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  1. The issue with YouTube is that they have ridiculous copyright laws, since I live in Australia, I cannot view some events from the 2020 paralympics especially some of the road races cause YouTube blocked them over some copyright claims, I shouldn’t have to use VPN but I unfortunately need to if I want to watch them it doesn’t matter what you post on the platform there will always be some copyright claim being made
  2. They shouldn't be having issues in the 1st place, they have the money to afford extra storage, hopefully they have enough for the beijing 2022 replays
  3. Update: All rowing sessions from Tokyo 2020 is now available to view on the Olympics website, they even re uploaded the canoe flatwater day 10 session, we can now relive every moment from Tokyo 2020 Olympics 🎉
  4. I wouldn’t celebrate too much 😂😂 like I said they could be pulling some strings, but I do know that one of their canoe flatwater videos are indeed missing, they said all 6 was available, but there is only 5 available, 1 is missing
  5. Hey guys, I have just received an update about the IOC’s previous email to me regarding the replay videos according to the IOC there was miscommunication and that the reason for missing replay videos from both rowing and canoe sprint was due to poor weather from Tokyo at the time when the events took place, not sure if it’s believable and it turns out the current replay videos may not be removed after all, hope I’m right and there not tricking us
  6. I have an idea, not sure how much affect it would have, but why not start a online petition and show the IOC that we would want the full replay videos to stay, or at least make a youtube styled website dedicated to Olympics and upload all replay videos there, especially from previous olympic games Not sure if it would work or at least get the IOC’s attention but it is worth a try
  7. Its been nearly 10 years since the 2012 london olympics, and 10 years on all of the competition is still available to relive in full on youtube, just wish i could say the same about tokyo and Pyeongchang, but sadly the IOC is just gonna screw us over
  8. I thought the olympics website was gonna be like a youtube in a way, i understand why they cannot upload them all onto youtube, mainly due to youtube's ridiculous copyright laws but i am very dissapointed with the IOC's decision 😒
  9. Hey everyone, Sadly, i have some bad news regarding the replay videos for both Pyeongchang 2018 and Tokyo 2020, I sent the IOC an email about some heats of the rowing missing from their replays and highlights feature including a canoe sprint video, They replied back and told me that once the Beijing winter olympics begins, they will slowly be removing older replay videos to make room for beijing 2022 replays, So we will soon no longer be able to relive the entire competitions from both tokyo 2020 and pyeongchang 2018 anytime we want Sorry i have to deliver the news 😔😭
  10. I hate to burst everyones bubble, but i do not think all of these replays will be available for a long time, unless they are able to move them all to their highlights & replays feature on the main website, like they did with Pyeongchang, i am concerned about it tbh
  11. Hey everyone Does anyone here knows or thinks once the Tokyo Olympics is over, that the IOC will upload every minute of competition from the games onto either their Olympics website or on their YouTube channel?? It would be a great feature so we can relive every sport and every event not just finals, It's a feature that they have for their london 2012 videos where they made everything from those games available to view on Youtube and same with the Pyeongchang winter olympics on their website I hope they will do it again for Tokyo 2020, what do you guys think will happen
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