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    Victory Records

    • Highest winning points score (Annual): 216 Ireland (2015 Annual)
    • Highest winning points score (Open): 333 Ireland (2014 Open)
    • Highest winning points-per-jury-average (Annual): 7.20Ireland (2015 Annual)
    • Highest winning points-per-jury average (Open): 8.33 Ireland (2014 Open)
    • Lowest winning points score (Annual): 173Great Britain (2016 Annual)
    • Lowest winning points score (Open): 158Lithuania (2015 Open)
    • Lowest winning points-per-jury average (Annual): 5.24 Great Britain (2016 Annual)
    • Lowest winning points-per-jury average (Open): 3.95Lithuania (2015 Open)
    • Highest number of 12-point scores awarded to the winner: 12Ireland (2014 Open)
    • Lowest number of 12-point scores awarded to the winner: 1Italy (2018 Annual)
    • Biggest winning margin (Annual): 44Ireland (2015 Annual), Great Britain (2017 Annual)
    • Biggest winning margin (Open): 105Ireland (2014 Open)
    • Smallest winning margin (Annual): 26Great Britain (2016 Annual)
    • Smallest winning margin (Open): 1Lithuania (2015 Open)

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