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Women's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2021


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Tournament Format


1) The 10 teams are divided into two, tiered, five-team groups A & B in the Preliminary Round.

2) After a single round-robin series in each group, the five teams from Group A and the best three teams from Group B advance to the Playoff Round. 

3) The Quarter-Finals will be played between A1-B3, A2-B2, A3-B1, A4-A5. The winner of each Quarter-Final moves onto the Semi-Finals.

4) In the semi-finals the best-ranked team - criteria: 1) Tier of the group. 2) placement in the group - will play against the lowest-ranked semi-finalist. The 2nd-best ranked semi-finalist will play the 3rd-best ranked semi-finalist.

5) The host if qualified, or otherwise the best-ranked semi-finalist according to beforementioned criteria, shall play the early game. The time slots will officially be determined after the quarter-final games.

6) The winner of each Semi-Final game will move onto the Gold Medal Game, while the losers will play in the Bronze Medal Game.

7) The quarter-final losers will play placement games in a knockout format. The winner of the 5th-place game will earn a Group A seeding for next year. The remaining teams (7th to 10th) will be ranked according to 1. the tiered group they played in (A/B), 2. their position within the group, 3. their preliminary-round record (1. points, 2. goal difference, 3. goals scored)..


Relegation format

No teams will be relegated this year. Same 10 Teams will play the Women World Championship Top Division also next year 2022.


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Power Ranking


It’s a new decade and a new tradition as the Power Rankings make their Women’s Worlds debut !


As defending Olympic champs and winners of five straight Women’s Worlds, the Americans start off in first place. Archrival Canada is hot on their heels in second place, while Finland, seeking to improve on 2019’s silver medal, is third.


The Power Rankings are for the enjoyment of readers, and reflect the progress of teams during the IIHF Ice Hockey Women's World Championship. They are distinct from the official standings and IIHF Women's World Ranking.


1 usa.png USA Our goal is to inspire young girls and destroy everybody else
2 can.png CAN It’s WinSport Arena, so we won’t lose our first three games :p
3 fin.png FIN We don’t need no stinkin’ bronzes
4 roc.png ROC Russian Women’s Hockey League Never Breaks
5 sui.png SUI Hey, Finland, if you don’t want those bronzes...
6 jpn.png JPN Seibu Princess Rabbits – they’ll eat you up like carrots
7 cze.png CZE Combined age: younger than Jagr, obviously
8 ger.png GER We have the world’s best Eisenschmids!
9 den.png DEN The Little Mermaid was a late cut
10 hun.png HUN Practising safe social distancing from Division I :lol:
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Friday August 20th, 2021 -

Preliminary Round Day 1




Group A
Mountain Daylight Time (GMT -6)
Canada CAN.gif vs FIN.gif Finland
August 20th 2021, h. 16:00, WinSports Arena, Calgary
(00:00 CEST - 21.08.2021)


Switzerland SUI.gif vs USA.gif United States
August 20th 2021, h. 19:30, WinSports Arena, Calgary
(03:30 CEST - 21.08.2021)
Group B
Mountain Daylight Time (GMT -6)
Czech Republic CZE.gif vs DEN.gif Denmark
August 20th 2021, h. 12:00, WinSports Arena, Calgary
(20:00 CEST)
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23 minutes ago, Agger said:

Do you know about any streaming, @hckošice? :)

No idea, I see no TV in Denmark has the rights. But I do believe the organizers will release a general world-wide live stream shortly before the match or so, They did it usually in the past.


I´ll keep looking for eventual informations, so I will inform you if I find anything new.



plus there still a way to find a stream in other way in if nothing official will be available.

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