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Surfing WSL Championship Tour 2023 Road to Paris 2024


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The first event is set to take part this week, you can watch and see results here.


This is an Olympic qualification series where the top 10 eligible men and top 8 eligible women qualify to the Olympics (max two athletes per nation per event and they must finish in the top 34 and 18 respectively).


The eligibility requirements likely won't matter too much for the men (outside of the two athletes per nation rule for :AUS :BRA :USA ), but for the women it might. Only seven eligible athletes are part of the main group, but the first injury reserve is from :POR and thus could sneak into the Olympics should she get enough appearances. She is set to compete in this event, replacing :FRA Defay who needs to get better soon lest she gives up what is essentially a free quota.

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The women's quarterfinals for the first Championship Tour event is set.


:CRC Hennessy vs. :USA Peterson

:BRA Weston-Webb vs. :AUS Wright

:HWI Moore vs.  :AUS Picklum

:HWI Bryan vs. :HWI Johnson 



The men's knockouts and the rest of the women's event will continue on Saturday and Sunday.


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