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  1. After the lockdown, India can now see the sky. It's interesting to see, how these 2-3 months of stoppage around the world, will effect the air quality and the weather.
  2. I can see some domestic leagues in sports getting started in a few months. But for tennis, a worldwide tour consisting of international travel and players from everywhere it would much harder. Definitely could see a scenario where there is no tennis for the next half year.
  3. Interstellar 10/10, Inception 9/10 are two of the best films of this century. Arrival tried to do something unique, but i don't think it reached the scope of the Nolan films. There is something about Denis Villeneuve movies, that just can't click with me. They are all with great visuals, perfect atmosphere and deep story, but at the end, i always feel indifferent after the movie ends.. Found Prisoners his best so far, a solid 8/10. Let's hope the bar will be put higher with Dune,
  4. It probably wasn't in my top 10 for that year alone. Heck it's not even in the top 5 Amy Adams movies. I found it quite boring to be honest.
  5. His country is not on the brink of pandemic disaster like the rest of Western Europe.
  6. Orban is one of the most competent leaders in Europe at the moment. Sad to say, but the whole pandemic crisis really showed how the EUs solidarity agenda is one big facade. I feel for the people of Italy and Spain left to survive how they can. When Italy has to depend on help from China, Russia, Cuba.... We are all one until actions need to be taken. Just as much, as the EU sent troops to help the greek border, they are helping with the virus. The big EU leaders showed total incompetence.
  7. NBC doesn't have the NBA rights, they would be happy to have something powerful to air against them. Their only issue is whether the big NBA players are willing to go to the Olympics against the playoffs.
  8. Better be may/june for me. The sooner, the better.
  9. Remember when Trump first wanted to stop people from China entering the country to contain the spread. And how he was labeled a racist dictator. Now everyone has closed it's borders and the virus is dancing everywhere.
  10. Trump winning another term is the most sure thing to happen this year.
  11. Lol they canceled Big Brother Canada 8. First time i see a high profile reality show season being canceled midway, since the show was four weeks in. Big Brother seasons still going on in Germany, Brazil, Sweden, Israel i think.
  12. FINA are first to say, they would move the 2021 World Aquatics Championships to a new date, after the Olympics move. Every federation will now rearrange their championships for next year, which is the wright decision.
  13. I wonder which is going to be the last restriction - going for food or walking the dog?
  14. I really, really would want to see them do the Games now. Such big ultimatums are always my favorite. Sadly in this world only the big, rich and powerful can only do them.
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