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  1. I was worried that they will turn them into a 5 minute highlights packages which would be extremely disappointing I’m cool with it as well if they are just cutting out parts with no action in them as long as they don’t shorten them completely to be highlights
  2. They are still working on them however by “filling gaps”, wouldn’t get excited just yet
  3. If u have any enquires here’s an email to contact them they usually do respond pretty quick
  4. Just received an email from the IOC all Tokyo 2020 videos are working now hopefully they stay working this time
  5. Well, I now know what the IOC is planning they are focusing on Highlights instead of fixing their own mess when some Tokyo 2020 videos are still not working, knew it was too good to be true 😢
  6. Just in case you guys wanna know which videos are not working, here’s 2 that aren’t running so far: if anyone knows anymore videos let me know or you can contact the IOC enquires
  7. So the IOC has responded to my message and they wanted me to send them links of those videos that are not working if someone knows one that don’t work let me know or send it to the enquires email
  8. If that happens i will just boycott the entire app, It would be a massive a let down when i thought the IOC wanted to do a 24/7 olympics approach 😥
  9. I would be gutted if they turn them into a 5 minute highlights packages
  10. I did just that and here is the link to the IOCs contact centre if you wish to send them an email
  11. I never asked them to fix the gaps that is not the issue the gaps do not bother me, but I agree that they need to fix whatever video player they are using to make their videos run cause my PC cannot even run them at low resolution, [it’s not the issue with my internet btw] they should’ve used whatever one YouTube has used
  12. I don’t mind commentary tbh it makes it more exciting yea some are annoying but that’s why I have it switched off sometimes 😂
  13. I don’t think they saw the screenshot that I sent them, where the videos just completely stop working I did not ask them to do that, it must prove that they have very little storage on their apps, I hope it doesn’t turn into a highlights package
  14. This has been happening a lot and again today some videos don’t work I don’t know why it’s always Tokyo 2020 videos and replays from other Olympics are not affected I tried to watch one of the volleyball matches from Tokyo and I keep getting this message, they seriously need to repair their apps cause it is an absolute mess, one day they work and the next day they refuse to run it is absolutely irritating 😠 honestly they should have just uploaded them all onto YouTube so we wouldn’t have to go through this problem over and over again, it’s embarrassing that they can’t even handle their own mess
  15. So I just went through other replays from other Olympics and they all seem to work fine it’s just some of the Tokyo 2020 videos that are having problems, I hope the IOC is aware of it and is looking to get it fixed as soon as possible Update: its all fixed, The IOC sent me an email saying the error was due to maintenance
  16. I don’t know what’s going on but I am having issues accessing some of the replay videos, i hope the IOC is not removing them 😢😞
  17. Does anyone know when the Beijing winter paralympics will be unblocked on YouTube, I live here in Australia and they are still geo blocked here, I thought it would be unblocked immediately after the games ended just like they did with Tokyo I couldn’t view them on the Australian broadcasters streaming app [7plus] since they love putting too many advertisements in their videos and the livestreams kept cutting in and out. UPDATE: The Beijing 2022 Paralympics are now no longer geo blocked on YouTube and is now available to relive!! Happy viewing
  18. Hey everyone just a quick update: I hope it’s not just me but there seems to be an issue with the Beijing videos where as the video goes on both the audio and video goes out of sync, I have already informed the IOC and they are looking into the problem they even wanted me to send video proof, so hopefully that problem can be fixed. if anyone else is having that issue please let me know so I can let them know that other people are having the problem too
  19. Have you sent an email to the IOC, if you send an email they may look into it and give you an explanation
  20. Can i just take the time and acknowledge the hard work the IOC has done in providing fans an opportunity to relive all of the incredible moments from not only beijing 2022 but also from other past olympics like tokyo and Pyeongchang, It is a brilliant way to spread the olympic movement even further not only giving the viewers and opportunity to replay their favourote events as many times as they like, but also gives viewers an opportunity to discover new sports and a desire to become an olympian Giving viewers the access to see how their favorite athlete rose up to win gold and to see them get knocked down but rise back up, Thank you IOC you are really showing the world that even though the olympics occurs every 4 years with only 16 days of competition in them... On the Olympics website, the games truly never end.
  21. Oh don't worry i criticised them a bit too especially when i expressed my dissapointment when they told me that replays from previous olympics would be removed to make room for the beijing replays but it turned out it was all just a misunderstanding And i helped them fix their mistake when some of the Tokyo 2020 events was missing from the platform
  22. Every moment of the beijing 2022 winter olympics is now available to view on the Olympics website Happy viewing 🥳🥳
  23. Don't know if this is legit, but i just discovered these while searching on google, but sadly they are not viewable yet wonder what's going on?? 🙇‍♂️
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