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Artistic Gymnastics 2022 Discussion Thread


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The Asian Championships are underway. To no one's surprise, :PHI got their first-ever medal(s) with Carlos Yulo.

I also have to say that I'm impressed with  :IRI and :IND winning medals here. It's now becoming a tradition for these nations to win medals at the continental championships!


Besides, India qualified two men for the World Championships through the all-around competition and this is mighty impressive for a nation which, until a few years ago, was always fighting to climb out of the last place.

It's a pity nations are now severely limited about who they can send to the World Championships. Iran had real chances of entering a World final with Keikha and Kohani, but they failed to qualify to Worlds. Bummer.

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Sanne Wevers has left the Dutch national team with immediate effect because of some sort of altercation with an unnamed team mate. According to her, the Dutch federation didn't do enough to remediate the situation (the other athlete did receive an official warning), so she has left the team.

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1 hour ago, AsensioWillemsen said:

The “unnamed teammate” seems to be Vera van Pol.

Who is one of the gymnasts who accused Sanne's father of inappropriate/abusive behaviour, if I'm not mistaken.


Wevers says Van Pol doesn't want to enter discussions to smooth things out, Van Pol (and the federation) say Wevers doesn't. Reeks like endless mud throwing..


And according to the usually rubbish 'showbizz' channels, so take it with a grain of salt, the Wevers family is known to be way too powerful in the world of Dutch gymnastics. And doing a lot to keep that power, with things having to go exactly as they want it. Apparently several athletes are scared to do or say anything about it.

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If Yvonne Coldeweijer and her “spies” are discussing it, then it is the next hottest thing in the Dutch media. I guess it is her who is bringing that up?


Definitively this goes back to the whole problem with the accusations surrounding Vincent Wevers. And definitely, the Wevers family are key figures in the sport for quite some time. The gymnastics team is ready to completely split in two this way. Doesn’t seem good.

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6 hours ago, LDOG said:

@thiago_simoes is it really completely, totally, absolutely impossible for Isabella Ajalla to qualify for Paris? I haven't been able to find her birth date but I'll assume it's 2008. 

I am not completely familiar with all of the changes in the qualification documents, but I have a firm grasp of what the document mentions and what I can say for sure is that it's perfectly possible for her to qualify.

She was born in 2008, so she will be able to compete as a senior (adult) in 2024. Of course, this means that she will have no chance to qualify at the 2023 World Championships and she will miss most of the World Cups, but she might still qualify through the events of the 2024 World Cup series, although that will be a considerable more difficult path than her other option. The other option is to qualify through the 2024 Pan American Championships. Two quotas will be awarded to two different nations though the all-around competitions. This time, though, nations that qualified a full team through the World Championships cannot qualify extra gymnasts. So, let's say that USA, CAN and BRA all manage to qualify a women's team (what seems very likely to happen), this would leave Ajalla with a much easier qualification path. I would say that this would probably make her the favorite in the continent to qualify, along with a Mexican gymnast. But since there will be two quotas, she doesn't have to worry.

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