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Winter Olympic Games 2018 Daily Reviews

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It was a rather dull day.


Alpine skiing was cancelled again (luckily I slept it through anyway), and slopestyle final was irregular to say the least... Biathlon races weren't exactly interesting, women's race in particular. Women's ski jumping, while regular, wasn't exactly competitive (and as it turned out, it was the most predictable event of the entire Olympics thus far...).


Speed skating race was alright, but with some disappointments. Luge was less exciting than the previous days. Halfpipe though was unexpectadly fun, and also figure skating delivered the amazing, near perfect 3A from Nagasu...


This day also marked our first ever participation in the sport of luge. :)


Overall I give it 6/10...

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once again, today couldn't feel the emotion of the Olympics...


day 3 was just another day at the office, with no particular highlight...


the biathlon races were just among the less exciting of the season, the women's slopestyle was almost a farce (the only consolation is the fact that the best in the field still managed to win the Gold medal), Luge, after that men's race, can't match the excitement anymore...


no comment on ski jumping (I just don't like it enough) and Ice Hockey (I like it too much to stand games like today's)...


so, my highlights of the day were speedskating (actually, quite a decent race, but not so spectacular...and pity for my favourite, Marrit Leenstra, who "only" got the bronze medal) and men's Moguls, with some outstanding runs (Kingsbury :bowdown:) and some spectacular falls, too (Choi and Endo's in particular)...


and tomorrow it's going to be a nightmare, with many interesting medal events scheduled at the same time...and this won't help me and my feelings about these Games...:facepalm:

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Day 3:

1. Biathlon - women race was uninteresting and uneventfull. Well deserved win for Laura,she is turning into star number 1 of these games. Mens race was interesting,Martin doing his routine with impresive Swedish.

2. Moguls - Kingsbury was king. Totally deserved win. Also Hara was great. 

3. Slopestyle - didnt watch it live except for last 3 races. Later i saw tbe rerun,wasnt impresed with what i saw at all. Only Jamie was great,totally deserved gold.

4. Luge - i expected German domination. But Hufner was my pick for the gold. So it could be very interesting to watch tomorrow.

5. Speed skating - great Irene. But Takagi was so close. One of the most intersting races i saw in a while.

6. Hockey - i saw both matches,at least last 1/3. Nothing special,game between mouse and a cat. Japan was at least decently fighting.

7. Figure skating - i saw only reruns,it was interesting. I am waiting for individual events. 

I think that was it. Overall,nice day. 

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The events I watched today (Biathlon m/w, luge, ski jumping) were all not the best I've seen, but what annoys me much more is that I missed lots of events because it seems like everything is taking place at the same time. Why are there hourlong pauses with basically nothing taking place and then numerous medal decisions all taking place in the same hour. The scheduling of this olympic games is so abysmal :wall:

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1. Biathlon - Women's race, nice to see Dahlmeier win, but I would have liked some sort of excitement...men's race was decent, but mostly Samuelsson getting silver was absolutely awesome.

2. Moguls - Lot of falls and stuff like that, but I guess it was alright. Didn't get too excited though.

3. Slopestyle - There was slopestyle?

4. Luge - Nice to see the North Americans at least challenge the Germans, and Eitberger being in there to challenge her teammates.

5. Speed skating - Unlike Kramer, Wüst was a great who actually got rather emotional about her gold, nice to see. Also beautiful to finally see Leenstra get a so deserved medal.


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today there has been a lot of ups and downs in "my Games"...


of course, it was really exciting for the Italian medals (especially Fontana's Gold...what a better way to honor the Flag she carried at the Opening ceremony that winning the first Gold medal of these Olympic Games for our Nation?)...


and technically, I saw a wonderful exhibition by Chloe Kim in the snowboard women's halfpipe...it was really a great show...one of the poster pictures of these games, for sure...


but some events were a farce (alpine skiing men's combined event) or just weren't close and exciting enough (mixed curling Gold medal match, both CC skiing Sprint finals and, in some way, also the speedskating men's 1500m didn't keep me involved until the very last moment as I'd have liked)...


and still, the scheduling sucks! :facepalm::wall:

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Epic Nuis vs Verweij battle in the 1500m was a huge disappointment, although Roest and Kim were nice surprises on the podium. Nice to see Klaebo won, but yeah, not that exciting at all. I really liked the luge, or at least part of it: the fight for the medals behind Geisenberger, where Gough was going through hell for throwing away a medal, then two minutes later had the moment of her life when Hüfner failed and she won a medal after all! Snowboarding halfpipe qualifying was just amazing, that was one of my highlights. 

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It was another average day.


Women's halfpipe was pretty much one woman show, but deservadly so. Combined was unfair, but at least it was held... Women's luge was again less exciting than the men's, while the curling final was too one sided. Speed skating was somewhat dull today, I didn't even notice that Mantia/Pedersen was the last pair until after the race basically... Cross-country sprints were boring, but they always are to me, so can't really say it's a disappointment.


Short track final was pretty good though.


Solid results for our alpine skiers in the combined, cross-country team disappointed (except Skender), while Obratov successfully completed our luge debut.


Once again I give it 6/10...

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Why are there only reviews but no previews:

I think tomorrow will be a great day:

2:00 Pair skating short program

2:15/5:45 Alpine skiing women's slalom

2:30/3:00/3:30 Snowboard men's halfpipe

7:00/9:45 Nordic combined normal hill

12:20/13:30 Luge doubles

11:00 Speed skating women's 1000 m

12:05 Biathlon women's individual

Super packed and not too much holes (except maybe for the time between the end of snowboard halfpipe and the start of the second run of alpine skiing).

I am very excited, for me this will be by far the best day so far, if everything takes place.

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I don't know, is it because of how late in the night ( in Poland ) most competitions take place, is it because of the awful sheduling, is it because our National Broadcaster's coverage of the games is very small and I do not have Eurosport, maybe it's even because Polish athletes (outside of ski jumping) haven't really been succesfull here, but... I do not feel like the Olympic Games currently take place at all.


 Usually, when the olympic games come, no matter if winter or summer, or any other multisport competition like European or World Games, my excitment spikes before they even start. I try to follow multiple disciplines at the same time, I search for foreign streams to watch at least a bit of every discipline. Now it's not the case.


To be honest, all I watched today was the women's luge  and curling matches. I did not even bother with other events, I just checked the results later. 


To me, these are the most disappointing olympics, in all aspects, since I can remember :(


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Alpine skiing

Happy with the women's giant slalom, clearly deserved winner (although I would have preferred someone else, more athletes winning medals = better), and a medal for Mowinckel, my birthday-sharing top athlete, was awesome. On the other hand, sad to see Mölgg give it away once again. 

The men's downhill gave three very much deserved medalists, clearly the best downhill skiers in the world at the moment. I would have loved Feuz to take the gold though, but Svindal capping off his legendary career with an Olympic downhill gold...yeah, that'll do.



Hanna Öberg's gold medal...I'm not sure how many things are going to be higher than that on my list of favourite moments after these Olympics, that was awesome, just awesome. Dahlmeier getting bronze was alright, but I so badly wanted Preuss to medal and she came up 4th, which is both fantastic and sad. A medal would have been a perfect redemption story after the horrors of Sochi (training mate who killed herself with her biathlon rifle, Sachenbacher's doping, Preuss' own drama in the relay to top it off).

Good to see after Fourcade also JTB got a gold medal, now the men's biathlon at least has a gold for both dominating forces. Fak and Landertinger on the podium, more than alright.


Cross-country skiing

Haga! The expected Kalla - Bjoergen battle resulted in a third one getting away with the spoils, nice scenario. Krista getting bronze again, nice, nice. Just a shame Jess Diggins missed the medals by a couple of seconds, only one real chance to go for her.


Figure skating

Enough said about that I think, beautifully heartwarming to finally see gold for someone who's been fighting and been close to that for so long. 



Really exciting competition, even though the battle for gold in the end was as expected: kinda non-existent unless a German would fail massively. The rest was cool though.



Craziness all around, love it. Big-time favourite getting in trouble and still going home with the gold, that's a true champion!


Speed skating

Lee's race was great, Bergsma's race to follow it was awesome, Bloemen's race following that was....epic. Too bad Kramer, the world's best 10k rider in the last 10 years, 'failed' again after 2006, 2010 and 2014. That's painful for him. Then again, three nations on the 10k podium, I'm not complaining at all. 


All in all: my favourite day of these Games so far :) 


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not exactly the day I expected and above all not the day I'd have liked...


Alpine Skiing: the definition "disappointing" doesn't give the idea well enough...

among the women, Brignone lost the silver rather than won the bronze medal...and once again Moelgg and Bassino proved to be big time losers...:facepalm::wall:

among the boys, Paris' 4th place (and Fill's 6th) are well in order with the season's goings, but still it's a very, very bitter outcome...and it's also a wasted chance, imho...

moreover, the race in general was really boring and the course is just not good for an Olympic event (shame on the organizers and on the track designer for that)...


Biathlon: the men were just a disaster (expected, by the way)...

the girls, instead, were once again really disapponiting...they just can't stand the pressure of the Games and can't match the expectations...

the men's race, at least, was quite exciting till the end, the women's race was frankly almost unwatchable, of a very low level overall (the only good and somehow exciting thing it's been Oeberg's surprising success)...


CC Skiing: beautiful race with an unexpected winner...

I'd have really liked to see Diggins on the podium, but unfortunately it didn't happen...


Luge: what a wasted chance for a medal by Italy...and once again it was D-Fisch the traitor of the Country...after Robatscher wonderful run (second only to Gough and the untouchable Geisenberger), he made so many and remarkable mistakes that cost our team at least the bronze, probably also the silver medal...:facepalm:

overall, never in doubt the German success, theres been a good fight for the other top placings...and this was quite entertaining (even if the men's singles final run was something that will remain unmatched for a long time)...


Snowboard: the worst upset of the day for Italy...shameful performance by our 3 outsiders, I don't even want to spend a word of Visintin's second unlucky and undeserved early exit in a row at the Games...

after having seen how lucky and not in his best shape was the eventual back-to-back champion Pierre Vaultier, our regrets are as big as nopbody can imagine...Omar today was surely better than all the field of the starters, but thanks to Eguibar's senseless move he won't be able to enjoy a more than deserved success...:facepalm:

overall, it was not a good and entertaining competition...the track has too few parabolic curves and to many dangerous straight jumps, it's not so technical and moreover there were too many falls and very few fights in the various heats (thanks to this track and also to the sh*tty format with 6 riders per run)...


Speedskating: the only flash of light in the Italian day...

personally I'm really sorry for Kramer (one of the greatest athletes in the world "pound for pound"), but at the same time I'm so happy for our small movement and especially for Nicola Tumulero, a young talent improving day after day, who absorbed really well the not-so-good performance over the 5000m and today made a small miracle (he improved his PB by about 8 secs) and gave us a really unexpected (and therefore particularly pleasant) medal...

overall, I liked Hoon's crescendo and the Bloeman vs Bergsma battle on the edge of 29. secs lappings...imho, the most exciting event of the day...


Curling: I never thought I'd have felt so happy for a curling match...but today it happened for the second day in a row...our guys are makin' us proud...

we didn't expect them to be able to fight at the same level of powerhouses like CAN, SUI and USA..but they did it...and they also won 2 of those 3 matches (vs SUI and USA)...

very, very well done, guys!


Hockey: the best from today's action came from the women's tournament, with the classic clash between CAN and USA...

and I said it all...


and if I can't enjoy these Games even watching Hockey, it really means that more than something's not working as it should be...:cry::facepalm::wall:

I hope in 2 years time in Tokyo my feeling would be a lot different...otherwise it would mean that I'm really losing my interest in the Olympic sports and in the Olympic Games...

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