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BMX Cycling 2024 Discussion Thread


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  • 1 month later...

This weekend was the Oceania Championships although worth mentioning that a lot of the big names didn't take part. 


Women's Elite:

1.) :AUS Sienna Pal

2.) :NZL Leila Walker

3.) :NZL Megan Williams


With no Sakakibara or Reynolds in the field, this will have limited impact on the Olympic ranking. However, Bella May - the 3rd ranking rider for Australia - won the under 23 event, so will add 100 points to their total.


Men's Elite:

1.) :AUS Joshua Mclean

2.) :NZL Michael Bias

3.) :AUS Jesse Asmus


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BMX Freestyle World Cup hits Enoshima :JPN this weekend. Always find it difficult to get live results for the freestyle events but I think that the top-10 qualifiers are:


Men's Elite:

:FRA Anthony Jean Jean 91.50

:AUS Logan Martin 91.00

:USA Nick Bruce 87.10

:JPN Rimu Nakamura 86.71

:CRO Marin Rantes 86.36

:ARG Jose torres Gil 84.16

:GBR Dylan Hessey 82.46

:USA Marcus Christopher 79.30

:AUS Alec Danelutti 79.02

:FRA Kevin Fabregue 75.30


:GBR Kieran Rielly fails to progress after he finished in 31st place on just 43.50.


Women's Elite:

:USA Hannah Roberts 79.00

:CHI Macarena Valentina Perez Grasset 72.40

:CHN Deng Yawen 66.90

:GBR Charlotte Worthington 65.45

:AUS Natalya Diehm 61.80

:SUI Nikita Ducarroz 60.10

:JPN Nene Naito 59.90

:CHN Xia Honglin 58.95

:JPN Minato Oike 58.40

:AUS Sarah Nicki 57.20


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6 minutes ago, Rafa Maciel said:

I think the Olympic Test event for BMX Racing kicks off this week.


Anyone know if it carries ranking points? Would also appreciate any suggestion of where live results might be available?

Think I have been able to answer my first question - checking back on the mountain bike test event from last year and no points were offered so my working assumption will be that there will be no ranking points this week. 


Still not found any entry data or source for results.....

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