. There will be some kind of "virtual half marathon" on the actual day which I guess I'll go for.
  2. Well. The former TISC-song "Sæsonen er slut" seems to be a good theme song for this summer (at least in Denmark)
  3. Meanwhile Finland is creating miracles
  4. If things stay well the next week, Kindergartens and the younger classes will start opening starting next wednesday. This should make things easier for people working from home who has small children. All other restrictions stay intact until may 10th. There will be no major events until the autumn and the exams from public schools are cancelled.
  5. But does the distance really matter that much if the idea wih compulsory face masks help? (it's questionable how much homemade masks stop, though, if I'm not mistaken). The distance is afterall mainly a matter of fluids moving through the air from mouth and nose.
  6. My fear (and I see that some experts are slightly worried about the same) is whether we've managed to contain it a bit too well, meaning that the risk of a major spread when we start opening up again could end up making more damage.
  7. There is no way to take politicians out of the equation. But it's really a matter of how much you listen to them. But even so, it's pretty clear that there are major differences between doctors. It's not like it's the politicians making the calls on keeping the society pretty open in Sweden. They're following the ideas of a doctor. Meanwhile it's also necessary with the politicians to consider how the country is to keep moving on (both during a lockdown and when slowly opening up). Meanwhile I must admit that I'm starting to fear if Denmark may be getting through this too easily. Things are working very well and the numbers of people hospitalized has been going down for a few days now while the numbers in ICU has been pretty steady. What I could fear is if too few has had the corona a potential second wave may need the same kinds of policies. Not expecting some kind of herd immunity, but one case more now may be one case less next time and former pandemics has shown that the second wave may very well be worse than the first. But it should be made clear that my knowledge on the subject is pretty limited.
  8. Yes, it's a political battle, which it should absolutely never be! When some states get whatever they ask for (and even more) for being friends with the president or a battleground state, while states with governors that won't come begging on their bleeding knees for mercy from the almighty president gets questioned whether they need what they're asking for. It becomes a bidding war between states with the federal government as an actor pushing up the prices. Meanwhile the EU is using RescEU to do the shopping for EU countries making it more affordable.
  9. Yup. Looking at pace tables, I should be in shape for more or less a 1:50 half marathon But the 2 hour mark is still the target. I've started considering Copenhagen half as my backup race if my planned half is cancelled or postponed to a bad day (I doubt it will happen on the original day). Could be useful to go with the world's fastest half marathon.
  10. You can never be 100 % prepared for the next pandemic, but had the pandemic playbook been followed some reactions would without doubt have been much faster. But that was thrown out the window along with everything else that the Obama administration had done to prepare for the next epidemic/pandemic. It's not like Trump is the first to cut down on what a former administration did on the subject. Both Obama and Bush did as well. That's really not the main thing to blame him for (well, he is to be blamed, but so should the former presidents). What he should be blamed for, is his very slow response when others started recognizing the danger. That's where he's doing bad. While he and his supporters started throwing lies around about Obama's response (and not even the Ebola response that was questionable, but the response on H1N1 that was much quicker) things were going bad quickly. And catching up? Well, in some states, but when Trump is letting his personal pride control his response, it's hurting in some states.
  11. @Wumo got to it before me. Would add another classic for the football team (made for the 1998 World Cup):
  12. Those numbers are really only interesting if you consider the population. If you do so, USA is way behind.
  13. Well. Haven't had a race at 9 before. I did screw up my preparations quite a bit which made me decide that I would go for the 5km instead. According to my phone, my PB on that distance is 22:17. Can't say that I trust that one very much. On endomondo today's 5km was at 23:00. According to my watch it was 23:31. Guess that shows pretty well that there's a difference. Did make a couple of poor decisions when changing my route which meant a couple of tight turns. May have cost me a few seconds. But I'm very satisfied. Now it's all about waiting for the results
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