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  • Neven Ilic Retains Post As President Of The Panam Sports Organization


    Neven Ilic was re-elected President of the Panam Sports Organization at the 58th General Assembly of the Panam Sports Organization.

    For the first time in history, the General Assembly of the Pan American Sports Organization was held virtually. The pandemic caused Panam Sports to suspend the meeting scheduled for Cancun and hold the assembly remotely. 

    The assembly featured reports about the current difficult year for international sports, and the entire 2020-2024 quadrennial. Discussions on the quadrennial were led by Panam Sports President Neven Ilic, Secretary General Ivar Sisniega, and the Panam Sports Commissions. 

    Progress reports were also presented by the Organizing Committees of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Cali 2021 Junior Pan American Games, and Santiago 2023 Pan Am Games.

    However, the most important moment of the LVIII General Assembly of Panam Sports was the Election of President. Current President Neven Ilic was the only candidate, but he would need to receive more than 50% of the voting Assembly to confirm his re-election.

    The voting took place without any surprises though, and Chile’s Neven Ilic was re-elected to his position as President of the Panam Sports Organization by the Panam Sports General Assembly. His re-election was a unanimous decision, with Ilic receiving 52 votes. (Note: Though the Panam Sports Organization only has 41 member countries, by statute, the countries that have hosted the Games have two votes, hence the higher number of votes than member countries.)


    Speaking on his re-election, Ilic said, “The truth is, I am very happy with the support received by all the Olympic Committees. During these more than three years we have become more united as a continent, we have learned the different needs of our member countries and we have seen important results both in sporting and also in the development of our NOCs which of course motivates us to continue working for our athletes and for the Americas.”


    He continued, “I want to congratulate all the new members that join the Executive Committee and, in turn, thank those who leave us, because their contribution was very fundamental to the success of this administration.”

    On the second day of the assembly, the results of the elections of the Members of the Executive Committee and the Vice Presidents, including the new members that are joining the Board, were also announced. The results of those elections can be found Here.

    The next edition of the Panam Sports Organization General Assembly will be held in Santiago, Chile in October 2021.


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