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  1. Pinturault my clear favorite for the Overall world cup at this point. He's looking great
  2. Wooooooohoooooo, what a race by Robinson. I thought she threw it away in the 2nd half of her run but it was enough. First win of many
  3. 4 to 5 globes is a bit of a stretch though. I guess he would have won in 2008 without injuries in 2016 it would have been mightily close and who knows what would have happened in 2015, but then again you shouldn't forget he only won 2007 and 2009 because Raich choked twice. Sure he could have won 5 globes if everything had gone perfectly but I actually think two globes is an okay amount for how good he was. I think he is quite comparable to Raich and Miller and they only won 1/2 globes as well. Also most of those injuries svindal has had (with the exception of 2007) came when he was already older than Hirscher is now so I have a hard time using that as an explanation for why Hirscher has a few dozen more wins
  4. I think this would actually be a reason for him to retire. The aura of being invincible, of not being beaten in the overall world cup once ever since he emerged as a contender is what sets him apart from all other greats of the sport. Kristofferson can go on to win 80 races but people would still remember Hirscher as the better skier as Kristofferson could never beat him. If Hirscher continues and Kristofferson (or anyone else for that matter) beats him the narrative changes completely.
  5. Weird just how much worse Hirscher has become over the last two weeks. He really looks completely exhausted by this season
  6. Brem was just interviewed on Austrian tv and you could see she was close to tears. She went through so much over the last three years after probably being the best gs skier in the world for two years and now for the first time since 2016 she finally got a good result again. I can't put into words how happy I feel for her. Mark my words, she will be on the podium in soldeu
  7. True, it's just that I don't know whether there has ever been a southern hemisphere skier who was succesful in the world cup.
  8. Holy crap that girl is 17, is that a genuinly good skier from the souther hemisphere in the making? Also Brem is 5th. Please, please, please let this be the start of a return to her best.
  9. God damnit Mayer, he probably threw away the win with that last righthander. Never thought it would even be possible to be 4 tenths in front at the penultimate split
  10. Large hill 2009 was kinda similar. There were completely differing conditions leading to Küttel leading after the first round and iirc a generally weird podium, then during the 2nd round it started to snow, for a short time it looked like Morgenstern could profit from that just like Kubacki today but with only a few athletes to go the 2nd round was cancelled and Küttel became champion after being nowhere for the whole season
  11. Plus the male German ski jumpers haven't exactly been dominant this season either. Their domination in the first event was actually quite surprising
  12. Fuuuuuu*k Brennsteiner. When will the guy ever catch a break
  13. So the protest most likely will be ignored as the official ruling is that in case of a disfunctional timing the hand clocked time has priority over the tv pictures. This is so ridiculous I'm out of words to describe how shocked I am. If schmidhofer loses the downhill globe by less than 30 points this imo would be one of the biggest alpine skiing scandals ever. What a farce
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