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Biathlon 2022 - 2023 Discussion Thread


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Bunch of news today:


The Summer of 2023 will see a formal Summer Biathlon Series.  Blink, Martin Forcade Nordic Festival and the Summer Biathlon Championships will be a part of it.  It also implies that there will be other events.


Jakov Fak has announced that he will continue for at lest one more season.  ""He told me he was going to continue until the next Olympics, but I don't know if he was being completely honest when he told me that," laughs Janez Maric , coach of the national team." 


Remo Krug has been announced as the new Swiss Men's Coach.  The former German and Austrian coach brings a long history of biathlon coaching experience.


Dorothea Wierer, this time in an interview that I can link to, continued to be non-committal for next season.  She explained that as she came from a rather larger family, she has always wanted to have one herself.  - "At the moment it's more yes than no, but I still have to clear my head and completely disconnect before making the final decision. When you reach the end of your career and you have won more than you thought, doubts arise and you ask yourself questions.

Many write to me and ask me to continue. I'm happy, it's an extra boost, because it means they care about biathlon as much as I do."

"Since my marriage to Stefano I have been happy in my life, I have found the right person. It is really important to feel happy every day and even when traveling.

The question is how much longer am I going to lead this life.  I grew up in a large family and having my own has always been my dream."



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Swiss Team is announced

A Team

Gasparin Aita 1994

Gasparin Elisa 1991

Häcki Lena  1995


BurkhalterJoscha 1996

Finello Jeremy 1992

Stalder Sebastian 1998



Baserga Amy 2000

Cadurisch Irene 1991 - Good to see her back (Was on the A Team last season)

Hiernickel Lydia 1996 - Former Nordic Skier

Meier Lea 2001

Volken Flurina 1993

Bovisi Sandro 1997

Fravi Laurin 1999

Hartweg Niklas 2000

Jäger Martin 1987 - Was on the A Team last season

Salutt Nico 1998

Stalder Gion 1999

Wiestner Serafin 1990


C Team - Alpen Cup, Domestic races, etc

Arnet Chiara 2003

Laager Alessia 2005

Nager Alessia 2002

Perren Marlène 2003

Dauphin Valentin 2001

Demarmels Silvano 2004

Keller Yanis 2002

Profit Mathis 2003

Ullmann Felix 2003

Zberg Simon 2001


Barmettler Flavia 1998

Burkhalter Yara 2002

Meinen Susi 1992

Roth Jan 2002


4 have retired, you would need to be a pretty diehard Swiss Biathlon fan to know two of them.

Gasparin Selina 1984

König Seraina 2001

Wallimann Lorena 2001

Weger Benjamin 1989


Susanna Meinen and Eligius Tambornino are both absent from any team.  Not sure what has happened there.

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Martin Perrillat Bottonet has retired.  


"It's my turn to bow out with a career full of emotions, good and bad times followed by two years of nightmare due to overtraining, from which I did not recover, here is the main reason for my departure .. the desire, the motivation and the heart were gone.

I would like to thank all my friends with whom I experienced these magical moments, my club and committee coaches for all the support they gave me. The page is now turned, room for the continuation and courage for all the others."

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Ukraine has removed "Olga Abramova, Ekaterina Bekh and Oksana Moskalenk, three biathletes of Russian origin, had been dismissed from the national team of Ukraine , officially because they did not did not "meet the criteria" established internally. Unofficially, it is their country of origin that poses a problem."

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US Team has been announced:


A Team

Deedra Irwin (Pulaski, WI / National Guard Biathlon)

Joanne Reid (Grand Junction, CO)

Jake Brown (St. Paul, MN / Craftsbury Green Racing Project)

Sean Doherty (Center Conway, NH / National Guard Biathlon)

Paul Schommer (Appleton, WI / Team Crosscut)


B Team

Kelsey Dickinson (Winthrop, WA / Craftsbury Green Racing Project)

Chloe Levins (Rutland, VT)

Vaclav Cervenka (Grand Rapids, MN / National Guard Biathlon)


X Team

Vincent Bonacci (Salt Lake City, UT / Team Crosscut)

Maxime Germain (Anchorage, AK / National Guard Biathlon)

Bjorn Westervelt (Stowe, VT / University of Vermont)


Development Team

Tara Geraghty-Moats (Fairlee, VT / Craftsbury Green Racing Project)

Amanda Kautzer (Plymouth, MN / Team Crosscut)

Luke Brown (St. Paul, MN / Craftsbury Green Racing Project)

Scott Lacy (Aspen, CO / Team Crosscut)


National Junior Team

Sidney Bennion (Midway, UT / Team Soldier Hollow)

Wes Campbell (Park City, UT / Team Soldier Hollow)

Matej Cervenka (Grand Rapids, MN / Mt. Itasca Biathlon)

Aurora Cramer (Boise, ID / Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation)

Lina Farra (Heber City, UT / National Guard Biathlon)

Maxime Germain (Anchorage, AK / National Guard Biathlon)

Lexie Madigan (Truckee, CA / Team Crosscut)

Alexandra Rud (Oslo, NOR / Duluth Biathlon)

Thoreson Sheppard (West Yellowstone, MT / Team Altius)

Bjorn Westervelt (Stowe, VT / University of Vermont)

Cale Woods (Bozeman, MT / Team Crosscut)

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