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  1. Or just don't do anything and keep it like it is now. Everyone is happy, done deal. In fact, wrestling has fewer quotas, than it deserves. Judo shouldn't have a 100 athletes more for fewer events, than wrestling...
  2. Of course they pay, our federation has donated millions to the IWF.
  3. The match with France is here. I'm expecting another routine loss for us.
  4. Disappointing day and i'm getting frustrated already in the beginning of these Championships I prefer a quota over the bronze in a non-olympic weight .
  5. What is it with Portugal that makes it so hard for us against them
  6. If our wrestlers can't win a quota, then it better be more europeans, as to free spots for the next qualification tournaments.
  7. Estonia played so well yesterday, but now are losing to Montenegro. At least between the smaller nations anyone can beat anyone, since there won't be any surprises among the big teams.
  8. You are right, these are our freestylers with the exception of Georgi Vangelov, who broke his hand in the last training camp. Without him i don't see any chance for a quota from the other guys. Sad to see what has become of out freestyle division...
  9. Having multiple hosts leads to the need of pre-determined elimination bracket, because of the travel. And this gives some teams the chance to arrange their position in the group stage, depending on which path they prefer taking in the elimination rounds. And this has happened on multiple occasions in the last 10 years. I want the draw to happen after the group stage ends. Still have the first play the fourth and so on, but draw it after the matches have been played. Then have another open draw for the 1/4 with the 4 best placed teams from the group stage, which have made it there, be seeded against the other 4 and then make it a bracket to the final. Much more interesting and not that hard to do!
  10. For a country as vast and different like the USA the Electoral College is the most suited and fairer system there could be. And for me frankly, it's a genious system, thought long before it should have been. But of course it's good when you win it and bad when you lose it. Excuses, excuses..
  11. And to think we beat France in the qualifying
  12. I was hearing all day, how Hungary was the betting tip of the day and a sure win. So, please Slovakia win this match, so i can have a big laugh tomorrow at work.
  13. I don't think our teams are official yet, but they are probably going to be these. The more interesting news are that 3-time European champion Biliyana Dudova won't be competing after her suicide attempt in may. After what happened, it's for the best, that our coaches are holding her back until the qualifying tournaments next year. On the flipside, after a long absence in GR are returning former World Champion Ivo Angelov and European Champion Tarek Abdelslam. GR: 60 kg - Ivo Angelov 63 kg - Rumen Savchev 67 kg - David Dimitrov 72 kg - Aik Mnatskanian 77 kg - Daniel Aleksandrov 87 kg - Tarek Abdelslam 97 kg - Kiril Milov 130 kg - Miloslav Metodiev In the Olympic weights, if we get 3 out of 6, it would be good, even though 5 out 6 have a chance (without Dimitrov). Realistically Milov and Aleksandrov are the ones for me, who have the best shot, because i don't know in what condition are Angelov and Abdelslam. Metodiev depends on the draw, since he will lose to the big names, but can beat the ones, who are not that experienced. On the women's side, like i said, sadly there is no Dudova. Also Olympic-silver medalist Elitsa Yankova is missing again and pretty much think her career is over by now. 50 kg - Miglena Selishka 53 kg - Evelina Nikolova 57 kg - Mimi Hristova 62 kg - Taybe Yusein 65 kg - Yuliana Yaneva 68 kg - Sofiya Georgieva 76 kg - Mariya Oryashkova I'm the most optimistic about this team and 4 out 6 (50 to 62) is going to be amazing, but again, depends on the draws for everyone not named Taybe Yusein. No chance for 68 /76. Haven't found anything about our freestyle team, so can't say much.
  14. Everyone is gunning for those Olympic quotas, so expect dirty stuff happening on and off the mat.
  15. Don't know how their seeding system works (if there is a reason at all given it's AIBA), but i've seen in at least 2 categories boxers from the Dominican republic, also Jordan, Japan, Ivory Coast, even Slovakia being seeded ( )
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