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Judo IJF World Tour 2021


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Finally :TPE:JPN and :KOR appears in international judo competition first time since pandemic begin. And those Asian already shows who is the best in this sport.


First final results are:


Women's -48kg: :KOS Distria Krasniqi d. :JPN Funa Tonaki

Women's -52kg: :FRA Amandine Buchard d. :JPN Ai Shishime

Women's -57kg: :JPN Tsukasa Yoshida d. :FRA Sarah Leonie Cysique

Men's -60kg: :KOR Won Jin Kim d. :TPE Yung Wei Yang

Men's -66kg: :KOR Baul An d. :ISR Baruch Shmailov



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The tournament in Doha finished today.


Here are remaining finalists:


Men's -73kg: :KOR Changrim An d. :JPN Soichi Hashimoto

Men's -81kg: :GEO Tato Grigalashvili d. :NED Frank De Wit

Men's -90kg: :NED Noel Van T End d. :GEO Beka Gviniashvili

Men's -100kg: :GEO Varlam Liparteliani d. :AZE Zelym Kotsoiev

Men's +100kg: :FRA Teddy Riner d. :RUS Inal Tasoev

Women's -63kg: :FRA Clarisse Agbegnenou def. :JPN Nami Nabekura

Women's -70kg: :JPN Yoko Ono d. :RUS Madina Taimazova

Women's -78kg: :FRA Madeleine Malonga d. :JPN Shori Hamada

Women's +78kg: :FRA Romane Dicko d. :AZE Iryna Kindzerska

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After almost monthly break from Thursday another important event will take place, Grand Slam in Tel Aviv, below is link to entry list.


Edit. Once again China, Korea and Japan are missing a big judo event... But :AUS managed to send their judokas to an international event first time since beginnin of pandemic.

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