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Skeleton at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games


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4 minutes ago, Dragon said:

Been told she finished 2nd in the race. :yikes:. Can anyone confirm if this is true?


Yeah, I was actually surprised by her training times yesterday!


I've been clicking on refresh button a lot on IBSF results page, but no results yet. :d

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By the way, Bos would be 10th in the ranking if our NOC decides not to count the insanely unfair race in Winterberg. One would think that'd be a strange thing to do, but they did exactly the same in alpine skiing in the Sochi qualification: Marvin van Heek got an 8th place in the insanely unfair downhill in Val Gardena, exactly what a Dutch alpine skier needs to qualify, but the NOC decided not to count it because of the weather conditions. 


Basically, they scrapped a result which was made unfair by the weather when said weather turned out positive for an athlete, in my opinion they should do the same now that the same kind of thing turned out negative for an athlete. 

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