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  1. Congrats Argentina! An absolutely amazing match. Sports will never get better than this.
  2. World Athletics Awards: Female Athlete of the Year: Sydney McLaughlin Male Athlete of the Year: Armand Duplantis
  3. Hard one. But perhaps sailing, swimming and handball men’s team? Does Show Jumping counts as one or two events? I honestly think both team and individual have bigger chances than those three.
  4. Let me guess. You are not in Netherlands now? Last time I checked it was Saturday already
  5. Damn do they need to show FIFA clowns on the screen?
  6. @rybakdon’t worry. You are free to have your opinion. And yes she can fail. But still I enjoy when ESC stars return. Some people will still complain there are only new acts and no stars. We will see. Not even sure she will be my favorite. It depends on the songs and performances.
  7. Best pic in these World Cup so far. Bye bye crybaby. I’m not gonna miss you
  8. So happy Uruguay is out. It’s a disgusting team
  9. TBH I never liked him. I think he’s very arrogant and cocky.
  10. Good choices the only I disagree with is Best Team. That needs to be the Swedish Men’s Handball National Team. After 20 years Sweden finally won European Championships. I love Team Edin but I would be disappointed if the handball team doesn’t win it
  11. The nominations to The Swedish Sport Awards: From up to down: The Male Athlete of the year, The Female Athlete of the year, The Performance of the Year, The Team of the year, The Newcomer of the year and The Coach of the year.
  12. Ah I understand. Yes it’s always fun when small nations can upset the favorites. I see Neymar getting much hate. But why? Yes he’s acting as a dying animal sometimes but he’s not the only one?
  13. Is it now I should be happy that Sweden isn’t in these World Cup? Actually I just want good games. Enjoy it much more without Sweden
  14. I predicted Argentina-Brazil in the final. Any chance that will happen?
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