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  1. Kosovo going out very rough. Typical balkan stuff, more kickboxing, less football.
  2. There is not one EU country that wants to dominate the world and is going to march through their neighbours. On the contrary, they'd rather escape from the rest of the world. Stop acting like it's the apocalypse when a right party gets some power...
  3. Great race to finish the season. The fight in Tiril always impresses me, the girl deserves so much more. Bravo Egan, shades for what's to come next season maybe. Wierer
  4. Alaphilippe unstoppable this season, not one bad race from him so far. Sagan held it to the end and then nothing in the sprint?! Pity..
  5. No Bulgaria in the table, guess our intenet is so fast they couldn't catch it.
  6. Every nation should play every nation. It's complete BS that we have so many match-ups that don't happen, because of political reasons. Just don't have away fans in the matches and be done with it. If a team doesn't want to play in said country, 0:3 and be done with it..
  7. But there is no such thing, as an overall World Cup runner. When there is such a generalization you have to compare, for good or bad. In a perfect world Svindal should have had 4-5 Big Globes, but his career was derailed by a dozen injuries, which prevented that. It doesn't matter that slalom and downhill are completely different stuff. In 15 years how many will remember this, they will just know 8 > 2 and who was the best. Because skiing in the last 4 years is "Hirscher World Cup" in every single race, all the time. Just like tennis is all Slam count, slam count, slam count.
  8. The way Borg retired at 26 in tennis in his prime. How many people consider him now in the GOAT discussion. Very little, because stats is all that matter. Svindal (barring the thousands of injuries he has had) for me has been the best skier i have seen in my lifetime. But Hirscher has the stats and that is the end.
  9. Not anymore tbh. If i was you would have seen me more in this thread. The years have passed, when i cared that much for alpine. Just curious how those results came to be.
  10. Where was this Hirscher all season long.. Another wasted season.
  11. I'm so happy for Wierer, for finally winning a gold medal, after so many years of disappointments. This girl should have achieved so much more in her career. Definitely has the skills to be a big champion and i have been so angry with all the mishaps, she has had. Now go win the World Cup!
  12. I was looking for a specific video for this thread and finally found it. By my humble opinion you can't do much better than this.
  13. When i saw "Nevski" instantly thought it was russian. Guess not.
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