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  1. Women's Javelin Throw Liu Shiying - 65.09 https://www.iaaf.org/athletes/pr-of-china/shiying-liu-258531
  2. Does anyone know why all Korean athletes are disqualified ?
  3. Women's 100m Wei Yongli - 11.04 Men's Triple Jump Wu Ruiting - 17.40 Men's Long Jump Zhang Yaoguang - 8.25 Gao Xinglong - 8.23
  4. Sorry, I can't find it. IWUF should release the result book in a few days.
  5. Men’s triple jump Fang Yaoqing 17.17m Asian grand prix
  6. NEW partners Zhang Nan / Ou Xuanyi Liu Cheng / Huang Kaixiang
  7. I am sorry to bother you again.Do you have the live results of the Gymnastics World Challenge Cup OSIJEK (CRO)?
  8. Excuse me, where can I find the results of the Gymnastics World Challenge Cup Zhaoqing (China)? I have some photos , but I have not been able to find PDF results.
  9. Walkden is an ugly victory. It is directly cuddled and pushed outwards as soon as it comes up. This is judo and wrestling. It is not a taekwondo at all. There is no sports ethics at all.
  10. Chinese fencing has medals for two weeks and the Olympic qualification race has just begun. This is incredible.
  11. CURLING 冰壶 2018-2019 Season International Competition Results 18/19赛季国际比赛成绩单 BEIJING (CHN) Curling World Cup 2019 GRAND FINAL, May 08-12 冰壶世界杯总决赛·北京 5月8日至12日 Women 女子冰壶 China 5th 中国队 第5名 4. Yilun Jiang (S) 姜懿伦 四垒队长 3. Lijun Zhang (V) 张丽君 三垒副队长 2. Ziqi Dong 董子齐 二垒 1. Xindi Jiang 姜馨迪 一垒 Group Stage Win-Loss 3-3 3rd 小组赛 3胜3负 第3名 CHN 9-2 USA,CHN 1-4 CAN 中国9-2美国,中国1-4加拿大 CHN 5-6 JPN,CHN 7-3 USA 中国5-6日本,中国7-3美国 CHN 7-4 CAN,CHN 2-7 JPN 中国7-4加拿大,中国2-7日本 Men 男子冰壶 China Silver 中国队 银牌 4. Dexin Ba (V) 巴德鑫 四垒副队长 3. Zou Qiang (S) 邹强 三垒队长 2. Wang Zhiyu 王智宇 二垒 1. Xu Jingtao 许静韬 一垒 Group Stage Win-Loss 4-2 1st 小组赛 4胜2负 第1名 CHN 7-6 SWE,CHN 3-7 USA 中国7-6瑞典,中国3-7美国 CHN 7-5 CAN1,CHN 0-5 SWE 中国7-5加拿大1队,中国0-5瑞典 CHN 6-3 USA,CHN 4-3 CAN1 中国6-3美国,中国4-3加拿大1队 Final CHN 3-5 CAN2 中国 3-5 加拿大2队 Mixed Doubles 混合双人冰壶 China 7th 中国队 第7名 Female: Cao Chang 女运动员:曹畅 Male: Yuan Mingjie 男运动员:苑明杰 Group Stage Win-Loss 1-5 4th 小组赛 1胜5负 第4名 CHN 3-7 CAN1,CHN 9-7 SUI1 中国3-7加拿大1队,中国9-7瑞士1队 CHN 4-13 USA,CHN 2-9 CAN1 中国4-13美国,中国2-9加拿大1队 CHN 1-10 SUI1,CHN 5-7 USA 中国1-10瑞士1队,中国5-7美国
  12. Excuse me,where can I find the results of Asia Cup Women’s Softball Championship,in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  13. where could you find this results? CCTV did not broadcast this event.
  14. there is no results Women's Time Trial - Junior in https://www.the-sports.org/ ,could you find some results?
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