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  1. Damn that’s sad news. Vialli was one of my favorites when I was young.
  2. I’m watching the sport year 2022 in SVT. OMG! Right now I’m very disappointed that the best team in the world isn’t allowed to participate in these awards. Yes I’m talking about Team Sweden Equestrian Show Jumping. They are so good.
  3. How in the hell did Sweden win? Sweden is in the semifinals.
  4. I hope for a big success for Sweden in home soil. My dream is and in the final. That would be epic.
  5. But how many people watch Berlin Marathon? Feels like World Championships is bigger worldwide. It’s easier to vote for athletes that you can follow.
  6. Actually I considered him but my problem is that he dropped the World Championships for Berlin. For me I prefer athletes that competes in the big events.
  7. Best Female Athlete 1. Sydney McLaughlin (athletics) 2. Katie Ledecky (swimming) 3. Sandra Näslund (ski-cross) 4. Therese Johaug (cross-country skiing) 5. Iga Swiatek (tennis) 6. Irene Schouten (speed-skating) Best Male Athlete 1. Armand Duplantis (athletics) 2. Viktor Axelsen (badminton) 3. Quentin Fillon-Maillet (biathlon) 4. Rafael Nadal (tennis) 5. David Popovici (swimming) 6. Marco Odermatt (alpine skiing) Best Women’s Team 1. England (football) 2. Canada (ice hockey) 3. Norway (handball) Best Men’s Team 1. Argentina (football) 2. Finland (ice hockey) 3. Sweden (equestrian show jumping) Sport moments of the year 1. Duplantis WR (athletics) 2. World Cup final (football) 3. England winning Euro (football) @vinipereirahere’s my vites so far.
  8. Is it ok to nominate your own country more than once? EDIT: Never mind. I found it in the rules
  9. Working on my votes. But a question: can I put Mondo’s WR in the sport moment of the year? Or do I need to choose between that or to put him in the best male category? It’s still the same person I’m l talking about.
  10. But I’m thinking it’s easier to get news about this country in its own language?
  11. I think this is a fantastic idea. I really want my mother’s home country and support it with updates. But I don’t speak the language(which I’m still mad at mom for) and that maybe can be a problem? What do you think? This is also the only country I want, except for obvious Sweden of course
  12. Merry Christmas everyone from me and my fur babies Elsa and Olof.
  13. Is it Athletics World Championships next year too? I’d so it is more exciting than Diamond League
  14. FIS Nordic World Ski Championships IHF Men’s Handball World Championships Wanda Diamond League(when Mondo participate) FIFA Women’s WC FINA WC
  15. In which category do the Sweden Equestrian Team Jumping belongs to?
  16. So as a Swede I can nominate only one of Mondo or Van Der Poel?
  17. Which players got the awards? Can anyone tell me?
  18. And here in Sweden. Messi Messi only Messi. But he deserves it.
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