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  1. Sounds great. It will be interesting to see what he can do already on Thursday against the other stars in Pole Vault.
  2. Congrats and We will have a exciting final 😊
  3. I cheer for in the men’s final. For the women I don’t care. Such a boring final. Where’s Iga, Maria, Ons?
  4. And now I remembered why I dislike Djokovic and his family.
  5. Jim Gottfridsson has a fracture in his hand. He’s out of the tournament. This completely sucks
  6. Worried about Gottfridsson. A broken finger perhaps?
  7. Team Sweden to World Championships 2023 Women Elvira Öberg Hanna Öberg Linn Persson Anna Magnusson Mona Brorsson Men Martin Ponsiluoma Sebastian Samuelsson Jesper Nelin Peppe Femling Emil Nykvist
  8. Haha good to hear. Even if Sweden will rest players the players that will play need to show themselves. Actually for Sweden’s motivation I think it’s better other players will take bigger responsibility in the match against Portugal
  9. The only bad thing is that I wanted Denmark-Sweden in the final. That’s not gonna happen right?
  10. Triple Sweden on the podium. JONNA! MAJA!! EMMA!
  11. I will watch the QF’s on place at Tele2 Arena on Wednesday. How can I miss this live?
  12. Sweden is qualified for the QF and is the group winner. Will Solberg rest players? If yes good for Sweden but kinda bad for the sportsmanship
  14. Mario Cipollini most stage wins in Giro d’italia. Not sure though.
  15. Sweden is playing crap right now. They can’t score for their life right now
  16. To add the Syrian Olympic Committee was created in 1948 and was also accepted by IOC in the same year. As I said 1948 was the year Syria debuted in Olympics games.
  17. As promised I will update about my mother’s native country Syria in this thread. But before looking forward to Paris 2024 I will tell you about little of Syria’s Olympic History. Syria first participated in London 1948 when Zouheir Shourbagi was their sole competitor in the whole games. He get a 10th place in diving. Syria has 4 Olympic medals in the history. 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze. The Historical Gold is one of my favorite moments ever from the Olympic Games. Ghada Shouaa won the gold medal in Heptathlon at the Summer Olympics Games in Atlanta 1996. My mom was proud, I was proud. Syria‘s three other medalists are: Joseph Atiyeh, silver in wrestling at Los Angeles 1984. Nasser Al Shami, bronze in boxing heavyweight -91 in Athens 2004 Man Asaad, bronze in weightlifting +109 in Tokyo 2020(2021) A woman won the only gold and that feels so good. The last medal came in the last Olympics in Tokyo. Can Syria win any medal in Paris? Let’s see and hope. More updates soon.
  18. Nils van der Poel? Armand Duplantis? Sarah Sjöström? Team Sweden, Equestrian Show jumping? Team Sweden, Handball? Who will get the prizes in Sweden? Live updates here: The Team of the Year: Karlsson/Falck, table tennis The Coach of the Year: Johan Röjler, speed skating The Newcomer of the Year: Linn Grant, golf The Swedish Sport Academy Prize of Honor: Magdalena Forsberg, biathlon The Male Athlete of the Year: Nils van der Poel, speed skating Svenska Dagbladet’s Gold Medal (Bragdguldet): Nils van der Poel, speed skating The Female Athlete of the Year: Sarah Sjöström, swimming The Performance of the Year: Nils van der Poel, Speed skating Winner of the People’s prize (Jerringpriset): Nils van der Poel, speed skating That’s all. Have a great evening.
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