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  1. [hide] Knockout RoundMay 23rd - May 26th, 2019 8 Nations, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Bronze Medal Match and Gold Medal Match Semifinals Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 May 25th 2019, h. 15:15 Russia 2 Finland May 25th 2019, h. 19:15 Canada 3 Czech Republic  [/hide]
  2. She doesn't resign as prime minister before a new one has been found. Could be a couple of months in worst case.
  3. The Renaissance isn't medieval. Know your history! And oh yeah!
  4. But people mentioning radicals reminds me of a classic history. We usually have some people campaigning in the US presidential elections. Once a person traveling to America wrote "Radical Left" as political affiliation. Gave quite a moment when they came to the US
  5. D66 Not surprising that they can't do like last election, but that's tough!
  6. TEAM DENMARK Athletics: Mathilde U. Kramer (100 meter) Mette Graversgaard (100 meter hurdles) Janne Nielsen (long jump) Marie Vestergaard (javelin) Sara Slott Petersen (mixed 4x400 meter) Ida Karstoft (mixed 4x400 meter) Helene Holm Gottlieb (The Hunt 600 meter) Astrid Glenner-Frandsen (The Hunt 200 meter) Frederik Schou-Nielsen (100 meter) Andreas F.L. Martinsen (110 meter hurdles) Jonas Kløjgaard Jensen (high jump) Benjamin Lobo Vedel (mixed 4x400 meter) Gustav Lundholm Nielsen (mixed 4x400 meter) Kristian Uldbjerg Hansen (The Hunt 800 meter) Nicolai Hartling (The Hunt 400 meter) Reserves: Anna Øbakke Lange Olivia Thorsgaard Mia Helene Mørck Simon Hansen Oliver Chabert Kasper Olsen Badminton: Viktor Axelsen (MS) Anders Antonsen (MS) Mia Blichfeldt (WS) Line Kjærsfeldt (WS) Kim Astrup/Anders Skaarup (MD) Majken Fruergaard/Sara Thygesen (WD) Sara Thygesen/Niclas Nøhr (XD) Boxing: Ditte Ajaaja Frostholm (-60 kilo) Frederik Lundgaard Jensen (-64 kilo) Table Tennis: Jonathan Groth (MS, team) Anders Lind (MS, team) Tobias Rasmussen (team) Archery: Maja Jager (recurve) Anne Marie Dorscheus Laursen (recurve) Randi Degn (recurve) Tanja Jensen (compound) Judo: Lærke Marie Olsen (-63 kilo) Emilie Sook (-70) Kayak: René Holten Poulsen (K1 1000m, K1 5000m og K2 1000m) Nils Jensen Boe (K2 1000m) Emma Aastrand Jørgensen (K1 200m, K1 500m, K1 5000m og K4 500m) Line Langelund (K2 200m og K4 500m) Julie Frølund Funch (K2 500m og K4 500m) Pernille Knudsen (K2 500m og K4 500m) Bolette Nyvang Iversen (K2 200m) Karate: Katrine Pedersen (-68) Trampoline: Benjamin Salo Kjær Shooting: Stine Nielsen (riffel) Rikke Ibsen (riffel) Anna Nielsen (riffel) Jesper Hansen (skeet) Emil Petersen (skeet) Steffen Olsen (riffel) Frederik Larsen (pistol) Esben Jakobsen (riffel) Mikkel Hansen (riffel)
  7. Just checked the Danish, Swedish, English and German versions. They all seemed alike. Do you have questions about themes like social programmes, same sex marriage, drugs, euthanasia, punishment for criminals and personal privacy on the internet? They are mainly national questions and others were at least as much national as European (government spending, some of the immigration questions and promotion of public transports). Don't get me wron. There are some fine questions about politics and structure, but when punishment, same sex marriage and drugs are there as well, it doesn't quite show the right picture of the parties in the Parliament.
  8. I honestly wouldn't be too sure about that. It feels like one of the closer races. She did very well in the municipal election and feels like one of the most active candidates of all. Even though she is up "against" two rather big profiles, she is mentioned as a possible winner by party members who really know what they talk about. She is surely the outsider, but a strong one who could surprise.
  9. Not bad (I would likely vote for her as well if I lived in Fyn I voted for "their candidate" (You mean Philip, right?) For the General Election I'll vote the actual day.
  10. Actually last year the support was the highest for 35 years But nonetheless it gives a wrong picture about the election when about half the questions (didn't really count) are national politics and not about the ones they are voting for.
  11. I got a bit worried when I saw that PvdA was the Dutch party that I agreed with the most (GL second for me as well) considering that D66 and their youth party are some of our closest partners.
  12. Thank you very much! May I ask what candidate (If you don't want to say that's totally fair)?
  13. I feel that it was rather a lot of questions for national politics and not the EU Parliament. But not so surprisingly my party was by far the one I was closest to (though and Austrian and a Spanish Party were slightly closer)
  14. Interesting. I saw more people wishing she used playback...
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