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  1. Federer91

    [OFF TOPIC] Movies & TV Series Thread

    Watching both The Americans and The Leftovers at the moment. Very pleased with both shows, but don't know why always the depressing shows bring my attention. Need to change things with somethings more lighter.
  2. Federer91

    [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Bulgaria pulls out of the proposed UN regular migration pact. Other nations that will not sign it are US, Hungary, Poland, Austria and Czech Republic.
  3. Federer91

    Women's Boxing AIBA World Championships 2018

    Are the draws out?
  4. Federer91

    Swimming FINA Short Course World Championships 2018

    The US team seems fairly strong for a short course event.
  5. Federer91

    [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    You should go to a smaller polling station then Or they don't let you choose where to volunteer?
  6. Federer91

    [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Paper, with some machines here and there. We had a Referendum in 2015 about implementing online voting, but it didn't go through, because it had only 40% turnout. 72% voted for online voting then. There were still talks, but no one seems to know how to make it secure enough and not be affected by hackers and other stuff.
  7. Federer91

    [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    I have always wondered, if there was early voting here too, would the turnout be higher. Not sure what the security measures will be. I can't imagine voting in the mail and not knowing if my vote will even reach the place, be counted or even switched.
  8. Federer91

    [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    The GOP should really be thankful to have Trump, because without him, they would be slammed. In the Senate races, where he was mostly involved to campaign, they won everything except Nevada. Especially the (unofficial) win in Montana against Tester, of whom he has a personal grudge. Don't know how he managed to turn that one. On the other hand, The House was the Party's test and they failed to impress the people. Also i'm calling it now, 2020 Donald vs. Beto. The guy nearly won Texas of all places. That's the best chance for the Dems for me, not those old dogs Biden and Sanders, both of whom Trump will easily beat.
  9. Federer91

    [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    My thoughts exactly.
  10. Federer91

    [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    For how many things did you vote? I'm always confused with how big the US elections are with both national, state and whatnot stuff.
  11. Federer91

    [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    The biggest example tomorrow. Sad that my cable network has stopped CNN. It would be fun seeing their faces, when Republicans win again.
  12. Federer91

    Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Well Chelsea did win the CL and Uefa Cup recently, so they do have more merit, than the other 2.
  13. Federer91

    Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    I can assure Bulgaria will provide the hotels for the event. Not sure if any matches will be played.
  14. Federer91

    Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Arsenal and City always bunched with the rest, even though they have no such history
  15. Federer91

    Weightlifting IWF World Championships 2018

    On the scale to a thousand, how excited is @heywoodu about the weightlifting Worlds.