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  • Women's Singles














    * quota in this event is awarded to athletes by name or NOCs (Team Members); max 2 athletes per NOC



    :AUS Australia   Team Members  
    :AUT Austria   Team Members  
    :BRA Brazil   Team Members  
    :BUL Bulgaria TRIFONOVA Polina European Qualification Event reallocated quota (declined North Korean quota)
    :CMR Cameroon HANFFOU Sarah African Qualification Event, Group B 2nd Place  
    :CAN Canada ZHANG Mo North American Qualification Event, Winner  
    :CHI Chile VEGA Paulina Latin America Qualification Event  
    :CHN China   Team Members  
    :TPE Chinese Taipei   Team Members  
    :CUB Cuba FONSECA CARRAZANA Daniela Latin America Qualification Event  
    :CZE Czech Republic MATELOVA Hana ITTF World Ranking  
    :EGY Egypt   Team Members  
    :FIJ Fiji YEE Sally ITTF Ranking, 238th Place (Oceanian Quota)  
    :FRA France   Team Members  
    :GER Germany   Team Members  
    :GBR Great Britain HO Tin-Tin ITTF World Ranking  
    :GUY Guyana EDGHILL Chelsea Tripartite Commission Invitation  
    :HKG Hong Kong   Team Members  
    :HUN Hungary   Team Members  
    :IND India MUKHERJEE Sutirtha South Asia Qualification Event, Winner  
    BATRA Manika Asian Qualification Event, Winner
    :ITA Italy VIVARELLI Debora ITTF World Ranking  
    :JPN Japan   Team Members  
    :KAZ Kazakhstan LAVROVA Anastassiya Central Asia Qualification Event, Winner  
    :LUX Luxembourg NI Xia Lian 2019 European Games, Bronze Medal  
    DE NUTTE Sarah ITTF World Ranking
    :MON Monaco YANG Xiaoxin World Singles Qualification Tournament  
    :MGL Mongolia BATMUNKH Bolor-Erdene East Asia Qualification Event, Winner  
    :NED Netherlands EERLAND Britt World Singles Qualification Tournament  
    :NGR Nigeria EDEM Offiong African Qualification Event, Group A 1st Place  
    OSHONAIKE Olufunke African Qualification Event, Group B 1st Place  
    :POL Poland   Team Members  
    :POR Portugal YU Fu 2019 European Games, Champion  
    SHAO Jieni ITTF World Ranking
    :PUR Puerto Rico DIAZ Adriana 2019 Pan American Games, Champion  
    DIAZ Melanie Latin America Qualification Event
    :ROU Romania   Team Members  
    :RUS Russia MIKHAILOVA Polina World Singles Qualification Tournament  
    NOSKOVA Yana European Qualification Event
    :SGP Singapore   Team Members  
    :SVK Slovakia BALAZOVA Barbora ITTF World Ranking  
    :KOR South Korea   Team Members  
    :ESP Spain XIAO Maria European Qualification Event  
    DVORAK Galia ITTF World Ranking
    :SWE Sweden BERGSTROM Linda World Singles Qualification Tournament  
    KALLBERG Christina European Qualification Event reallocated quota (declined North Korean quota)
    :SUI Switzerland MORET Rachel ITTF World Ranking  
    :SYR Syria ZAZA Hend Western Asia Qualification Event, Winner  
    :THA Thailand SAWETTABUT Suthasini World Singles Qualification Tournament  
    PARANANG Orawan South East Asia Qualification Event, Winner
    :TUN Tunisia GARCI Fadwa African Qualification Event, Group A 2nd Place  
    :UKR Ukraine PESOTSKA Margaryta ITTF World Ranking  
    GAPONOVA Ganna ITTF World Ranking
    :USA United States   Team Members  










    Team Members (2 athletes per NOC) :AUS :AUT :BRA :CHN :TPE:EGY :GER :HKG :HUN :JPN :POL :ROU :SGP :KOR :USA:FRA

    Jun 22 - 30, 2019

    2019 European Games

    :BLR Minsk

    :POR :LUX

    Jul 26 - Aug 11, 2019

    2019 Pan American Games

    :PER Lima


    Feb 23 - 26, 2020

    Western Asia Qualification Tournament

    :JOR Amman


    Feb 27 - 29, 2020

    African Qualification Tournament

    :TUN Tunis


    Mar 7 - 8, 2020

    North American Qualification Tournament

    :CAN Kitchener


    Mar 14 - 17, 2021

    World Singles Qualification Tournament

    :QAT Doha


    Mar 18 - 20, 2021

    Asian Qualification Tournament

    :QAT Doha

    East Asia :MGL
    South Asia :IND
    South East Asia :THA
    Central Asia :KAZ
    Overall :IND

    Apr 13 - 17, 2021

    Latin American Qualification Tournament

    :ARG Rosario

    :CHI :PUR :CUB

    Apr 21 - 25, 2021

    European Qualification Tournament

    :POR Guimaraes

    :RUS  :ESP :BUL :SWE

    Oceanian Quota, based on ITTF Ranking

    (Oceanian Qualification Event is cancelled)

    Tripartite Commission Invitations :GUY




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