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  1. Just received an update from the IOC about the video problem sadly it is taking longer than anticipated, we just have to wait even longer till we can have the full Tokyo 2020 experience 😢
  2. Does anyone know when these videos that are still missing and not working gonna be fixed , the suspense and wait is killing me, the 1 year anniversary of Tokyo 2020 is fast approaching and I hope and pray it will be done just in time
  3. The IOC emailed me, there are still 10 videos that are still being worked on and should be available by next week, hopefully next week we would have the entire Tokyo 2020 catalogue there with no more problems and just in time for the 1 year anniversary of the games commence
  4. Good News: The equestrian cross country event is back on the Olympics website and apps! Bad News: Badminton day 2 court 1 evening session: still missing baseball knockout stage match between ISR & DOM still not working
  5. It just doesn’t feel right when the IOC screws us over by messing up their own videos by either breaking them or removing them completely
  6. Funny how Rio 2016 Cross Country event is there on the website but not Tokyo 2020, and that email from yesterday was a weak defence from the IOC 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. So I got a email reply about the missing equestrian cross country video, they claim It is part of the eventing competition, when the only eventing ones there are dressage and jumping that’s it 🤦🏻‍♂️
  8. That badminton video was the one that was broken earlier the IOC took it down and is gonna re upload it possibly the same for the cross country equestrian event
  9. I checked the baseball match that you said isn’t working unfortunately it is still not, the cross country equestrian event is still not back up as well
  10. Are u kidding me Are you kidding me??? That baseball video was broken last week, it’s broken again??? 😡😡 what the hell is the IOC doing UPDATE: actually I was just about to send yet another video to the IOC till I received this email the reason for the missing and broken videos is because they are still being reworked
  11. I’m not even gonna bother the IOC anymore I’m sorry and I know it’s arrogant of me but they are just being lazy and not giving an actual damn, they are not even replying to any of my emails, they should have just left the videos alone and stop touching them and breaking them here’s their email if u wish to have a go at getting a response from them:
  12. I apologise in advance for this rant but I cannot keep going back and forth with the IOC, im getting fed up with them and their BS why couldn’t they just leave the videos alone and stop giving us the message where it says “the requested URL was not found on this server” why doesn’t Beijing 2022 videos get affected by this?? im sorry but I cannot keep doing this I’m not gonna post or send them anymore emails until they can sort their BS out how can I watch an event or match that I wanna watch with that message continuously popping up and refusing to play??
  13. I knew I would discover more problems, it’s badminton’s turn, this video doesn’t work guys 😡
  14. I just looked on the website, All baseball videos are now working, but i should suggest that we should hold our breaths in case another problem is discovered, if anyone discovers anymore issues, let me know
  15. The Tech team from the IOC is going through them all checking if they are all uploaded and working, they are already aware of the current errors and they said it will be complete by the end of the week
  16. UPDATE: I have just received a reply from the IOC contact centre
  17. I hate to say this but I am losing faith in how the IOC is managing their Olympic videos, the problems of videos not starting or some videos that are completely missing is just a recurring issue which never seems to end, I thought they could be better than this guess I was wrong oh and PS they still have not replied to my email while I’m typing this 😢
  18. I remember the IOC messaging me saying that one of the rowing sessions had to get cancelled cause of the weather unless it happened and I am not aware of it
  19. Update: I just scrolled through all of the rowing videos they all work fine for me the only ones that are still not working is the baseball ones
  20. What the heck are they actually doing? If possible go through all videos and send me links to the ones that do not work and ill send them to the IOC, They are up to something and i do not think we are gonna like it very much Send them to my email if u can:
  21. Ok so I just send yet another email to the IOC regarding more problems with their Tokyo videos and I hope and pray that this time it would be the last email I would send to them for a long time to come, they really need to sort out their mess cause I am getting tired of it
  22. Guys some videos are not working again and this time its the baseball videos, I’m actually getting fed up with it the IOC is just playing games and enough is enough I’m sorry but I am getting sick of it I’m considering boycotting the whole app until sort their s#$t out
  23. They don’t always respond straight away, I had to send another email checking to see if they have received my previous email try this one you could get a response within the next few hours
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