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  1. Jane Cederqvist, silver medalist in 400m freestyle in Olympic Games in Rome 1960. She passed away in age of 77. She fight the absolutely horrible disease ALS. But lost of course
  2. I’m give you all the apologies I can. Not happy with my behavior at all. That’s why I’m taking a break from the forum. My emotions are all of the place right now and that affects my behavior in this forum. I will be back with news about . I will be back here too because I love this place so much. But I have understand I need a break. big love to all of you .
  3. Dear @Sindoand the members who actually maybe care about me a little bit I will leave Totallympics in a couple of months. I will still be online and read what happens but I will not post anything. This site has lost it a little bit with its jokes about me and Sweden Handball Team. Will therefore step down and maybe it’s feels better later on Thank you all
  4. Canada 1-1 Finland after the second period. What’s happening?
  5. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! SWEDEN IS IN GOLD MEDAL GAME. The world has ended.
  6. I’m so impressed by all the talent Slovakia produces. Still waiting for a real superstar forward from Sweden. Both for women and men(or girls and boys if you want)
  7. A question which maybe is stupid but do the teams needs to participate in relays if many of the athletes are sick? What about to simple skip at least one run to get the athletes time to recover? Maybe there are rules about it? what I mean is Linn really ready or is she in the team only because there’s no other that can do it?
  8. Well most experts have Sweden as one of the main favorites. And you don’t think it’s stupid and arrogant to say it’s an UPSET if Sweden beat Egypt? Especially when the comment was made by someone from Egypt? As I said it’s your problem
  9. Sweden is a bad team, a shitty team that everyone should beat. How can the Swedes even think they have any chance?
  10. Well it’s up to you to see the arrogance and stupidity. If you don’t well then it’s your problem if you like those posts then you agree with the statement that it’s an upset if Sweden wins against Egypt
  11. This guy obviously SUCKS big time. He and his team can be lucky to win against Egypt or any team.
  12. It’s only arrogance and stupidity which caught me.
  13. All this hype that Egypt won against Sweden in the last two Olympics. But it was in the group stage. When was the last time Egypt won against Sweden in a knockout game? And now they need to do that in a full Tele 2 arena in Sweden’s capital Stockholm. With one of the best players in the world in his best form. You are telling me it’s an UPSET if Sweden wins against Egypt?
  14. I think it’s arrogant to say it’s a UPSET if Sweden wins against Egypt. If you don’t see it then you are not better than him.
  15. How can @rafalgorkaeven like these arrogant posts about Sweden? I thought your are better than that. Don’t get why but some people really seems to dislike Sweden in handball
  16. Actually Sweden is the reigning European champion ahead of example Denmark, France and Spain. We also took silver in WC 2021 in your Egypt. What exactly has Egypt done lately to say it’s an upset if Sweden beat them? Believe me Egypt can win against Sweden. But don’t be arrogant to say it’s an UPSET if Sweden wins.
  17. Sweden at home would be an upset if they win against Egypt? Like seriously this must be the dumbest thing I have read in a long time.
  18. Correct! Needed to take this one because I love this lady so much
  19. Ok I assume my answer is correct. Next up: 50.68
  20. The first Olympic Champion in Biathlon, Klas Lestander, has passed away in an age of 91. 1960, in Squaw Valley, he became the first Olympic Gold Medalist in Biathlon.
  21. Yes I know but shouldn’t @ChandlerMne confirm first it’s correct?
  22. Swimming 4x200 freestyle USA Short Course @ChandlerMne
  23. Congratulations to all members who were voted in the Totallympics Stars Award. You all deserved it so much Thank you @vinipereirafor an amazing event. Now I look forward to a new exciting sport year!
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