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Shooting ISSF Shotgun World Championships 2022 Road to Paris 2024


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:SVK Team Slovakia :SVK


Trap M + Team Trap M

Marián Kovačócy

Michal Slamka

Erik Varga


Trap W

Zuzana Rehák-Štefečeková

Jana Špotáková


Trap Mixed Team

(SVK1) Zuzana Rehák-Štefečeková/Erik Varga

(SVK2) Jana Špotáková/Marián Kovačócy


Skeet W + Team Skeet W

Danka Barteková

Vanesa Hocková

Lucia Kopčanová


Junior Events

Trap M Junior + Trap Team M Junior: Filip Benkovský, Daniel Hruška, Timotej Tóth

Trap W Junior: Emma Kortisová

Trap Mixed Team Junior: (SVK1) Daniel Hruška/Emma Kortisová


Skeet W Junior + Skeet Team W Junior: Miroslava Hocková, Adela Šupeková, Adriana Zajíčková

Skeet Mixed Team Junior: (SVK1) Ladislav Németh/Miroslava Hocková, (SVK2) Andrej Brezina/Adela Šupeková


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15 hours ago, TeamGB said:

Is it the same rule as the Europeans, can a nation qualify only one Shooter per event.


Yes, it will be the same at every Championship in the qualification period.

Not interested anymore so please remove the account - there is no option to do it myself.

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Mixed Junior Team Trap


Gold: :ITA Italy 2 (Marika Patera & Gianmarco Barletta)

Silver: :ITA Italy 1 (Sofia Littame & Emanuele Iezzi)

Bronze: :FIN Finland (Sara Silja Patricia Nummela & Juho Johannes Maekelae) and :ESP Spain 2 (Paula Morcillo & Juan Antonio Garcia)

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Bit of a shocker from :GBR Coward-Holley in the second round of qualifying to score just 20 to end the day on 45/50. Not impossible for him to get back into the top 8 but he's going to need to shoot close to perfect score in the next 3 rounds. 


Nathan Hales - unlucky to miss quota spot in the Euros - has been pretty solid to score 47/50 but that places him about 30th in the ranking even though he is only 2 shots off a qualifying position.


Best chance of quota spot sits with Aaron Heading who has got 2 clear rounds to share the top of the rankings with 5 other shooters. 


Will be interesting to see what the next couple of days brings.


On the women's side, I don't think we'll be securing a second quota for the Trap here. 


Lucy Hall is 2 shots of the pace with 47/50 to sit in equal 6th. Has a good chance to make the final if she can keep her level up but as she's already secured a quota spot she isn't in the mix for qualification this time.


Sitting in the mid 30s, we've got Georgina Roberts with 44/50. She's probably 3 shots shy of where she would need to be to have good chance to make final but perhaps not beyond the realms of possibility if she can shoot well tomorrow. 


I had high hopes for Kirsty Hegarty to do well enough to secure that second quota spot for Team GB but the wheels pretty much fell off her challenge in the first round where she scored 22 and followed it up with a 20 in round 2. She won't challenge for qualification spot this time around but hopefully can seize one of the opportunities next year. 

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