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  1. The new Terminator is getting a looooot of hate. I personally enjoyed it, even though the plot is largely a one we have seen before. Better than Salvation and Geneshit.
  2. Catalonia, another potential future nation, to steal medals and quotas from our athletes. Where are the times, when Europe was 25-30 nations and not 55.
  3. Harrachov always had problems, but damn it looks like one of those abandoned haunted places.
  4. It's the same England story every time they go to Eastern Europe. It doesn't matter if it's Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo or anywhere closer. How come such things don't happen to France or Portugal? They don't have enough black players? I haven't seen them complain about racism. Because there is nothing directly against them. The truth is people here know the provocative tricks England has been doing for years, when it comes to Eastern Europe. Of course you won't hear anything about their media bashing against our country, that was happening the whole week. Or of the trashing of Sofia, before the match by their "fans". England had a plan and they executed it perfectly. They very well knew, they would make a demonstration for the previous match and nothing that was happening in stadium would have changed that. People here knew there was a strong possibility of an England boycott of the match. Everything was normal until they purposely stopped playing in the 30th minute. After that everything escalated just like it was expected. It's the reverse psychology. The more you tell people not to do something, the more they would do it. Especially with all the negative comments that circulated in the week. The english were expecting a hellhole full of racist gypsies and the idiots in the stadium made sure they received, what they expected. Every time they stopped playing or threatened to boycott, the boos were louder and louder. Hope they throw our team from the competitions, so we don't have to endure such results. Football is dead here... What happened last night was truly sad and inexcusable and i'm ashamed Bulgaria is in the worldwide news with this. But there is always two sides of the coin...
  5. The big english circus has come to Bulgaria. Let them suspend the match, they deserve everything they don't hear...
  6. There are plenty of kidnappings/disappearances in the US too. I'm reading some cases right now. High-profile ones seem like Jaycee Dugard and Johnny Gosch.
  7. Recently watched the Netflix documentary series "The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann" of the infamous case from 12 years ago. I personally have never heard of the case, until i watched the series, but by the looks of it, it has been a huge media event. People here probably have heard of it, and have their opinion on what happened. It's a fascinating case for me and i still can't make my mind on the real answers. Worth the watch, if you are interested in true crimes or mysteries.
  8. Non-germans for the win, like always in luge. Let's make things interesting again.
  9. Olympic and World swimming medalist Elizabeth Beisel is currently competing in US Survivor. And doing a decent job so far, by my account, 3 episodes in the season.
  10. Can they make a movie out of this?
  11. Nah, at 35 that was never going to happen. In a different world, 14 years ago, her career could have been different, but like i say, it doesn't matter how she does for us here.
  12. Whatever happens, Bulgaria is loving Ivet Lalova like very few athletes in modern times. All day they are showing her history after the broken leg in 2005 and what she is doing 14 years later. The doctors told her, she can walk again, but probably won't ever run like before. But look how things turned out.
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